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Letters {Alex Summers} by DalvieCurtis
Letters {Alex Summers}by dalvie!
"THE MORE YOU KEPT COMING OVER, THE MORE I KNEW IT WAS OVER, DEAR..." // In which Alex Summers finds a box of letters from an old friend. // PREQUEL OF THE D...
A Borrowed Boyfriend (SHINee Onew) by amatif_zbad
A Borrowed Boyfriend (SHINee Onew)by amatif_zbad
"If only I could turn back the time... I would have avoided all of these. I should not be in pain for the second time around..." It was supposed to be just a m...
𝔢𝔠𝔰𝔱𝔞𝔠𝔶 by luv4her
𝔢𝔠𝔰𝔱𝔞𝔠𝔶by ♊︎
ecstasy ec·​sta·​sy | \ ˈek-stə-sē
Geçmiş aşk by yagmurxsq
Geçmiş aşkby yagmurxsq
Tüm hayatınız çok iyi giderken, bir anda karşınıza bir engel çıksa; Ve bu engel vazgeçilmez bir engel olsa..Ne yapardınız? Neva&Demir hikayesine hoşgeldiniz +18 içerikle...
My dirty step brother(Fuji x reader) by justanidiotakaMara
My dirty step brother(Fuji x th3_0n3_4nd_0nly
🍇this is based on a rp from discord🍇 🌿WILL BE BASED ON ATTACK ON TITAN(AoT)🌿 (y/n) is a shy,soft and innocent girl who's mother never loved her so she ran away fi...
Ajanın Aramızdaki Yeri by Neva_312
Ajanın Aramızdaki Yeriby Neva
"Bence benimle uğraşma çünkü bende seninle uğraşırım." dedim. "Uğraş bakalım ama..." "Ama ne?" "Ama öncelikle pars selamı var."
IkimizinSirri Season 2  "Our Secret"  by MiraStories2022
IkimizinSirri Season 2 "Our MiraStories2022
"IkimizinSirri" or "our secret" is a very beautiful Turkish series composed of ten episodes not to be missed absolutely! It is the Turkish adaptation...
L0nely Star by Issa_Fanfic_qvn
L0nely Starby Victoria XO
20 year old Geneva moves from Florida to Canada for the summer to live with her best friend Summer. She had no intentions on meeting anyone new she just wanted to chill...
The Winchester Project by heythare
The Winchester Projectby heythare
They looked at me strangely. "What's wrong?" I asked. "You better take a look at this," Sam said. He handed me a piece of paper, showing DNA tests. ...
Funny moments with me and an_engineer! by kittykakes05
Funny moments with me and PERSON
Like the Stars in the Sky: A Breva fan fiction (Bramble x Neva) #booniebears by Apuppy224
Like the Stars in the Sky: A Apuppy224
This ship is from boonie bears learn more on or (Bramble x Neva) Bramble has always thought of the spirit of wi...
The Key To His Heart {Sasuke Love Story} [ON HOLD] by ThisSaramWeeblove
The Key To His Heart {Sasuke ★|Kani|★
Uzumaki Kuyaki is the total opposite of her older twin brother Naruto. She's the calm, sweet, nice, shy, level headed, and quick to catch on with a lot of things. What's...
A Pomegranate Instead of an Apple (A Snow White Story) by stormchaser13
A Pomegranate Instead of an stormchaser13
A twist on the Snow White story in which she lives during the time of the Greeks. And when she bites the apple or in this case, the pomegranate, she wakes up in none oth...
~ZORBA~ (bxb)  by starboy_404
~ZORBA~ (bxb) by starboy:3
Bora ve Doruğun aşkını anlatio işte aq
Memories by Adorkable_Author
Memoriesby Lizzie Val
A girl named Andrea, has a gift that she has had sense she was born. She is attached to the spirt named, Neva. She wants the spirt to be gone forever. Does she get it wa...
The Covert Truth by kat_er_ina890
The Covert Truthby kat_er_ina890
There's always a link that connects the past to your future. Although it is commonly known as present, it is in fact, the collection of choices. No matter how big or sm...