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Me, Plus 3~A Brothers Conflict Fanfiction {COMPLETED} by almile1630
Me, Plus 3~A Brothers Conflict almile1630
Ema Asahina leaves for the USA to study abroad just as her cousin Jade decides to move back to Japan. They literally "switch spots" as Jade moves in with 11 st...
I Know You're Scared (A PJO Fanfiction) by -Shadowflux-Rose-
I Know You're Scared (A PJO A̷J̷
Age 0-- The Jackson triplets were born Age 5- The Jackson triplets were combined into one Age 12- Percy keeps his siblings a secret Age 16- The triplets are still a secr...
A Different Husband Every Day by Nythzy
A Different Husband Every Dayby A Z Y
[Gourmet Boss FL vs Split Personality ML] To save her family from a crisis, Li Weiyin had no choice but to marry the Young Master of the Xu Family, Xu Yimo, a man with t...
Odd Attraction | A Split Story by sleepychaos
Odd Attraction | A Split Storyby sleepychaos
Julianna Dawkins, also known as the weirdo of the school, had been invited to a birthday party by Claire, a popular student who regularly attended her art class. Howeve...
Gentle To Mental by NotMicahBell
Gentle To Mentalby NotMicahBell
izuku midoriya has done alot of good things in his life but has failed to deal with problems always letting himself be pushed around but one day he has had enough.
Love every bit of you  by ivanathehoe
Love every bit of you by the OG hoe~
❞Dissociative identity disorder used to be called multiple personality disorder. It is a rare and complex psychological condition where a person's identity is fragmented...
Harry and the Potter System of Multiplicity by RosettaRoseburn
Harry and the Potter System of Rosetta Rocky Roseburn
In this Harry Potter fanfiction, Harry has Dissociative Identity Disorder, more commonly known as Multiple Personality Disorder. This means his personality did not fully...
Ride or die |bxb| UNEDITED| by Alpha-black
Ride or die |bxb| UNEDITED|by Risha
They had only one thing in common. Running. It was their passion, it was their game, it was their thing. Maybe it was his intense stare or the loneliness in it and all...
Property of Daddy by Meowth01
Property of Daddyby Meowth
[Adopted from Guzmasboi] "'Look, Baby,' Caleb smirked, his buff arms crossed in front of his massive chest as he blocked the doorway, 'I know that you're not exactl...
The Pleasure Monster Haikyuu X Male OC by DaddyTendou
The Pleasure Monster Haikyuu X DaddyTendou
Philophobia is a fear of falling in love. It can also be a fear of getting into a relationship or fear that you will not be able to maintain a relationship. Many people...
The more the better BNHA by JustOkNow
The more the better BNHAby JustOkNow
Izuku Midoriya is not alone, he has what he calls brothers but there really just other personalities. Izuku suffers from MPD because of all the bullying Kachan did. Now...
[OG] Putera Kayangan by HazzelEyyez
[OG] Putera Kayanganby HazzelEyyez
"eeeey!! tengoklah kejap lagi selipar jepun kau terputus pastu kau terpeleot jatuh longkang!" - Anayra Zaara Garang? itulah dia insan bernama Anayra Zaara. Ada...
The MPD cat boy by Idiotwhotalkstoomuch
The MPD cat boyby A Living Person
Izuku Midoriya, a very special boy. He had a cat mutation quirk and another one called MPD. He had multiple people inside him and they were part of his family and became...
His Possession by jgbugmiddle12
His Possessionby jgbugmiddle12
Alexandria Martinez - Hernandez is 18 years old with MPD or Multiple personality disorder and lives with her abusive /druggie/alcoholic father. She has lived in LA, Ca...
All Of Onika by Nicki_Meek50
All Of Onikaby OnikaMaraj
If you can't handle Nicki, then you can't handle us all.
Tommy Murderer AU by NinoDontForgetIt
Tommy Murderer AUby Nino Ù<Ú
I listened to Pretty Little Psycho on YouTube and thought why not Tommy? Tommy in this AU is a girl, murders have been happening but part of him is unaware while the oth...
The Right Now (Book 2)  by ImpressDivinity
The Right Now (Book 2) by 𝓘𝓶𝓹𝓻𝓮𝓼𝓼™
(Excerpt) "How could you? How could you hurt me?" Mark breathes the words looking at her with tear filled eyes. Tammy feels shattered by his accusation. Once...
Your Eyes Tell by KT_3011
Your Eyes Tellby ⟭⟬ Khyati Shrivastava ⟭⟬ "KT"
Mia Smith, a psychiatrist, have healed many people. She surely have given a new life, to people, who were suffering from depression, stress or any mental disorders. But...
Psychopath ( X Reader ) by MonishaMoniS
Psychopath ( X Reader )by Monisha Moni .S
Yn comes through an unknown murder mystery. Where she has to face a psychopathic criminal. will she be able to catch the criminal. let's see Yn: You psych mother f*cker...
Perfect To Me by WayToSarcastic
Perfect To Meby Sardonic
Lillian Green had signed up for the newest season of Total Drama. Why a sweet girl such as herself would audition for a show as evil as that, one could only wonder. None...