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Jar Of Hearts (Total darma Island x curvy black girl) by Sugarpop001
Jar Of Hearts (Total darma kenny xoxo
Asteria Venus was tricked into a TV show scam by her trustworthy best friend. Battling through challenges and craziness of the show as well as tension. Will she fall i...
TDI {Ronnie Edition} | Duncan by bthejetrodriguez
TDI {Ronnie Edition} | Duncanby benny the jet
!!!!!REWRITING!!!!! Total Drama Island
Scotty (Scott x reader) by boomerpotatoe
Scotty (Scott x reader)by Tyrahnae Byrd
There are literally NO stories of him so here is an xreader. this takes place in S4 TDRI. hope you like.
Harlow in Total Drama Island| TDI Duncan/oc by M00NL1GHT2000
Harlow in Total Drama Island| M00NL1GHT2000
Harlow just turned 16 and her parents decided as a birthday present to submit her into the new show TDI. There she will meet new people and someone from her past. She r...
cursed total drama images 😐 by withallyoursexyions
cursed total drama images 😐by da shart master
why does this book have more than 5 views i'm literally not even in the fandom anymore
Nice Work Dork: Duncan x Male OC by ZaneBarberFiction
Nice Work Dork: Duncan x Male OCby Zane
Duncan x Male OC Fanfic 23 contestants partake in a sadistic reality tv show aired internationally competing for $100,000 at a crappy summer camp. With a slightly unfair...
Chris McLean Imagines by Zoramaeve
Chris McLean Imaginesby Zoramaeve
I am well aware of the idea not many people are a huge fan of Chris McLean but he happens to be one of my favorite characters from Total Drama. Of course, I do not own...
Cody x Reader Total Drama Island by fandomjones
Cody x Reader Total Drama Islandby Jonesy
You are a contestant on Total Drama Island. Will you win the cash prize, or true love?
My little Mad Hatter {A Total Drama Story} by Drippy_Rainbows
My little Mad Hatter {A Total Shadow Sleeper
Dysomina Aitorisa is a smart girl. She graduated school at age 14 and is skilled in every form of martial arts and many other things . Being forced to be the best at eve...
Make Me Fantasize [ Noah x Cody ] by plushdolll
Make Me Fantasize [ Noah x Cody ]by hii
[NoCo fanfic] Now living a somewhat ordinary life, Noah has settled down in his own, comfortable apartment with his golden Labrador. Keeping contact with some of his pas...
Total Drama Island by Gay_Leader
Total Drama Islandby Lynn
(Gay) Hosts Jay and Chris are a couple, of course no body knows, until the campers notice a ring on Jay's finger appear in their time there. They try to figure that out...
Total Drama Island - Sydney's Story by LongingForYesterday
Total Drama Island - Sydney's Storyby Venus
Daughter of a hitman and an ex-mafia leader now five-star general, Sydney is a force to be reckoned with as she changes the tide on island. Trained by both parents left...
The punk at camp (Duncan x shy reader) TDI by magic1mushrooms
The punk at camp (Duncan x shy magic1mushrooms
You're a timid person who was sent unwillingly to tdi by your parents in an attempt to get you out of the house and make some friends. As much as your protested, your be...
Total Drama Island Male reader x Gwen by Saintmaster24
Total Drama Island Male reader x Saintmaster24
When you heard there was a show looking for people your age to join you decided to sign up. It was going to be awesome and you were going to win the $100,000 prize and m...
Bad Boy - Total Drama Island (Duncan x OC) by Triple_A_04
Bad Boy - Total Drama Island ( Abz
Total Drama Island, a game show where teenagers are put to the test to win the big cash prize. Alisha, an artsy teenage girl joins the cast of TDI to attempt to win the...
Totally Dramatic «Total Drama x Reader Oneshots» by mileoh
Totally Dramatic «Total Drama x Ellion༄
Some much needed oneshots for this fandom. REQUESTS ARE CLOSED. male, female, and gender neutral pronouns EDIT - SLOW UPDATES BC OF SCHOOL {cannon x cannon || cannon x...
TDI day... by TDIfan241
TDI Maddie
A 5 star hotel, 22 other contestants, fun summer, and a chance to win $100,000. This all sounded like a dream come true to Celeste. Well, until she found out that this w...
Total Drama Island: Kaylub Enters by Eevee2
Total Drama Island: Kaylub Entersby Eevee2
Twenty two semi-crazy campers, an old summer camp, a crazy/hot host, and his military trained, sidekick, chef; what could go wrong? I do not own TDI it belongs to it own...
Total Drama x Male Reader (My Version Of It) by OrangeSoda4
Total Drama x Male Reader (My Blaze
This is my first story so expect it to suck
total drama oneshots  by OneconcernedCitizen
total drama oneshots by Xeno♧
because I have to many ideas. Insta: urmomzattic >updated every other Wendsday< Probably just x reader stuff gender netural pronouns used for reader (Unless stat...