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one out of two  by Gio_lover__
one out of two by
Annie just moved from Maryland to L.A. when she meets Johnny Orlando she starts to have feelings for him but he is dating Mackenzie Ziegler. What happens when Johnny rea...
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too good to be true ? (johannie) by alyssaarosas
too good to be true ? (johannie)by alyss
it's a complicated love story :)
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💔The Heart Break💔 ( A Jannie Story) by mariahxkd
💔The Heart Break💔 ( A Jannie яιαh💘
this is a story about Johnny and Annie dating SHDHDHDH I LOVEEEEE READ LOVES!!💓
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Sexy Seventeen (A kohnnie Fanfiction) by KellicOverdose
Sexy Seventeen (A kohnnie KellicOverdose
Kyle is seventeen and the most popular kid in school. But don't let his good looks and popularity fool you. Kyle is depressed and self harms and wants to die. The reason...
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Safe with you (Sequel to Sexy Seventeen) by KellicOverdose
Safe with you (Sequel to Sexy KellicOverdose
Sequel to Sexy Seventeen. I won't give anything away except the usual will have smut and stuff. Coming after I'm done with Sexy Seventeen.
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Kidnapped By Andy Biersack by Cassie_whitaker
Kidnapped By Andy Biersackby Cassie 💕
This is the book after my MDE book caller The New Beginning PLEASE read that first
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The Dancing Grier by aldcgrier
The Dancing Grierby aldcgrier
Gina Grier received a call from Abby Lee Miller requesting her to join the junior elite competition team. Will she go through with this? Will her two brother's fame g...
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Mated to a what? by endlessgoodbyes
Mated to a what?by Endlessgoodbyes
This is the remake of I'm his what!!! I changed the name, so look forward to a lot of changes.
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Feels Like Forever (A Johnnie Guilbert Fic) by x_WhateverForever_x
Feels Like Forever (A Johnnie x_WhateverForever_x
"Did you ever contemplate when all was lost you hesitate and nothing seems the same?" Skye is the new girl in town. Feeling like the outcast in a new school, u...
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*MDE IMAGINES* by JMochi19
Some imagines featuring the lovely members of my digital escape!! Enjoy kitties ^-^
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Letting It Out (Johnnie Guilbert X Reader) {completed} by Flarexx
Letting It Out (Johnnie Guilbert jenn==> be pathetic
Hello all you little shits, I wrote this way back when a was a little emo baby in 7th grade,, since then I have stopped following along with Johnnie Guilbert but regardl...
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Imperfect (Colby Brock) by AlexStandallisqueen
Imperfect (Colby Brock)by Human
She is a troubled girl with a haunting past. Will she be able to get past the fear and blame to finally break down her walls, to trust and to love? **TRIGGER WARNING** ...
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Got  Me Where You Want Me {Kohnnie} by DrugsRBad
Got Me Where You Want Me {Kohnnie}by STAY IN SCHOOL
I'm not good at descriptions, or describing anything really. This is just a Kohnnie fan fiction that I will probably update once or twice a week, I mean, I have like fif...
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that boy (johnnie) by msal392
that boy (johnnie)by what it do babyyyy
that moment when you fall in love with the boy who beat up your boyfriend
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Safe Haven |2| by jamesbuchancn
Safe Haven |2|by kenna
Sequel to her arms
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Maybe it was worth it //Kohnnie// by tfisgoinon
Maybe it was worth it //Kohnnie//by Vikturd fuentits
'There was this boy' Short story
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Falling for the Princess [johannie] by askmeurq
Falling for the Princess [johannie]by askmeurq
Johnny is a normal 16 year old boy in high school. He got a job to be a Butler in the castle. He fell in love with the princess but he knows that a princess like her can...
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Terrified |Sequel to HBTS| by lovelyfnch
Terrified |Sequel to HBTS|by Finch
"Johnnie, everything's fine. Please just calm do-" "No, Kyle. Everything's not okay! I'm so scared. I'm so scared that he'll come back. I'm so scared that...
Adopted By Black Veil Brides?! by ItsNutella
Adopted By Black Veil Brides?!by ItsNutella
We all have our secrets.. Emma hates her life and has an abusive father. But what happens when she gets sent to an orphanage and gets adopted by one of her favourite ban...
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