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I Wouldn't Change a Thing by flowersinthebackyard
I Wouldn't Change a Thingby Sun Follower
Upon first glance, Gail Greene appears to have it all: Beauty, confidence and a nifty job as Brian Epstein's secretary. However, she secretly longs for something more an...
  • beatles
  • georgeharrison
  • originalcharacter
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You Like Me Too Much by Anna-Go-To-Him
You Like Me Too Muchby Anna-Go-To-Him
John leaned in closer and whispered in my ear, "I know you want me. You'll come back for more, and I'll be ready when you do."... When Maya sleeps with one of...
  • ringostarr
  • johnlennon
  • ringo
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Photograph by LennonLoveMe
Photographby m
"You can't change the past, Lottie," the killer breathed sinisterly, "But the past will change you." // All I needed to get back was a photograph and...
  • george
  • beatles
  • travel
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When I Get Home by Anna-Go-To-Him
When I Get Homeby Anna-Go-To-Him
"Come with me, please. I can't leave without you." He pleaded, with a look of desperation in his eyes. "Please don't make this so hard, you know you have...
  • beatlemania
  • johnlennon
  • sexysadie
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I'm In Love by paulmcfartney
I'm In Loveby mom of the year
Sadie Rolands is just an ordinary girl from an ordinary town on an ordinary street, living in an ordinary house. Just to set things straight, Sadie is quite ordinary. Bu...
  • liverpool
  • paul
  • beatles
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Oh, Darling by beatleman1a
Oh, Darlingby spicy lennon
Beth, a 22 year old girl from Liverpool, is just trying to make it through life. But after finally breaking free from her relationship, she ends up walking the streets a...
  • georgeharrison
  • ringostarr
  • harrison
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An Arranged Match // Paul McCartney  by Little_Miss_Rocker
An Arranged Match // Paul 🍧louise🍫
"I f**king hate you, Paul." He smirked and replied. "Oh, we both know you mean the opposite of that, darling." »(This story is set in the PRESENT tim...
  • modern
  • macca
  • thebeatlesfanfiction
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tacenda // beatles by veganabobs
tacenda // beatlesby Mrs. Moonlight
Martin decided that it's a good idea to let The Beatles live at his house. With him, his wife, and his daughter, Lucy. The Four Boys wants to succed in their career. s...
  • george
  • magicalmyterytour
  • fabfour
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Where do we go? by soul-tripper
Where do we go?by ✨0ld_f4shi0n✨ Well atleast he believes so.. /demon John! Modern au/ (Mclennon)
  • johnlennon
  • beatles
  • mclennon
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Beatles smuts and fluffs;) by GeorgeHarrisonisbest
Beatles smuts and fluffs;)by Lennonlemon
Some writings of my favorite boys, I couldn't find fics of things I wanted to read, so I'm making them.
  • fanfiction
  • georgeharrison
  • ringostarr
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All In Good Time - A Time Travel Beatles Fanfiction by kiwi747
All In Good Time - A Time Travel KristyintheSky
"The one you love is only a step away." Lainey scoffed at the words of the old gypsy fortuneteller. Then the woman handed her a locket ring revealing her grand...
  • georgeharrison
  • paulmccartney
  • lennon
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The Fool By The Seaside | mclennon by thasboy
The Fool By The Seaside | mclennonby sarah 🦋
(ORIGINALLY BY DEAMONDEAN10 ON AOO3) Paul often sits by the seaside, always alone. But one day he spots a boy watching him from behind a rock. the boy never approaches h...
  • ringostarr
  • mccartney
  • mclennon
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If John Lennon had Survived by beatnik_beatle
If John Lennon had Survivedby Beatnik Beatle
Imagine a world in which John Lennon survived the firestorm of bullets. Now, imagine a world in which him and Paul are finally happy together. Set 1999 this story is tol...
  • paulmccartney
  • ringostarr
  • beatles
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Oh! Darling [Paul McCartney] by glassmockingbird
Oh! Darling [Paul McCartney]by glassmockingbird
Primary school teacher, Natalie Winters, was a compassionate girl and would never think twice about saving the life of another. Little does she know her life will turn c...
  • beatlesfanfiction
  • mccartney
  • paulmccartney
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Little Child by onamysterytour
Little Childby nicole
What happens when one of the most famous men in the world meets his daughter for the first time?
  • beatle
  • 1960s
  • beatlemania
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Tomorrow Never Knows by thewalruswas_pol
Tomorrow Never Knowsby Kayla
Kimberley Powell's world takes a thrilling turn when she moves into Liverpool and meets a flamboyant, aspiring musician, John Lennon. But how will this new relationship...
  • harrison
  • fanfiction
  • beatles
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Just Friends | Lennstarr [✔️] by arctic_beatles
Just Friends | Lennstarr [✔️]by grace flowers
♡ C O M P L E T E D ♡ VOTE FOR WATTY'S 2017 ❝ You'll never know how much I really love you... You'll never know how much I really care... ❞ » In which John was always...
  • completed
  • gay
  • beatles
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Êñtēr Šåńdmàñ- Røçk Gįf Īmägîñëš by EverydayBattles
Êñtēr Šåńdmàñ- Røçk Gįf Īmägîñëšby (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ 666 ♥
  • motleycrue
  • queen
  • gunsnroses
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Rock Band Imagines and Preferences by EverydayBattles
Rock Band Imagines and Preferencesby (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ 666 ♥
Bands include: AC-DC, Guns 'N Roses, The Rolling Stones, Bon Jovi, Pink Floyd, The Who, The Ramones, The Beatles, Queen, Led Zeppelin, Megadeth, Metallica, and, Nirvana.
  • ledzeppelin
  • rocknroll
  • gunsnroses
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Beatles Chat Room by artemis912
Beatles Chat Roomby "ZAP!"
The Fab Four discover the wonders of online messaging. Inevitably, some weird shit's going to happen. I happen to specialize in writing weird shit. Enjoy!
  • johnlennon
  • julianlennon
  • cynthialennon
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