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Flashing Lights by MLPships
Flashing Lightsby MLP Ships
When Flash Sentry get promoted, he finds himself personally guarding Equestria's newest Princess; Twilight Sparkle. As the two get to know each other better, the more th...
(Y/N) and the Amulet- a MLP:FiM Fanfiction by CherryCapillary
(Y/N) and the Amulet- a MLP:FiM CherryCapillary
(Y/N)! Wake up! You found an amulet in a box of packing peanuts on your desk, and upon wearing this amulet, you were transported to a world of your favorite characters...
The Power You Hold (King Sombra x Reader) | Complete by MightyDragonsfire
The Power You Hold (King Sombra Saretha
Your Cuite mark is a black and white swirl. It will still look like that even if your coat is black or white and your last name is Swirl. Your a Pegasus and you never t...
One ponies bad luck is another's good luck. (King Sombra x reader) | Complete by MightyDragonsfire
One ponies bad luck is another's Saretha
(In this story, Your cutie mark is a salt shaker with salt coming out of it and an earth pony and thank you @xlnsane for the insperation!!!!) You hated your cutie mark...
Twilight Sparkle x Lion! Female Reader: Queen And Princess by Legendary_Idk_
Twilight Sparkle x Lion! Female Legendary_Idk_
Lions and Ponies we're at battle for years, until Princess Celestia and King Damon did peace. But after a thousand years, Damon and Sarah had a cub. That cub, was you. A...
A Walking Chestnut (Pokemon x MLP) (Cross post from Fimfiction) by netapel
A Walking Chestnut (Pokemon x MLP) Neta Peleg
This Story was cross-posted from fimfiction net, Check me out there if you want to get the chapters early. --------------------------------- Samuel Cohen was your averag...
Reborn as an Alicorn by Seraphina0901
Reborn as an Alicornby Seraphina
I was relatively normal in my last life. Teenage guy, little sister, okay parents, and a few good friends. The only thing I would say was abnormal in my last life was ho...
My little Spyro. by nexsusplayer
My little EVERSOR
You wake up after playing a game you haven't played in years skylanders. But you don't wake up in your bed? Instead you wake up in a land that is not your own as the ma...
Wot.. Wot.. Wot(Mlp x Male Reader) by Jasonmayham
Wot.. Wot.. Wot(Mlp x Male Reader)by Jasonmayham
I'm not really good at this and it's my first time doing this
Equestrians react to RWBY by Danteshadow1
Equestrians react to RWBYby Treppahcs
Treppahcs felt it was time to send a show to a new universe since Deadman did his
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: Legend of the Hero by VileTheMandalorian
My Little Pony: Friendship is VileTheMandalorian
1 season: After 17 years of living alone, traveling across Equestria in search of a place to call home, lonely alicorn Brave Heart finds a town called Ponyville, where h...
Return Of Ultraseven (CrossOver X Male Reader) by orangedrivey
Return Of Ultraseven (CrossOver OrangedriveY
Ultraseven was chasing after Chaosroid Ultraseven with he's son Zero because he stole the ultrakey, when they manage to retrieve the ultra key back seven himself stumble...
My Little Pony: New to Equestria [Applejack x OC] by LuckyDuckWrites
My Little Pony: New to Equestria [ Lucky Duck Writes
My name is Scarlette Melody. I was born on Earth, and pushed into a statue outside my high school. I woke up as a unicorn in another world! A pony named Princess Celesti...
i am in Mlp, and i am whirlwind, how? by Oblivionisnegativity
i am in Mlp, and i am whirlwind, David Margetin
I am Y/N i use to live a normal life, that is in till one night when i went to sleep i woke up in a forest, ya that was freaky but most of all i found out i am Whirlwind...
The Last Human in Equestria by XxSkullCandyxX0
The Last Human in Equestriaby XxSkullCandyxX
Morgan Neville, a human scientist who lives in isolation for three years, is stuck in Equestria as the land think if him as a monster, but all he wants to do is to find...
Adorabella: A new life awaits by ARandomCasualPerson
Adorabella: A new life awaitsby ARandomCasualPerson
Today is the day Rainbow Dash meets a pony faster than her. She was expecting them to be an existing member of the Wonderbolts or a general Wonderbolt fan even. But the...
A Long Broken World by VinylScratch7
A Long Broken Worldby Niseroi
Red Blitz a Young colt who moved into cloudsdale and having trouble making friends. Until he meets a young filly named rainbow dash. while the years go by and these frie...
My Hero Academia X Equestria Girls: Rainbow Hero! by Beyonderq9
My Hero Academia X Equestria
Deku, Bakugou, and Todoroki are suddenly teleported to Cantelot High and join the battle of the bands! This takes place during s3 (Mid S3) of Mha and the second Eg movie!
Eclipse  (MLP:FIM Princess Luna x King Sombra) by Rainbowloversix
Eclipse (MLP:FIM Princess Luna Rainbowloversix
Humanized AU What if King Sombra managed to get the Crystal Heart? A Lunbra/Lumbra(Princess Luna x King Sombra) story Semi-completed( story completed, just that minor ed...
My Little Pony Reincarnation (MLP FiM x Male Reader) Cancel  by Lol101101lol
My Little Pony Reincarnation (
A boy named Y/N L/N is a particular one because he never found his purpose in this world so one day he save a girl from a truck out of control in doing so he died but go...