Rip and Tear to freedom ! ( a DOOM x Monster girl quest x My Little Pony fanfic by RandomnessLord
Rip and Tear to freedom ! ( a RandomnessLord
Doomguy, after getting betrayed by Hayden, is sent to a new world, full of...monstergirls and ponies. Whatever he still has his job to do, because men are enslaved by th...
  • mlp
  • mane6
  • mylittlepony
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A MikeyPie Love Story by kiana1506
A MikeyPie Love Storyby Raven Queen
Michelangelo has always been the youngest and funniest turtle of all.Pinkie Pie has always been the party girl who loves to make her friends smile.Each two have alot in...
  • friendship
  • mlp
  • romance
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King Sombra x Reader by atiz57
King Sombra x Readerby Caitlen
What ever happened to King Sombra's horn after his defeat in the Crystal Empire? And what would happen if a mare had found it?
  • fluff
  • xreader
  • lemon
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馃崑Lemonssssss馃崑 by DeadKiller100
馃崑Lemonssssss馃崑by DarkSunshine101
  • planetdolan
  • creepypasta
  • stevenuniverse
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My Lovely People: Friendship & Love is Magic by LordStarX101
My Lovely People: Friendship & LordStarX101
Male Reader X Humanized MLP Harem. F/N L/N is your average Brony who lives an average life until he is sent to a Humanized Equestria by a Goddess and is granted incredib...
  • sunsetshimmer
  • friendshipismagic
  • mylittlepony
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Sonic & The Mission To Stop Bullying by Sci-Twi16
Sonic & The Mission To Stop Ola
Based on the game Five Nights At Freddy's After his most hated bully Donatello plays a dangerous prank on him which causes him to break his leg at his birthday party Son...
  • bullying
  • twilightnardo
  • casejack
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Super Equestria Ninja Girls Chaos & Magic by Sci-Twi16
Super Equestria Ninja Girls Ola
Sequel to Super Equestria Ninja Girls Read the first book before reading this one It's been a few months after the defeat of Shredder and Dazzlings and the turtles and t...
  • romance
  • raphshimmer
  • tmnt
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Mlp/OC Female Characters X Reader (Unknown Updates) by shadowlight2784
Mlp/OC Female Characters X Shadow Moondust
I noticed that there weren't a lot of mlp x male reader anywhere when I searched on google so I decided to make one. This will be a first person one-shot story. There wi...
  • mlpfanfic
  • fim
  • brony
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Leo And The 5 Lost Spirits by kiana1506
Leo And The 5 Lost Spiritsby Raven Queen
Growing up as been hard for Leonardo. Especially since he has a special power. Ever since he was younger he felt like he didn't belong and always gets picked on by every...
  • raritello
  • fanfiction
  • mlp
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Leo & The Turtles by Sci-Twi16
Leo & The Turtlesby Ola
Based on Alvin & The Chipmunks Leonardo, Donatello, and Michelangelo are 3 turtles who have lived through horrible lives with pain and sadness. One day they meet at a ol...
  • romance
  • twilightnardo
  • mlp
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A Ray of Sunlight by BChunter426
A Ray of Sunlightby BChunter426
Twilight, an introverted bookworm who had to leave her friends behind is new to Canterlot High. Sunset Shimmer is an estranged girl with a troubled past she desperately...
  • twilight
  • sci-set
  • mylittlepony
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Fluttershy's Admirer by Mikchimin
Fluttershy's Admirerby Mikchimin
You all know Discord became good when Fluttershy reformed him. But what if that didn't happen. What if he broke out of his stone prison, evil and ready for revenge. Who...
  • fluttershy
  • mlp
  • evil
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I Think I Love Her [An AppleDash fanfic] by yesenia29142
I Think I Love Her [An AppleDash Yesenia
Applejack and Rainbow Dash have been best friends for years. When Canterlot High goes on a trip to Camp Everfree, will they start catching feelings for each other, or wi...
  • equestriagirls
  • rainbowdash
  • applejack
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Appledash stories and one shots part 2 by Fantasy_fairies
Appledash stories and one shots Meka NOYB
Appledash is LIFE
  • mlp
  • applejack
  • equestriagirl
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Teenage Equestria Ninja Girls And Mobian Heroes by kiana1506
Teenage Equestria Ninja Girls Raven Queen
Sequel to my Teenage Equestria Ninja Girls. Read the first book before reading this second book cause there's a connection to it. It's been one year since the turtles an...
  • romance
  • comedy
  • sonic
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Ask Or Dare AppleDash | 鉁旓笍 by amberiscool333
Ask Or Dare AppleDash | 鉁旓笍by 鈾aven鈾
Ask or dare AppleDash in this awesome book that will surely make you ship this couple more than ever. <3
  • answers
  • random
  • randomness
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SilvLight Love Story by Sci-Twi16
SilvLight Love Storyby Ola
Based on a YouTube Project called Scourge of Darkness created by McInerney76 Silver the Hedgehog has been going through a rough time lately. Especially for the big mista...
  • romance
  • friendship
  • sonicthehedgehog
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RariTello Love Story by Sci-Twi16
RariTello Love Storyby Ola
Takes place after 'Mutagen Man Unleashed' Donatello is still upset about what happened with April O'Neil's father and blames himself for what had happened. One night whe...
  • love
  • fanfiction
  • mlp
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Majne obr谩zky a kraviny 4 by 666imisek666
Majne obr谩zky a kraviny 4by Edward Hyde
tak v谩s tu budu oxidovat u啪 4. d铆lem xD
  • idk
  • cz
  • arts
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