The Savior Of CHS

The Savior Of CHS

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Jordanwolfboy By Jordanwolfboy9743 Updated Jan 09

(EG Harem x Magical Male Reader)

Ever since you were born, you were gifted with magical abilities. You weren't sure where they came from or how you got them, but they've been a part of you. Besides having powers, your life has been relatively normal. That is until you had arrived at a city called Canterlot and went to its high school. This leads to you experiencing adventure, romance, and many other things to come. Magical times are about to occur at Canterlot High School that's for sure. 

So this story came as an inspiration from LordStarX101 and Shadowlight2784 who also helped with some of the ideas for it. Be sure to check out their stories as well because they are very well done! Anyways, hope you guys enjoy!

Disclaimer: Any and all photos and videos that I use are not mine. All of them belong to their respectable owners. Equestria Girls and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic are both owned by Hasbro studios.