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Hellsky (Hunter-Killer #3) by words_are_weapons
Hellsky (Hunter-Killer #3)by James T Harris
After decades of all out war between human and Scraegan, the planet Rychter has finally settled into an uneasy peace. Both sides can rebuild, lick their wounds, and for...
Tales of the Vangen: The Black Ministry's Betrayal (Book 1) by FritztheGrim
Tales of the Vangen: The Black J. J. Fritz
[Completed] The Royal Guard of the Empire has faithfully served Byzantia for nearly three centuries now. Hand picked from foreign lands, these guardsmen hold no politica...
Manjha A String of Complicated Relations by ZindagiKeRang
Manjha A String of Complicated Afaf Siddiqui
Mahatma Gandhi had once said, "In a gentle way, you can shake the world." That is exactly what Shambhavi Sakshi Vyas wants to do. Set in the backdrop of a fic...
Tales of the Vangen: The Siege of Middengard (Book 2) by FritztheGrim
Tales of the Vangen: The Siege J. J. Fritz
[Completed]Five years have passed since the Black Ministry's betrayal against The Empress, their rebellion quashed at the hands of the Vangen Royal Guard. But the roots...
Warsong (Hunter-Killer #2) by words_are_weapons
Warsong (Hunter-Killer #2)by James T Harris
The balance of power on the planet Rychter has changed. The battle for Brekka has left the once mighty fortress city crippled. The gateway to the south and the first li...
Furnace (Hunter-Killer #1) by words_are_weapons
Furnace (Hunter-Killer #1)by James T Harris
Life on Rychter would be hard enough for most people - a hothouse of scorching deserts, violent dust storms and volcanic eruptions, it is a place that breeds survivors...
Promise successfully kept  by EmareldHistory
Promise successfully kept by Emerald History
-"What if I don't come back?" He asked while a stray tear escaping from his eyes. "You will. You have to because I swear to you" I said, wiping his...
More Than Subordinates: Levi x Petra/Rivetra  by FictionEnthusiast07
More Than Subordinates: Levi x FictionEnthusiast07
Levi: You ok Petra? Petra: Hei-Heichou? Oh god, I thought I was done for in that moment! >Cries softly< Levi: >Holds her close to him< Shhh.....It's ok...
TGT 1: Let the Game Begin by Exequinne
TGT 1: Let the Game Beginby •cae•
🏆 8CC November - December 2023 Completer 🏆 THREE. TWO. ONE. Begin. Thirteen remembers one thing from the moment he woke up: live on, through whatever means necessary...
The Wolven Empire Arrives in Castlevania by airsoftal01
The Wolven Empire Arrives in Airsoft AL
A routine patrol of the Omega system goes awry when a temporal anomaly sends the fleet to an alternate earth set in humanity's past. now stranded the fleet commander mu...
Cradle: Conspiracy by Victor_Penro
Cradle: Conspiracyby
A gritty warrior chief of the derelict city known as The Heap, formerly Philadelphia, before what was called the Great Dissolve. Ramsay is a spearhead into covert ops an...
Ten Mile Run by Colhemantsaxena
Ten Mile Runby Colhemantsaxena
I don't know how exciting could it be to receive a joining letter for training at IMA (Indian Military Academy) Dehradun, for a 21-year-old unathletic ...
Author Spotlight by WattpadMilitaryFiction
Author Spotlightby Military Fiction | Ambassadors
Author Spotlight is all about highlighting Military Fiction writers on Wattpad!
Otherworldly War by WOFSiMp1
Otherworldly Warby Onigiri
This story is about two seniors living their normal, maybe even best, life here in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. When suddenly, just before the first day of their senior yea...
Clarity by lianaa3141
Clarityby Liana Xu
The year is 2998, and the Collective rules the world. Remy Waters has always been fascinated by the Clarity Room, the only history museum left on the planet, which tells...
Love and the Luftstreitkrafte by PennyPapers
Love and the Luftstreitkrafteby PennyPapers
London, 1917. 2nd Lieutenant Oliver Brown meets Emmaline at a party and falls in love at first sight. So does she...with his friend Archie Fisk. Then Archie is sent to...
CROWNS I: Of Desolate Hope  | ✔ by iStormhawk
CROWNS I: Of Desolate Hope | ✔by UnkwnownRider
#9 in High Fantasy Jaessa had long dreamed of making it in the capital. Sometimes the best dreams become the worst nightmares. Featured on @fantasy @highfantasy @YAfanta...
The Kaganov Principle (Wattpad Adventure in Action Contest) by Flame_of_Frost
The Kaganov Principle (Wattpad ✧ 𝔗𝔥𝔢 ℑ𝔠𝔢 𝔔𝔲𝔢𝔢𝔫 ✧
[Prompt Winner under @WattpadMilitaryFiction and @AntiheroesGalore] 𝘒𝘢𝘨𝘢𝘯𝘰𝘷 : (Jewish surname derived from Russian/Ukrainian) "Ruler". The mandatory con...