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Tales of the Vangen: The Black Ministry's Betrayal (Book 1) by FritztheGrim
Tales of the Vangen: The Black J. J. Fritz
[Completed] The Royal Guard of the Empire has faithfully served Byzantia for nearly three centuries now. Hand picked from foreign lands, these guardsmen hold no politica...
Tales of the Vangen: The Siege of Middengard (Book 2) by FritztheGrim
Tales of the Vangen: The Siege J. J. Fritz
Five years have passed since the Black Ministry's betrayal against The Empress, their rebellion quashed at the hands of the Vangen Royal Guard. But the roots of treacher...
Action & Adventure Contests by WattpadContests
Action & Adventure Contestsby Wattpad Contests | Ambassadors
Where you can find information about all the Action & Adventure contests running on ambassador-managed profiles. Most recently-live contests are in the earliest chapters.
Valkyria Chronicles : Burning Randgriz by RoyalNavalDivision
Valkyria Chronicles : Burning Fryzer
A very ordinary isekai wattpad novel, Following the personal experience of an ordinary isekai-ed female soldier in the Principality of Gallia army border guard during se...
Manjha A String of Complicated Relations by ZindagiKeRang
Manjha A String of Complicated Afaf Siddiqui
Mahatma Gandhi had once said, "In a gentle way, you can shake the world." That is exactly what Shambhavi Sakshi Vyas wants to do. Set in the backdrop of a fic...
The War Against the Klybosion Empire: The Battle for Earth by DevonHeathHorton
The War Against the Klybosion Devon Heath Horton
The countries of Earth have always been divided and at times at war with each other, but the arrival of the Klybosion Empire changed that. Many countries have joined...
Profile Guide by WattpadMilitaryFiction
Profile Guideby Military Fiction | Ambassadors
This is the home for all WattpadMilitaryFiction resources. You'll find everything here; the objective of our profile, reading list submission requirements, any and every...
Golf India Juliet: The Cobra Insurgency by Historichronicals
Golf India Juliet: The Cobra Historichronicals
A more realistic re-imagining of the classic GI Joe story, in which the discovery of Cobra leads to the formation of a secret Special Operations Task Force.
The Wolven Empire Arrives in Castlevania by airsoftal01
The Wolven Empire Arrives in Airsoft AL
A routine patrol of the Omega system goes awry when a temporal anomaly sends the fleet to an alternate earth set in humanity's past. now stranded the fleet commander mu...
In my Words by Banasiewicz
In my Wordsby Winter_Rose
A selection of poems. The front cover photo was taken by Marcos Paulo Prado on Unsplash.
The Last Man Standing by fishface666
The Last Man Standingby fishface666
An action story about a group of SAS survived the outbreak but struggle to survive with so little resources
Variations of Fear by Booksbe
Variations of Fearby QuiteWrite
This story starts out simple enough. A girl is rebelling against the constraints put on her in life. A boy is fighting for a meaning to life while running away from his...
(super world) supersoldier's 2nd gen by supersoldiergaming
(super world) supersoldier's 2nd supersoldier gaming
welcome to supersoldier gaming's world super world a world with monsters, war, terrorist, super powered fighters who either abuse their power and use it for evil or use...
Thank You For Your Service by JasmineShouse
Thank You For Your Serviceby Jasmine Shouse
A veteran reflects on what it means to be thanked for serving.
Nemesis by Ph33rbenthankslol
Nemesisby DepartedReflections
An action adventure about war and peace. Started out as a star trek fan fic, so there's plenty of "inspiration" abound.
I Already Tried Doing Nothing by geekyastrophysicist
I Already Tried Doing Nothingby geekyastrophysicist
Los Angeles, 2065 the United States is controlled by a totalitarian regime, Danielle is a hacker who obtained information that could help the resistance to fight back, b...
The Being by IAmUtopia
The Beingby CineGrinder
When Gods escape and leave the world with the mortals, does it become a safer place for people to live in?