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CINCO (Five) [On Indefinite Hiatus] by RaggedyCat
CINCO (Five) [On Indefinite Hiatus]by RaggedyCat
What if a society, far more secret than the Katipunan takes matters into their own hands to win the Philippine Revolution? History is re-written as five young people, in...
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The Shadows of War by vivaldings
The Shadows of Warby calista
complete // When humans are genetically modified to the point of obtaining super human abilities, can they still be considered humans? It's 487 N.E. and the tension bet...
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Tevun-Krus #7 - CyberPunk by Ooorah
Tevun-Krus #7 - CyberPunkby Ooorah! - Tevun-Krus: The #1...
The authors of @Ooorah put their minds (and pens... or computers?) together for the TKVII: CyberPunk.
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Gaia's Children by CamillaStein
Gaia's Childrenby Camilla Stein
Siren (Fairy-tale endings series #1) by SilasBukham
Siren (Fairy-tale endings series Silas & Kassiah
A murder attempt on the family of Triton Seward, the man who represents a solution to mankind of a pre-dystopian world, brings Detective Flounder back to the family, onl...
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Operation Ludendorff: a Leviathan fanfic by iamnotafraidofyou
Operation Ludendorff: a Tabitha
It's 1915, the Great War is about to end, when word gets out about another German plan. Aleksandar Hohenberg and Deryn Sharp, both fresh from their latest mission for th...
Rat Nothing by EvanMarcroft
Rat Nothingby Evan Marcroft
On the broken world of Nelga Nense, there is a city on the sea called Sabot, where monsters are manufactured, where the sky-blackening machines of industry are powered b...
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WattPunk by elveloy
WattPunkby L.V. Lloyd
EEEEiiieeee! Walter screamed in agony as his brain was sucked out through his ears, converted into digital format inside the modified headphones, and circuited into the...
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Peanut Butter Beginnings: An Anthology by MadMikeMarsbergen
Peanut Butter Beginnings: An Mike Marsbergen
In the beginning there was peanut butter. And before that, nothing -- except darkness and its golden-boy brother, light. On planet Peburia two God-Things emerge from the...
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One by lkopans
Oneby LeighAnn Kopans
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