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Universo Punk by WattpadCienciaFiccionES
Universo Punkby Ciencia Ficción | Ambassadors...
El universo punk está lleno de sub-categorías y todas ellas (o en su mayoría) englobadas en mundo retrofuturista. ¿Alguna vez has querido incursionar en este mundo pe...
Punk! by p1xiebat
Punk!by p1xiebat
A corrupted system that takes place in a dystopian world leads the lives of the poor. Four cities, three of them under the rule of one. Serena, a teenage girl tries to...
Alpha Capella by elveloy
Alpha Capellaby L.V. Lloyd
The invaders fired without warning. The space station exploded in a soundless ball of flame, incinerating the Patrol ships as they scrambled to launch. Lasers burned swa...
Sierra Alpha Prime by DioneRobinson4
Sierra Alpha Primeby CEO
In the distant future, the Earth's biosphere is on the verge of ecosystem collapse. Nations plotted against each other using advanced weapons of mass destruction in the...
now it's dark | joey belladonna & lars ulrich by hannahs-cornell
now it's dark | joey vigo the carpathian 🌹
joey hasn't always had it easy. fresh off the boat from his singing duties in anthrax, he finds a battered young woman in a storm drain. after taking her to shelter, he...
be all, end all | now it's dark by hannahs-cornell
be all, end all | now it's darkby vigo the carpathian 🌹
**book three*** the explosive ending to the initial trilogy, with corruption in every worst way, cybercrimes, the tour de force of evolution, and a ferocious solo album...
The Chimera Vector (The Fifth Column #1) by NathanFarrugia
The Chimera Vector (The Fifth Nathan M Farrugia
Damien and Jay don't exist. Officially. Unofficially, they're black operatives with an impossible mission. One of their agency's best operatives has gone rogue, and the...
Operation Ludendorff: a Leviathan fanfic by iamnotafraidofyou
Operation Ludendorff: a Tabitha
It's 1915, the Great War is about to end, when word gets out about another German plan. Aleksandar Hohenberg and Deryn Sharp, both fresh from their latest mission for th...
Stars of the Month by WattpadPunkFiction
Stars of the Monthby Punk Fiction | Ambassadors
One in three months... In this work, we can recommend movies, serials, games, songs, books, wattpad stories. All genres... Cyberpunk, steampunk, dieselpunk, biopunk... W...
Tevun-Krus #84 - Best of 2020 by Ooorah
Tevun-Krus #84 - Best of 2020by Ooorah! - Tevun-Krus: The #1...
What a year it's been, 'troopers. And what a collection of short stories we've got for you this time 'round! Nine brand-new stories from the nine sub-genres we did in 20...
HELIX (a technothriller) by NathanFarrugia
HELIX (a technothriller)by Nathan M Farrugia
Olesya is a spy hunter. In a high-tech world of programmed assassins, betrayal and far-reaching conspiracies, Olesya and her team are the last line of defense against a...
RHG Nester by Piston1937
RHG Nesterby Piston1937
Nester is a nest layer. He is from the Bio punk wastelands of the northern Marsh. He has one thought "Protect the nest."
Shatter & Reform by crashmypartyhard
Shatter & Reformby melissa
Floyd and Vivian--promised to be best friends. Promised to run away together. But when they're both ones selected to be unwilling volunteers at a testing facility, they'...
Alexander's Deviant Vanguard by JonVilario
Alexander's Deviant Vanguardby Jonathan Vilario
In a world where Alexander the Great was exiled from Greece by his father, he will have to rise to the occasion in order to stop the tyranny of despotic empires. Whether...
The Devil's Kennel by WildlyMisread
The Devil's Kennelby Randall Johnston
"Do you know the difference between admonish and subvert?" - Revelry "It's intent." - John Stone "From now on your actions are an extension o...
Reaper by SicSemperT-Rex
Reaperby Sybil
In 1915, Germany launched the first gas attack. And the dead began to walk. It's now 1918, and Europe is now fighting two wars: the Allies and the Central Powers still f...