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Lov Ya by Error5
Lov Yaby Error 5
after losing a bet, Red has to take sans out on a date. Red doesn't like his alternate, but it's nothing personal. He just dislikes how the 'Tale brothers have a bad rel...
Aesthetic book. by Macchan__
Aesthetic ☕
"Multicolored diamonds like a rainbow." 8/4/18 •Macchan__
Our Relationship - Both and Newyear by Bringmehope
Our Relationship - Both and Newyearby Hope
Just some Both and New Year fluff and smut. It is bxb so if you don't like that that sort of thing, I suggest not reading this book. Please do not leave any hate in the...
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She's Got A Bad Reputation  by izzwatt
She's Got A Bad Reputation by izzwatt
(This book needs HEAVY editing which I'm currently working on and the new version will be up soon. There's lots of loose ends and just random stuff that's only mentioned...
Wallpapers for your phone ✔️  by _DeadlyRoses_
Wallpapers for your phone ✔️ by _-✨mekayla✨-_
it's basically what the title says wallpapers for your phone Completed 😇
One-Shots by AngelsAndAnime
One-Shotsby AngelAndAnime
I get bored and decide to write long and/or short one-shots.
Choose me [COMPLETED] by cimfanficsbyme
Choose me [COMPLETED]by Panda.
Lauren's boyfriend Drake, is deeply in love with Lauren. Sounds Lovely right? But Drake also loves her older sister Lisa. When he gets caught up inside his feelings, wil...
Love You For A Long Time by Blossomtear_
Love You For A Long Timeby Blossomtear_
"People said that a man and a man can't love each other but for me, I believe that when we fall in love it doesn't matter about gender." -Both "I don't kn...
Hannah Montana (season 1) by the_real_hannah
Hannah Montana (season 1)by Hannah Montana
Adventures of a teenage pop star who keeps her identity secret from even her closest friends by using a disguise on stage.
I Think I'm Falling Inlove With You by msjhoannainovero
I Think I'm Falling Inlove With Youby Jhoanna Marie Inovero
Ito'y Para Sa Mga Taong Hindi Nila Inaasahang Mahalin Ang Isang Taong Kinaiinisan Nila. Ito'y Isang Kwento Na Iba Maglaro Ang Tadhana Para Sa Dalawang Taong Tinadhana. F...
My Drawings I Didnt Know Why I Draw It QwQ by Bloodlust_Yina
My Drawings I Didnt Know Why I Yina Reyes
Sum stupid drawings and i can re-draw my shitty drawings😞 Kay im only a beginner i wanna try draw sum drawings ○w○
The heartbreak  by LaQuDevil
The heartbreak by LaQuDevil
After two new hot guys come into school and since your known as the heartbreaker you make a deal with your big brother to make one fall for you not knowing what pain it...
The girl world by harvadki12
The girl worldby harvadki12
The world if the only gender is female. I will tell you what it's like.
This or That(or Both)? by elf_child-magic
This or That(or Both)?by Tsuyu Asui Fans
I ask this or that, you pick one or the other or both. Clean and dirty questions
Ask The Kid n Teenagers Gang !  by Etecliff
Ask The Kid n Teenagers Gang ! by Catie
it gets drawn by meee! >:3 actually yeah I do draw the asks, but traditionally. still. ASK EVERY SINGLE KNT CHARACTER MY BOIS I KNOW A LOT ABOUT THEM I'll do the boo...
This is Us · Kevin Pearson by im_just_fangirling
This is Us · Kevin Pearsonby im_just_fangirling
Katlina Allen was born 2 days after, Kevin, Kate, and Randall Pearson were born. She grew up with them, and fell for Kevin at a young age. Then one day a sickness took h...
Why be One if You Can be Both? by Atlas-Vetra
Why be One if You Can be Both?by Atlas
I'm going to give you guys a list of some androgynous instagram stars to use as characters in your stories. Keep in mind this is my opinion. I do not own these pictures...