All Too Well (Pirates of the Caribbean) by MrsLegolasMalfoy
All Too Well (Pirates of the Carib...by Mrs. Legolas Greenleaf
Madelyn Swann is the youngest child of the governor. Ever since she was a young girl she wished for adventure. She read books, drew maps, and wasn't like the other elega...
  • pirates
  • caribbean
  • turner
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Blood of a Pirate || Will Turner by Bringmebacktoreality
Blood of a Pirate || Will Turnerby Telisha R
"Not all treasure's silver and gold mate." ~ During the 17th Century, the crystalline waters of the Caribbean Sea are nothing more than a vast playground for...
  • romance
  • movie
  • love
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Breaking Hermione by SnowDiamante
Breaking Hermioneby Rix 💀💖
[HIGHEST RANK: TOMIONE #1 EVIL #1] WARNING: Tom is actually cruel as fuck in this fic lmao) Tom Riddle is sexy, evil and mysterious. The bad boy of Hogwarts. Everything...
  • riddle
  • wattys2018
  • hermione
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Mending the Broken {T. Bolton} by fallon1214_
Mending the Broken {T. Bolton}by Fallon
McKenna Turner just moved to Albuquerque from Chicago, almost all the way across the country. Now she has to adjust to a new school, new friends, and learn to keep the s...
  • taylorhill
  • chicago
  • fiction
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alone ☆ alex turner  by kissycurl
alone ☆ alex turner by kissycurl
"you made me fall in love with you now i can't stand to be alone"
  • jamesbay
  • alex
  • jamiecook
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Only Ones Who Know (Alex Turner) by alexturnt
Only Ones Who Know (Alex Turner)by alexturnt
Sam Jones swears to herself that she doesn't need a man in her life, after the painful break up with her internationally famous footballer boyfriend, until she meets the...
  • arcticmonkeys
  • matthelders
  • indierock
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Jenzie / Lenzie and other smut oneshots by Lenzie5
Jenzie / Lenzie and other smut one...by Ella
Smut with jenzie and lenzie and more ships *completed*
  • brynzie
  • jauren
  • jenzie
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" CAN WE PLEASE MAKE UP OUR MINDS, AND STOP ACTING LIKE WE'RE BLIND? " Raegan Fields had never been good at making friends. Middle school had bee...
  • cesardiaz
  • sabrina
  • diaz
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Fire in her Blood (Pirates of the Caribbean) *UNDERGOING EDITING* Finished by AlliMyCat
Fire in her Blood (Pirates of the...by Allison
Felicity Adams, a feisty, red headed girl growing up in port royal with Elizabeth Swann and Will Turner, has always had a deep and desperate passion for things that are...
  • sparrow
  • swann
  • felicity
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Awkward Love || Jenzie by spanishziegs
Awkward Love || Jenzieby spanishziegs
In which a socially awkward girl is partnered up with the school's biggest player; Johnny Orlando. It's our first fic so sorry if there's something cringey or anything.
  • badboy
  • turner
  • johnnyorlando
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Desperation by Wings_of_Fate
Desperationby F A L L E N
Desperation is a state of despair, one that results in rash and extreme behaviour. It is what we resort to in the most precarious times in our lives. It is the year 19...
  • turner
  • slytherin
  • wattys16
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no good // [skam / william magnusson] by turntan-
no good // [skam / william magnuss...by han
"YOU CAN'T FIGHT THE TEMPTATION WHEN YOU GET THE VIBRATION, IT WON'T DO YOU NO GOOD" in which he's a fuckboy and she already hates him. social media-ish and lo...
  • skam
  • william
  • magnusson
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propriety and pirates by BasicallyJustFanfics
propriety and piratesby BasicallyJustFanfics
in which she learns how to be brave
  • wattys2017
  • poc
  • captainjacksparrow
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Wide Awake⇉ Kili *ON HOLD* by KaitlynRae99
Wide Awake⇉ Kili *ON HOLD*by Kaitlyn
"When I stepped into the fire, my own people thought I was mad. But when the fire burnt out, I was unhurt. The Mother of Dragons." Kaylin wasn't afraid of drag...
  • dragons
  • khalessi
  • aidan
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LOCA POR TI ✗ On My Block by vidalocajas
LOCA POR TI ✗ On My Blockby Jas xx
"ya know, ella está muy loca por ti," "no mames." cesar diaz x oc season one COMPLETE - under editing!
  • césar
  • olivia
  • onmyblock
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Lo Recuerdo Todo (Oscar Diaz/ OMB) by kennywrites97
Lo Recuerdo Todo (Oscar Diaz/ OMB)by kennywrites97
"Even if you don't, princesa, I remember..." he smiled into my shoulder where his lips were. I slowed the pace, trying to figure out what that meant. He moved...
  • oscar
  • onmyblock
  • diaz
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Your Heart Strings - MYG Fanfiction by -An9e1-
Your Heart Strings - MYG Fanfictionby Heart&Seoul
"I see you're falling for me already." He grinned and brushed a bit of snow out of my hair before looking me up and down to make sure I was alright. I gave a n...
  • minyoongi
  • bangtan
  • yoongixreader
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Twisted And Deranged • Alex Turner by moraave
Twisted And Deranged • Alex Turnerby moraave
While Violet tries to fend off Alex and his baggage that includes kingpins, drugs, and money, her world is turned upside down.
  • wattys2015
  • tranquilitybasehotelandcasino
  • cartel
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Tame The Serpent [Tom Riddle/Tomione] by ShawtsHood
Tame The Serpent [Tom Riddle/Tomio...by Slytherin Princess
Hermione Jean Granger becomes the chosen one instead, as she finds herself travelling back in time to Tom Riddle's 6th year at Hogwarts, after Harry's Prophecy Dream. Du...
  • harry
  • granger
  • tom
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