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The Alpha's Abused Omega by Shadow2150
The Alpha's Abused Omegaby Shadow2150
"Tell me princess, what is the one thing you wish more than anything else, tell me and I shall give it to you." His voice is husky as he whispers the words in...
wolf bakugou  by Yenyamy
wolf bakugou by Yenyamy
Bakugou was abandoned by his parents because of his second quirk. He than was raised by wolves but they needed to go somewhere to do business leaving bakugou alone. Baku...
My abusive alpha mate  by lani_poo96
My abusive alpha mate by lani_poo96
One confusing story with a very bipolar Most powerful alpha in the whole world. One day he loves her, one day he hits her, one day he ignores her by being with someone e...
The dominant girl - a hybrid story by kinkyafbitch
The dominant girl - a hybrid storyby kinky af bitch
"and lastly here we have a female human named Y/n L/n." "Can I see £100?" 15 people raised their sign "Can I see £3000?" 9 people lowered t...
The Canines || BTS Hybrid AU by itsnotreal_isit
The Canines || BTS Hybrid AUby Okami_Writez
"We want them." Namjoon pointed at the three canines sitting in the cage behind the counter. "But sir, they can't be-" "We- I want them, and you...
The Outcasts( boy x boy ) by destinyadamikjadeHQ
The Outcasts( boy x boy )by Destiny Jade Adamik
Nathan is a merman his parents have verbally, phisically, and metaly abuse him. He's and Outcast But at least as an Outcast you don't have rules to follow... except o...
The Submissive Alpha [Taegi] by Karinandblue
The Submissive Alpha [Taegi]by Love TaeTae
People around were always talking about a black wolf that was living inside the forest.. They said that the wolf killed a lot of people living near.. Everyone knew that...
The Shadows (Lams Hybrid AU) by random9erson
The Shadows (Lams Hybrid AU)by HaMiLtOn
Hamilton is a wolf hybrid, living on the streets and struggling to survive. Hybrids are legal but often frowned upon in society, so many of them end up on the streets. H...
╰┈➤𝙋𝙧𝙤𝙢𝙞𝙨𝙚 - 𝙑𝙢𝙞𝙣 by scoupsyouintomyarms
╰┈➤𝙋𝙧𝙤𝙢𝙞𝙨𝙚 - 𝙑𝙢𝙞𝙣by S.Coupsyouintomyarms
Park Jimin inherits his grandparent's old hunting cabin (his grandfather definitely was lying when he said that he used it for hunting), and he manages to befriend a rat...
My Wolf (Luhan X Sehun) by Jung_Hoseok2002
My Wolf (Luhan X Sehun)by Park Angel😍😘
Sehun is a Wolf Hybrid,soon to be the leader of the wolf...But unfortunately,when he was a kid,he was lefted by the wolf and never came back...Luhan's family saw him and...
BTS Jimin hybrid AU [on hold] by whyamistillhere05
BTS Jimin hybrid AU [on hold]by •Tryïng my hårdêst•
You find an injured hybrid lying in a dark alley way, he's hurt. you couldn't possibly just leave him there.
Fighting For Our Place - BTS Hybrid AU by _xItsJustMe_
Fighting For Our Place - BTS Hybri...by Ing
Hybrids have a hard time living with humans. They're not seen as the equal of the human. They are used for the humans needs and used as maids. Being a hybrid is not easy...
Herobrine x Fem!Wolf!hybrid!Reader x Entity 303 " The Alpha "  by Ria_10_24
Herobrine x Fem!Wolf!hybrid!Reader...by AU's Creator
WARING: SLOW YPDATES. Bad gramar Uh so i was supost to make this story....but I forgot.....so Imma start it now ...... :D
My Wolf Book 2 by Jung_Hoseok2002
My Wolf Book 2by Park Angel😍😘
Sehun decided to stay at the city...He lives with Lay,His childhood friend...Luhan finally came back to korea..Will they meet again?if they meet,Will Sehun forgive Luhan...
catboy. by tricxk
catboy.by yj❤️
hi , audrey ⭐___ ⭐ if you're reading this I want you to know that I love you a lot ❤️and ofc our precious little aera ✨✨
Crafting Hearts (Minecraft Boyfriend Scenarios) by shagoofy35
Crafting Hearts (Minecraft Boyfrie...by Sha
Ever wonder how it would be like to live in minecraft? Be in love with popular players, gods, hybrids? This is the book you should be reading! No one has done a minecraf...
Part of your kind (samgladiatorXreader) by Mythical_stars
Part of your kind (samgladiatorXre...by 🌈 Wolfie🌈
your a wolf hybrid you your brother and your sister go to yandere high school and you meet a certain bunny... *UNDER HEAVY EDITING* Also this is a MAJOR songfic so yeah ...
Meet The Alters! by __Solar__System__
Meet The Alters!by Solar System
Meet the alters in the form a book! I'll organize everyone alphabetically.
Olivia (A Larry Stylinson Fanfiction)  by JikkiRosa
Olivia (A Larry Stylinson Fanficti...by ❤𝕁𝕚𝕜𝕜𝕚 𝕁𝕒𝕟𝕚𝕖𝕝𝕝𝕖...
Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson are living a normal life but when they win the lottery and they were having a baby. Life is difficult for them. can they do all of there...