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Electromagnetic Engagement by Stillwell03
Electromagnetic Engagementby Stillwell03
Izuku Shimura, the son of Nana Shimura is the holder of a rather powerful electricity quirk since childhood. Due to a prior incident, he is put in a quirk marriage with...
The Fox Hero  by Thunder_God_Thor
The Fox Hero by Dragneel
During a raid of a illegal experimentation site, A 6 year old child is found by the heroes, imprisoned in a cell and chained to the wall. They learn that the child was e...
Izuku Midoriya : Target Locked by xXTheOneAboveAllXx
Izuku Midoriya : Target Lockedby 🔥Kamado Dragneel🔥
"Do we really need to tell the readers?" I sigh. Momo giggles. "What you embarrassed?" I roll my eyes. "Well trying to kill you Isn't a very fon...
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The Arrangement by shinzoart5
The Arrangementby shinzo art
This is the story where Yaoyorozu's parents found a a husband with a very strong quirk what she didn't know was that it was the resident cinnamon roll Izuku will have a...
Spider-Man: The only male hero by Blazing47
Spider-Man: The only male heroby Kazza2802
Everyone isn't born equal, i'm born in a world where woman make 80% of the population and they have powers known as quirks. Males are used for breeding and are harassed...
When Aura Collides by GreenNinjaDT1
When Aura Collidesby Astaroth
Izuku midoriya at age 4 was born with the power of riolu and when he hits his teenage years he has lucario and he is going to u.a and 5 girls have feelings for him what...
OneFor10 [MHA x Ben10] (ON HIATUS) by InfyPlayz
OneFor10 [MHA x Ben10] (ON HIATUS)by InfyPlayz
Izuku Midoriya was diagnosed as quirkless. His world went upside down. But one day he finds an extraordinary watch. What happens then? Status: Ongoing I don't own bnha...
Deku: The Breathing Hero by MHAFanFicFan
Deku: The Breathing Heroby MHAFanFicFan
This is a BNHA and KNY Crossover, or My Hero Academia x Demon Slayer Story. Read as you watch Izuku become one of the best heroes in the world. All rights go to the Crea...
The hero to wrap all by Firetails
The hero to wrap allby Firetails
Izuku Midoriya has a quirk that summons black tendrils out of his arms and uses those to swing around and wrap people in the tendrils, he calls this quirk black whip. Iz...
The Legendary Hero (OP Deku AU) (BACK FROM HIATUS) by dekus_right_nipple
The Legendary Hero (OP Deku AU) (B...by dekus_right_nipple
Izuku Midoriya is not quirkless, not even close. He actually is in possession of two quirks, and is one of the most promising of UA's students. He is joined by his child...
The hidden power of humans by Tozzom
The hidden power of humansby Tozzom
izuku as a quirkless kid comes across a book which holds all martial arts that was hidden over time
Stand Proud  by LycanPerez
Stand Proud by LycanPerez
Badass Izuku, Waifu Momo, Dad-Might, Grandad-torino, daughter Eri, Shigarki bro, and big sis Rumi. Izuku, under the care of All-Might, has grown into a delinquent that h...
Son of the Greatest Swordsman by Stillwell03
Son of the Greatest Swordsmanby Stillwell03
'Power only acknowledges power and ignores the weak.' These were words Izuku held close to his heart growing up. Because of this, Izuku had trained as hard as he could t...
The Unkillable by Izukumomo
The Unkillableby Uzi
What if Izuku was actually born with a quirk, and the only reason why the doctor told him he was quirkless is because they couldn't test his quirk out? This is the story...
Izuku Midoriya- King of Games by Aditya779
Izuku Midoriya- King of Gamesby That random kid
Izuku Midoriya loved duel monsters. In fact after watching some of the greatest duelists from the TV screen, particularly one Yugi Muto, Izuku aspires to become a champi...
Dekuverse by KnightRider_34
Dekuverseby Camilo Gutierrez
A multiverse of our cinnamon roll Bakugo Twins Todoroki Twins Midoriya Twins izukuxmomo fanfict
The Saiyan Hero(Izuku x Momo) by ItsAnimeDealWithIt
The Saiyan Hero(Izuku x Momo)by ᕕ ( ᐛ ) ᕗ
This is my very first story plz dont judge too harshly!! Son-Izuku is the son of Goku and Inko, both are very strong and well known. But His mom passed and he believes h...
Izuku, The Super Soldier by TriggeredIida
Izuku, The Super Soldierby TheGreatestKing13
Izuku's quirk fully developed overnight at the age of 14, when he woke up he was taller, stronger, and more resistant to pain. He became 'indestructible'... follow our c...
Bad Time Heroes (Bnha x Multiple Undertale AU's)  by Ssgssv9
Bad Time Heroes (Bnha x Multiple U...by demonz angelz
After her step sister Izumi Yagi and her friends bullied her for years over her weak quirk, claiming she couldn't be a hero, Izuku Midoriya(female) left with her father...
Universal Hero by xXTheOneAboveAllXx
Universal Heroby 🔥Kamado Dragneel🔥
I'm tired of it, so should I end it? Everyday Im told Im useless... Everyday Im told Im a setback... Everyday...Im told Im worthless, a mistake... EVERYDAY! IM REMINDED...