The Black Death (A Medieval Action/Romance)

The Black Death (A Medieval Action/Romance)

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The year is 1338 and England is in a time of peril as raiders pillage the land and, with no one to challenge them, their actions begin to grow like wildfire. 

At the height of their terror, eight year old Isadora watches her mother and sister be raped and murdered by an army of mercenaries before her village is scorched to the ground. 

Promising to avenge her family, Izzie grows up to become the most feared warrior in the country.

* * * 

10 years later and a new King sits on the throne. The raiders have scattered to the east and peace seems to have returned to England but it is short lived as a new evil has come to England. 

A horrible disease starts to plague the country and the king orders villages to be purged as sacrifices to appease the Lord. 

Now, Izzie is called upon to help the King's subjects survive his soldiers with her unique set of skills. 

But the warrior with no alligences may just discover something so dreadful that could change her view on King, God and Country forever.

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Aww bless her! To go through such a trauma when she's so small. She'll have to he resilient to make her way in this cruel world. Very emotional and intriguing beginning!
Zyxenn Zyxenn May 15, 2016
Oh my. I have a strange fascination for diseases and illnesses, and the Black Death has always been a favourite subject of mine. Haven't even finished the prologue and I'm excited! 🙌
goldenlakes goldenlakes Oct 29, 2016
This has a similar beginning to your other story, Gladiator of Rome
GraceAndAnnika GraceAndAnnika Sep 10, 2016
That was a very emotional beginning and I feel the song attatched to the beginning really heightened my emotions as I read the chapter.
Queepi Queepi May 18, 2016
Nope bye now –
                              Screw the rules. You hurt my Mum or sister you're getting your face beat in.
JamieA1408 JamieA1408 Feb 23, 2016
Crikey, I've got so much to catch up on (would probably help if I hadn't lost the details of my old account). I liked the first chapter :). I'm a sucker for anything set in the dark ages lol.