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Lost Cause (Depressed! Reader x Male! Yandere) by Otaku4Life
Lost Cause (Depressed! Reader x Ma...by Yuka Hara ☾
You lost your smile at a young age. With the lost of your mom, your dad started to neglect you. If only he didn't, you probably wouldn't have been in this mess. The mess...
Flowers On Crimson Hands by Boltage
Flowers On Crimson Handsby Boltage
Lilia Heather wandered around the gardens at a relative's mansion during a party. She finds a mysterious boy who tended to the flowers and was mesmerized by his aura. Th...
I Faked Amnesia to Break off My Engagement,But My Fiance won't let me!! by Dear_Zile
I Faked Amnesia to Break off My En...by [ X I N ]
***[ C O M P L E T E D ]*** Translation group : American Faux I do not own the story nor am I taking credits for it. This for Offline purposes only. -- Viola, the daught...
Fast-through System: Villain Boss, Wantonly Flirting  by aruminzepo
Fast-through System: Villain Boss...by aruminzepo
Author: 秦原 Qin Yuan warning: The ML is a yandere. [1v1] [This is an MTLed novel, only edited to make sense] Please read the first chapter to get a better idea of the s...
Ghost King's Princess : The Birth Of A New Goddess by kazuki_sl
Ghost King's Princess : The Birth...by кαzυкι
This is a Chinese ancient time story. Is my original story so please don't steal it! I hope you like it. ***** Nalan Xi is the 21st century's golden medal prized assass...
SEE THROUGH YOU (Stay by me) by S_stanskyH
SEE THROUGH YOU (Stay by me)by Sanva
Meet MRUNAL ARYA alias ISOLDE EVANS, who stumbles on with CLYDE SCOTT in an unknown dimension where magic and technology coexist. " I worked hard to get into my dre...
Tales of Dragons and Gods by HarunaTeshigawara
Tales of Dragons and Godsby HarunaTeshigawara
Melias and her twin brother Yulias go on a school trip ignoring their guardian's warnings. As a result, Melias, Yulias and three of her friends are separated and forcefu...
Legend of The Red Wings by _TheScarlett_X
Legend of The Red Wingsby Scarlett Shadow
A powerless fae (Elena) banished from the fae realm and a demon (Noel) kicked out of the demon realm by his own father. When they meet in the human world, What will happ...
The Reincarnator's Last Chance by HarunaTeshigawara
The Reincarnator's Last Chanceby HarunaTeshigawara
Aciel died in a car accident and was reborn in another world abundant with magic. However, she was revealed as a Reincarnator and was executed. Fortunately, she was Rebo...
Enchanted with love by kos23n
Enchanted with loveby kos23n
In a world where creatures of the old lives in the shadow of humanity. Werewolves, vampires, witches, and demons, live in hiding not because they wanted to, but because...
ကျွန်မယောက်ျားကပျိုတိုင်းကြိုက်တဲ့နှင်းဆီခိုင် by dream_n99
ကျွန်မယောက်ျားကပျိုတိုင်းကြိုက်တဲ့...by Emily
နှစ်ခါလက်ထပ်ပွဲပျက်ခဲ့ပြီးနောက် စူးမီဟာမက်မွန်ပန်းပွင့်ပုပ်နှစ်ပွင့်နဲ့ကြုံတွေ့ခဲ့ရသည်။ တစ်ယောက်ကသူမအပေါ်လိုချင်မျက်စိကျနေတဲ့ခဲအိုဖြစ်ပြီး နောက်တစ်ယောက်ကရက်စက်ပြီးအကြင်န...
When I am with you 2: Reincarnated love by fantasy98270
When I am with you 2: Reincarnated...by seraph of the end
5 years ago porchay lost his memories of his lover Kim and Kim distance himself from porchay for his lovers safety. After 5 years the curse returns haunting porchay but...
Before the beast by Kyatoverkill
Before the beastby Kyatoverkill
*System*- welcome host I am your steal the -spotlight system- what am I ? why is it so bright here? *host is currently dead, this is your space room* what are you? *I am...
History At The Library by Smut_Site
History At The Libraryby Sexy Sensei
Perdi, known widely throughout the continent, is a very famous author of adult novels. But Perdi's true identity is actually Vivian, the Imperial Night Librarian. Vivi...
A VILLAINESS' TRAGEDY by thesilvercoloredtime
Haruka Shiyoru is a 15 year old girl who goes in the well-known Academy "Hametchi". Other than her wealth, her life wasn't that especial, but one day she got e...
Hmmmm..... What happen to me? Where am I? Am I dead already? But, I only happily eating ice-cream a moment ago??? Ouhhh... Now I remember, I chocked on my favorite ice-c...