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Yeager Chronicles: After Extinction by MaxForgotLogic
Yeager Chronicles: After Extinctionby Max Night
Well, this begins with the fight with Optimus and Lockdown - where he basically gets sliced in half with Optimus' Knight's sword from the arm of Lockdown's ship. After a...
Hearts of Iron: Fighting Ghosts by KageNishi
Hearts of Iron: Fighting Ghostsby KageNishi
A story about a reincarnator who became the Marshal of the Republic. "Take care of your equipment!!! Not a step backwards!!!!!" PS: I did not write the fanfict...
Marrying the billionaire by champ_ouhh
Marrying the billionaireby BIlatiral
jedean/gawong ano ba ang kaya mong gawin para sa taong mahal mo?
Woman and Machine I (TFP & Pacific Rim ) by brookyoung1229
Woman and Machine I (TFP & Aries_07
Let's see where the road of both Pacific Rim and Transformers Prime leads my brain shall we? Koda Shank is a pilot. Though the Jaeger program was discontinued, she remai...
The Wandering Astarte (Multiverse) by LaskehHasmet
The Wandering Astarte (Multiverse)by Laskeh Hasmet
A space marine name Carlos Aurelius belonging to the Ultramarines Chapter, an Astartes who is favourable by all the daughters of the Empress, the Primarchs. He is the on...
Irreplaceable you || TFP Ratchet x Femme reader  by SquishySquiddy
Irreplaceable you || TFP Ratchet ✩ Squishy ☽
(A TFP Ratchet x femme reader fanfiction) A love they thought could never be broken. A love they both had since young bots in that small medical class so long ago back o...
Mindustrial War (RWBY x Mindustry Crossover) by Somwherian
Mindustrial War (RWBY x Somwherian
Everything changes when a shooting star lands on a planet with a broken moon Remnant has always imagined about their first encounter with the extraterrestrial, but they...
Cross Ange: Infinite Warfare  by acekne2499
Cross Ange: Infinite Warfare by
After the major victory by the crew of Retribution and its Commander, the SDF was defeated. Years has based and with the new Earth fleet ready to go. A certain Captain n...
The Day We Met | #Wattys2019 by knightreading
The Day We Met | #Wattys2019by Artemis Knight
A Raleigh Becket X reader Hey I'm Charlie, Charlie Everstone. I've been piloting since the great mark 4 glory days. I'm a single Pilot. I never get to close to someone...
I'm Not OKAY || TFP Fanfiction  by WingedVigilante
I'm Not OKAY || TFP Fanfiction by WingedVigilante
A/N: I don't own Transformers. This is a reader-insert, but I'm not sure how romance-y it'll get until later on. So please, bear with me. ^ ^ ^ EVENTUAL BULKHEAD X READE...
Let's Roll Out, Mate! [BOOK 1] (REWRITE) by FelinePhoenix1412
Let's Roll Out, Mate! [BOOK 1] ( Literature_Heroine _Chronos
Meet Evelyn Emma Nakadai, a half British half Japanese girl. She's your average everyday girl- a sister to an annoying overprotective brother and cousin to the wild-adre...
Captivity (Optimus x Reader) [ON HOLD] by Adsystle
Captivity (Optimus x Reader) [ON Red
You. A techno-organic just escaped from the hands of M.E.C.H. and is now running away from their torturous methods. Only to stumble upon a clearing with a cave at the bo...
Unlimited bullets, against Extinction (Loli MC x Fate series)​ by Harbour_Hime
Unlimited bullets, against Harbour Hime
An alternate version of Jack has once again, popped into reality Equipped with the FPS system, a different system compared to the usual systems, this one resolves around...
The Black Lion Of Earth x Transformers Prime by DiarcyWalker
The Black Lion Of Earth x king the conquerer
Jack Darby gets into a big argument with Arcee which leads him to being banshished from the base. weeks later he gets into an energon accident set up by MECH and Silas...
Raider Red by Arrowbolt5
Raider Redby Arrowbolt5
"You belong wherever you chose to be." "If a bird choses to live in the ocean, it will drown." Red Bishop was the second in command of MECH, and...
I'm a very hardworking Queen by cosmic_librarian
I'm a very hardworking Queenby 宇무 Yumu Valeri
Jyn transmigirate and she transmigirate as A Zerg Queen. The cold and ruthless race that have been shun and feared by all the other inter galaxy races. As the Queen Jy...
Union Student With Conviction [Male Reader X Multi-Crossover] by T3rr4nR34d3r
Union Student With Conviction [ Ezra Villa
[This is another version of my other story, "The Convicting Mecha User"] [][][][][] Union Academy. A place where the next generation of heroes come together to...
𝗡𝗨 [Male Reader X ARMORED CORE VI]  by BlackgodDragon
𝗡𝗨 [Male Reader X ARMORED CORE BlackgodDragon
This is a story about mercenary pilot doing what ever he can to help his sick lover.
Mindustry THE GATEWAYS by HikaChanoKun
Mindustry THE GATEWAYSby Hikaratashi
Some story about what will happen when Sharded got into multiverse madnes? I did not own the Mindustry or other crosscover