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Sorry: Cod Modern Warfare Soap x Reader by Creativegirl2004
Sorry: Cod Modern Warfare Soap x Creativegirl2004
Your Yuri but in a disguise as him. You supposed to be died but your best friend saved you. Even some people that Makarov killed. When you joined the Task Force 141 you...
RWBY x Naga reader  by Ghost-Samurai99
RWBY x Naga reader by Ghost-Samurai99
I know Naga's bio. But I'm going to do my own thing. I own absolutely nothing in this story. please support the official release.
RWBY Watches Modern Warfare Trilogy by blaszczu2500
RWBY Watches Modern Warfare Trilogyby blaszczu2500
The cast of RWBY is taken to a theater by a strange man who makes them watch one of his favourite trilogies.
Blazing Heart ✔️(FaZe Blaziken Fanfic) by FaZeKay
Blazing Heart ✔️(FaZe Blaziken K💛
Adalee Winters was a regular gamer who drank Gamma Fuel and played Call Of Duty. The only thing different is that Adalee didn't say what gender she was nor did she have...
Cold War: Aftermath by TheGucciTurtle
Cold War: Aftermathby TheGucciTurtle
They were in the height of the cold war when Bell changed the tide of the war for everyone. The CIA's tool managed to find his way back home and return as Perseus' right...
 Worth Fighting For ( WW2 Pierson Story) by AuthorHNM
Worth Fighting For ( WW2 AuthorHNM
WRITTEN BY: AuthorHNM & Under-Katt447 Y/n L/n is a young woman who wasn't afraid to hold back from saying what was on her mind. She used to keep it all in until she deci...
The Last Operation (Spectre x Reader) by l8_loving
The Last Operation (Spectre x ブチャラティ<3
Created -- Completed July 27, 2017 -- July 27, 2019 Male Spectre x Reader [Completed] [Your Name] is an experienced soldier on the battlefield working with the CIA, when...
half the world away | tommyinnit by bittersleeep
half the world away | tommyinnitby bittersleeep
tommyinnit x oc in which tommy likes a russian streamer from afar until he finally gets the balls to request Call Of Duty lessons or in which... she forces him to play f...
[Modern Warfare x Akame Ga Kill] (Crossover) by ThatOneUchihaAgain
[Modern Warfare x Akame Ga Kill] ( Jake Uchiha
Tatsumi, Lubbock and Wave finds another room that's quite similar. It has a large TV and a ... gaming console? With It comes the Game & Trilogy, Call of Duty: Modern War...
Remnant and The Aether Volume 1 (RWBY X COD Zombie) by Knight-tom
Remnant and The Aether Volume 1 ( Knight tom
Friendship and Love will be made, but trust will be broken how will the Primis will survive this world of Remnant, and why is it connecting to the Aether? And will Team...
The Boy from Earth  by AceFox5
The Boy from Earth by Ace Fox
A boy, age 16, Never in his entire life would he think he would end up in the RWBY show. But how? well, find out in this crappy thingy Disclaimer: I do not own rwby, onl...
Call of Duty: Ghosts-The wolf hunt by ShadowWolfFox
Call of Duty: Ghosts-The wolf huntby Alex
This is the sequel to Ghosts 2. It is a short story as I basically wrote this in like a week. I've nearly finished it and there will be a lot of mistakes. Please read th...
Just a modern warfare fanfic (Trilogy collection) by BurntToast14
Just a modern warfare fanfic ( Burnt Toast 12
Season 1: Mile high club to Game over. Experience the story of how you met Price and Soap, and how you fought against Zackhaev and his army of ultranationalists Season...
Ordinary World (COD Zombies | Primis x Reader) by Arakhiin
Ordinary World (COD Zombies | Arakhiin
Numbers are part of the story, [EXTRAS] are kind of like the other stories. Feel free to make requests, I decided I want to try and write something for one of my most be...
Vladimir Makarov Imagines by Khushi-Stark
Vladimir Makarov Imaginesby Khushi
× A collection of fluffy, angsty and steamy imagines of your favorite Modern Warfare villain! × Makarov might be a villain.. but, ever thought what if he was kind and pa...
Ghosts 2: Return of the Ghosts  by YT607_wildcat
Ghosts 2: Return of the Ghosts by YT607_wildcat
This story will take place 3 years after "End of the line" when Gabriel Rorke returned from the dead and kidnapped an injured Logan Walker dragging him off the...
COD Ghosts: Bonds by GhostHunting
COD Ghosts: Bondsby Ghost
No one knows what happened to Logan Walker, at least until he shows up in the most unexpected of places.
WNDY (working on it atm, expect non-finished parts) by YeOldPalGeorge
WNDY (working on it atm, expect Yo Boy George
Real soldiers. Real problems. Real ways to solve those problems. Fantasy, magical bullshit world...? (The story does not follow the RWBY canon and so don't be surprised...
ColdWar: The Redacted Files by TheGucciTurtle
ColdWar: The Redacted Filesby TheGucciTurtle
This story will begin writing sometime after I finish my main story. This will mainly consist of some of my original ideas, almost like the deleted scenes of a movie. I...
cigarettes and mint by yourloverfromhell
cigarettes and mintby mel 🐳
Three years after Russell Adler shoots the love of his life, Bell, they reunite. Bell finds herself in a position where she can either love or hate the person who made h...