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RWBY Watches Modern Warfare Trilogy by blaszczu2500
RWBY Watches Modern Warfare Trilogyby blaszczu2500
The cast of RWBY is taken to a theater by a strange man who makes them watch one of his favourite trilogies. On hiatus until I'll get motivation to continue it.
(On Hold) The Betrayed G&K Commander by KhaizulFrost
(On Hold) The Betrayed G&K Khairul Afif
(Azur Lane x Girls Frontline x Male Reader) You were one of the best commanders that humanity has to offer. You were very good at strategies that even if you were outnum...
Ghosts: Keegan and Alex by deanlenaolicity
Ghosts: Keegan and Alexby deanlenaolicity
What if Hesh and Logan Walker had a sister named Alex? She goes on journeys with her brothers, but what happens when she meets Keegan?
Love You Till The End (Robert Zussman x Reader) by heyfam_itssam
Love You Till The End (Robert Sam I Am
{UNDERGOING EDITING} It's the year 1942. News of the Second World War can be found in every newspaper. After you find yourself in a bad relationship and manage to get o...
gate: modern warfare 141 Fought Completed  by lockheedhenesy
gate: modern warfare 141 Fought lockheed henesy
141 led by general shepard & his team & Army of operators took a break in japan till a gate open out of knowhere caused war on japanese soil. jdsf teams up with 141 to g...
Honeycomb (REBOOTED) by SPETSNAZ2020
Honeycomb (REBOOTED)by SPETSNAZ2020
A Call Of Duty Zombies & Steven Universe crossover book... In the city of Cincinnati, the Honeycomb virus has decimated parts of the city leaving it in a hostile state a...
Arc of the Settlement Defense Front (SDF) by Cmdragon95
Arc of the Settlement Defense Cmdragon95
After his transcripts are revealed Jaune please begin after everyone turns their backs on him except Ozpin and Ruby finding a strange device in the Emerald Forest he is...
Call of Duty Zombies: The Outlaw and the Resistance (Male Reader) by FifthWaveMadness
Call of Duty Zombies: The Outlaw Activateletonk
The cycle being broken, heroes sacrificed to stop the corruption of the world, and the Forsaken sealed away forever, everything was over. Or was it? Your name is Y/N L/N...
Arknights Cast watches: Modern Warfare Trilogy AU by DylanoRevs
Arknights Cast watches: Modern Operator Dylano
Nian took a visit at Rhodes island while presenting something odd to all. It was a big cassette labeled "Modern warfare". She said this cassette contains an al...
Naruto: soldier of 141 by Kedarcriticalgod
Naruto: soldier of 141by Kedar Edwards
Every since he was born our little blonde has been neglected by his parents for his sisters who are Naruko and Narumi who are his young siblings and are twins Every sinc...
NUMB (Adler x bell) by nukelord
NUMB (Adler x bell)by 𝚖𝚒𝚌𝚔
Adler x bell It's about adler and bell after Solovetsky like 3 years after cuz I ship Bell is also female btw I am in love with her too she is so passive aggressive Wa...
mw3 frost reader x r6  by MRFAMAS
mw3 frost reader x r6 by MR. FAMAS
FROST y/n l/n born 1995 June 16 Lost his sqaud in a mine his only friends is Nikola and John
MAGIC W🏛RLD | the two superpowers fought there by JOJO_FNAF_FAN2005
March 2017 the world is now at peace... well atleast as both superpowers. the USA and the USSR ended the cold war by talks and negotiating. despite some fo their tense r...
The Apocalypse hero (bnha x Call of duty zombies) by Orginal_Sin
The Apocalypse hero (bnha x Call Orginal_Sin
Kenshin toshiaki finally got a quirk, it was a portal he went through but he was not expecting what he saw on the other side. Short summary: A kid has the ability to go...
Black Yoshi in My hero Academia  by Dadookie457
Black Yoshi in My hero Academia by Dadookie457
Black Yoshi was playing Call of duty like normal, until he goes to the kitchen to get some Kool-Aid. While he was getting Kool-Aid, a portal opened up beneath him. He fe...
A Shadow Company Tale by HerrHornet
A Shadow Company Taleby Austein
In a time of uncertainty and bloodshed, an American warrior steps up and does what he thinks is necessary in the time of war. While serving along his friends and family...
Desperately Changed by Wolfyreads1234h
Desperately Changedby Jordyn Hazel
Call of Duty reader(Bell) x Woods, female
Neo and Oreo(Panda Faunus Reader X RWBY (Neo) by EybiSea
Neo and Oreo(Panda Faunus Reader EybiSea
Y/n is a panda faunas, he is mostly called Oreo. His parents were Huntsman and a Huntress, unfortunately they died in their mission. Later on he was adopted by the Baled...
*REWRITING* Call of Duty Imagines [DISCONTINUED] by thatcodwriter
*REWRITING* Call of Duty Dani
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War - Operation Red Star by Leomantic
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold Leomantic
After saving europe from nuclear annihalation, "Bell" was forced to kill Adler and escape the CIA. He's now living in Yugoslavia as a tourist guide, figuring o...