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The Reign of the Nightmare King (A Don't Starve fanfic) by multifandom_pastry
The Reign of the Nightmare King ( multifandom_pastry
A Don't Starve fanfiction. When the survivors' Thanksgiving dinner goes terribly wrong, Willow must take charge to save Wilson's life (and for that matter, everyone else...
  • maxwell
  • fanfiction
  • dontstarvewillow
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1997 || Marten  by diggi187
1997 || Marten by Bonez Eh(r)e(n)frau
Marten und Emilia kennen sich schon ihr ganzes Leben. Sie waren Nachbarn und auch beste Freunde. Bei ihnen im Viertel kannte man sie nur zu zweit. Marten war immer eine...
  • tattoo
  • love
  • freundschaft
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Pink isn't your color by JKImNotReallySwedish
Pink isn't your colorby JKImNotReallySwedish
A boy gets bullied for his feminine tastes... But he meets someone who takes a liking to his peculiar style... The'll have to read it to find out!:D
  • bl
  • maxwell
  • pinkisntyourcolor
Mother Faraday by EccentricMethod
Mother Faradayby Mother Method
In search of a way to make herself more youthful in appearance, she creates what she thinks is the cure all to her problem. Like any good scientist you need a guinea pig...
  • happy
  • james
  • roger
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Citrine {Those Eyes Series - #2} by MoonlitDusk
Citrine {Those Eyes Series - #2}by MoonlitDusk
ℋISTORICAL ℱICTION / ℛOMANCE #73 in Beast [1/10/2018] {SERIES CAN BE READ IN ANY ORDER}. ◀ A Dark Romance ▶ After marrying her sister's husbands upon her death, Vivian d...
  • fallinginlove
  • death
  • mystery
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momos de (Don't Starve) by Sires_saires
momos de (Don't Starve)by S.s.S
momos, imágenes, cosas sad, situaciones etc. (creditos de la portada a la autora/autor)
  • dont
  • wolfgang
  • random
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Splintered Hearts  by xTremblingHeartsx
Splintered Hearts by Addie 🌻
He was broken, She was lost. He hid his pain behind the "bad boy" attitude, She hid her emotions behind her nerdy glasses. But one, only one chance encount...
  • friendship
  • bitterpast
  • wattpad
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Dare by Chloeyloraine
Dareby chloey loraine b. berces
Mga bagay na hindi mo inaasahang mangyayari tulad ng pagmamahal......first time mo na nga lang magmahal nasaktan ka pa unfair nuh? At sa pagmamahal na yun...isa lang pal...
  • ayu
  • corrie
  • krent
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The Player by MahimaShetty6
The Playerby Mahima Shetty
"Don't do that." max warned. "Oh really?" I challenged him and stuck my tongue out again just to annoy him. "I said don't." he warned me ag...
  • goodgirl
  • wester
  • highschool
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Liebe oder Geld? |Bonez Mc by istayinmygarden
Liebe oder Geld? |Bonez Mcby Jül❤
Viel Spaß bei der Fanfiction😘❤💖
  • drama
  • rafcamora
  • love
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A Yazwell Fanfiction by NielleJ
A Yazwell Fanfictionby NielleJ
This is a YazWell Fanfiction from the story He's into Her by Maxinejiji! Ginawa ko lang po ito while waiting for the return of Love without limits by Maxinejiji, yung or...
  • marchessa
  • lwl
  • yazwell
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Maxwell's Tribulation by Xairen64
Maxwell's Tribulationby Xairen
Maxwell Roddingham, a young child who loses everything at an early age. Problem is, he can't remember any of it. He can't remember anything, for that matter.
  • xairen
  • mana
  • magic
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The Art of War (Part 2) by DinoMastr11
The Art of War (Part 2)by ×DinoMastr-XI×
As the war rages on, certain motivations come to light. Darrell Reins is an ideal soldier; he's strong, capable, and doesn't ask too many questions. But the surprises th...
  • space
  • war
  • trek
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Is this love? by VirgoQueen1212
Is this love?by VirgoQueen1212
Finding love was the last thing on their minds but hey.... sh*t happens
  • netflix
  • sinquawalls
  • kimberlyelise
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The Journey of Moana Maxwell by TvdKolfan99
The Journey of Moana Maxwellby Kiara Thomas
*TVD Fanfiction* A 10 year old girl named, Moana Maxwell is transferred to Mystic Falls, Virginia after her parents sent her there because she got expelled for an incide...
  • protection
  • moana
  • tvd
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Love Maxwell (Lost faith in trust) by sharon02wanjiru
Love Maxwell (Lost faith in trust)by Shh ♣🎱
3 words XXX 2 wishes XX 1 tragedy X ☆☆☆☆☆ "Does the darkness make you feel alive?" ♥♥♥♥♥♥ I dream of a never ending land where the two of us could find escap...
  • letter
  • betrayal
  • pessimistic
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Dedicated Poems For Love Without Limits By:Maxinejiji by cherubinsagun
Dedicated Poems For Love Without cherubinsagun
Ang istorya ito ay isinulat ni Maxinejiji, Love without limits. Ibinalik na n'ya ito muli sa pangalawang pagkakataon.☺ Unang napublished ito noong March 2017 at ibinali...
  • lovewithoutlimits
  • lwl
  • poetry
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Pervert Boyfriend by shesthedemon
Pervert Boyfriendby shesthedemon
Damon Maxwell is the mafia boss and yeah! his my boyfriend.. my pervert boyfriend. Paano ko siya naging boyfriend ang isang Maxwell tara't tuklasin natin.
  • comedy
  • mapia
  • jennie
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a little lonely (max x reader) by elizabethrossia
a little lonely (max x reader)by rosie
Turns out you're going to a summer camp. Not that you want to. You would rather stay in bed but, your parents seem to be worried about your 'social skills' so camp it is...
  • campcamp
  • readerxmax
  • campcampbell
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Don't Stave fanfics  by DunceJoy
Don't Stave fanfics by The Dunce Of Joy
Because the ones I wanna read aren't fucking MADE Yea, cover art is by me (and you can find me on both Instagram and Tumblr with the same username I have here)
  • dontstarvewillow
  • dontstarve
  • dontstarvemaxwell
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