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The Billionaire's New Assistant *Old Version* by BlackFlamboyant
The Billionaire's New Assistant * xCityLightsx
Jessica is- well used to be a model when she got fired. Then her best friend apply a job for her a Adam Moon's new assistant. Adam is a cold hearted, arrogant, self-cent...
Mr Poison (Editing ) by Aysesahbaz
Mr Poison (Editing )by Ayse
This book is years old.. I was a kid, my grammar was a nightmare. Please do not mind it 😁. Enjoy. "I am the Poison in your throat you constantly try to swallow me...
Never Looking Back ✔ by serial-chiller
Never Looking Back ✔by ran
Forever and Always by champagnekissesxx
Forever and Alwaysby champagnekissesxx
(Previously, Mr. Billionaire Why Me?) Sophia Drake was a poor Italian/Irish woman, living in the City of New York, often wishing for the world. While Nicolas Knight held...
Blunt. by theafricangirlx
17 year old Leonardo is smart, intelligent, popular and a genius. but guess what? he's the clumsiest naughtiest and most sassy brat you'll ever meet. he gets away wit...
Unexpected  by ParulSharma955
Unexpected by Candy_Floss.3418
This is an Indian story about two completely different personalities tied in a not of marriage . KARAN SINGH RANDHAWA'S marriage was fixed with a girl named Ruhi but she...
Elroy and Fay Extras by TubeText_it
Elroy and Fay Extrasby Emelradine
10 chapters In which I give you the inside scoop to Elroy and Fay's life together... check out Dating Mr. CEO to read their story.
My Happily Ever After?  by Iamcrazy-iamreal
My Happily Ever After? by Iforgot
"We are getting married"he dictated. I sat there unable to move. How could anyone be so emotionless in asking someone to marry him. I tried to say something b...
Chasing beautiful by Living_in_d_never
Chasing beautifulby Rahma Mustapha
A DAMSEL, A KNIGHT AND A DEADLY SECRET IN BETWEEN. She was like a star but an invisible one. He was like her sky, just what she needed to shine... Their story didn't exa...
A maid's honor by Nelisagold
A maid's honorby Jessica Edmund
Innocent Tessa only seeks jobs to raise money for her mother's welfare and also hers. She meets this nice granny who introduced her to the devil himself. Samuel uses her...
TBS: The Billionaire Loves Me (1) ✔ by GalaxyOverThere
TBS: The Billionaire Loves Me (1) ✔by ❤Galaxy❤
THIS IS MY FIRST BOOK SO UNDERSTAND THAT IT WON'T BE BETTER THAN THE OTHERS! ----- I was spending time with my boyfriend till a week later her had to leave me. The n...
The Wrong Bride  by Samrielhot8
The Wrong Bride by Ariel Evelyn
Emerald and Sebastian were the college golden couple during the time they were in school. They were the couple everyone envied and wanted to be like. When they stepped i...
The Girl He Never Noticed by buskebholaji
The Girl He Never Noticedby buskebholaji
One day, she slept with him accidentally. Two month later, she found herself pregnant, so they got married with baby. "Mr. Gu, I like the dishes of this restaurant...
A Hazel Romance by A90scoin
A Hazel Romanceby Muniratu Ozigis
Sequel to a hazel haven Book cannot be read as a stand alone. Read in this order: A hazel haven A hazel romance Copyright©2023 Exclusively on wattpad. ***Ideas are solel...
Claiming my queen back by Aayan0000
Claiming my queen backby Aayan0000
Leah Conner is the daughter of one of the richest man in Spain and she gets married to her childhood love Jason Everything is rainbows and sparkles until Jason starts to...
The Good Girl's God-Awful Guys by pyxelspree
The Good Girl's God-Awful Guysby Pyxel Spree
What happens when you cram as many dumb Wattpad clichés as you can into one book? Enter our nerdy heroine Amaerilde Saphira Jade Emily Hawthorne. She's new to Insert US...
HADDIYAH by beeza-ize
HADDIYAHby beeza-ize
This is my first book on Wattpad I hope you all enjoy it. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ When I saw movements I suddenly turned my back alert trying to get the nearest thing...
SABID❤️ by emm_kayyy
SABID❤️by emm_kayyy
A girl named Anisa got married willingly to her cousin Abid at the age of 9, but then she later regrets it... Read the story to find out what happened
One More Chance by iam_Tofunmi
One More Chanceby iam_Tofunmi
Allison Jones is an average, beautiful girl. Her life is going nowwhere until she meets Robert. After a terrible haiutus from her marriage and family, and betrayal from...
His Unholy Love  by Maryam_Muskaan
His Unholy Love by isah maryam
Faizan Malik had lived too long from home, from the land he was brought up, from the Malik household. But he knew he would have to return to claim what was rightfully hi...