Blackmailed by queen3forever
Blackmailedby queen3forever
21 year old Rosie was having a good life finished with college.She was living a good life with the best 7 friends who always supported each other.Her Life was changed wh...
  • blackmail
  • maxwell
  • rosie
King & Country (Sequel to Honor the Throne) - BWWM by JQNeloms
King & Country (Sequel to Honor Jay
In the year of our Lord, 1533, the small kingdom of Andorra had endured many changes. Their king, a man in his prime, Maxwell Beckham was no longer an unmarried man. He...
  • moor
  • historicalfiction
  • andorra
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Dork Diaries: Nikki And Brandon's life. Book 4 by KyraTheFanGirl_1375
Dork Diaries: Nikki And Brandon' Chandler Riggs Trash
Hey everyone! So this is about Nikki and Brandon's life, but now their not at school! Brandon and Nikki might have fights, but they'll fix it. Will Mackenzie not be the...
  • dorky
  • nikki
  • chloe
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The Indian Beauty! by itsPujaHere
The Indian Beauty!by BookDragon ;)
"She's Adorable He's Handsome She's a good girl He's a Price charming He's Rich .. Her Heart is Rich .. " Hiya Bannerjee is a 21 year old adorable British I...
  • obssessive
  • generalfiction
  • maxwell
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love not lost | trapp ✓ by bentalebs
love not lost | trapp ✓by afi✉
kevin trapp -- hope was my only reason left.
  • football
  • davidluiz
  • marcoverratti
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' nineties men in present day? i think the fuck i will. '
  • eazye
  • ginuwine
  • mrdalvin
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Stupid Camp. (Max X Reader)  by CutieFandom
Stupid Camp. (Max X Reader) by CutieFandom
Your Y/N L/N and your parents sent you to this shitty camp when all you wanted to do this summer was play games and eat and draw and maybe hang out with the few friends...
  • woods
  • campcambell
  • stupidcamp
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Returning... Max X Reader by ImSuchAnOutcast
Returning... Max X Readerby emma//tyler//papi;)
SEQUEL OF INTERESTING CAMP... MAX X READER It was a new summer. You and Max both changed a bit, but your love for each other stayed the same... Or did it?
  • campcampmax
  • campcamp
  • maxxreader
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Dork Diaries: Dorky Daughter (4) #Wattys2018 by SecondRound
Dork Diaries: Dorky Daughter (4) SECONDROUND
The dorky torch has been passed on. And so we follow the story of Nikki's daughter Renée. Nikki was involved in some major drama back in middle school BUT! That is only...
  • wattys2018
  • nextgeneration
  • branikki
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If this is LOVE, then LOVE is easy!... (Bondi Rescue Fanfic) by Holly_1999x
If this is LOVE, then LOVE is Holly Charlotte Siggins
1 Girl, 1 World, 1 BIG Dream. Holly Siggins, world 3 pro surfer, has everything that she's always wanted, except her father. Paul Siggins, ex #1 Pro surfer, died on Holl...
  • rescue
  • bondi
  • trent
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Don't Starve Characters React To... by BrainBlister
Don't Starve Characters React Martin
Don't Starve Characters x Reader story You and them reacting to various scenarios You may request scenarios
  • wilsonpercivalhiggsbury
  • xreader
  • readerinsert
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The Campus Nerd by divineheavenly
The Campus Nerdby D.D.
A/N: THE CAMPUS NERD. THIS STORY WILL MY INSPIRATION. THIS IS MY WAY OF LETTING MY FEELINGS SHOW. Na Inspire ako sa mga Bullying na lumalaganap ngayon sa a...
  • teenfiction
  • maxwell
  • akira
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Choices Fanfic by rebelbooks101
Choices Fanficby Emily
This is a bunch of one shots from the app choices. Hope you enjoy.
  • thecrownandtheflame
  • stories
  • mostwanted
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The Unlucky One (Bondi Rescue AU) by teen_wolfieeee
The Unlucky One (Bondi Rescue AU)by Moomee19
Started: 09.12.16 • Hayley Hansen is young, free and on her way to finding out who she really is. She has travelled to Sydney in Australia to see all the sights and citi...
  • taco
  • clark
  • australia
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Bad Boys and Bad Girls by Write_4ever_
Bad Boys and Bad Girlsby Write_4ever_
The Williams. The Vincents. Two of the most powerful families in London. The Williams rule the East and the Vincents rule the West. Octavia Williams isn't your typical...
  • mature
  • wattys2018
  • drugs
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Starving isn't so bad when you aren't alone (Don't Starve fanfiction) by Nightmarereader512
Starving isn't so bad when you TheReaperOfGodsAbove
A story of a gentleman scientist finding a new hope and purpose in life after such a long time in solitude. What will happen when he finds out he isn't all alone? What h...
  • wickerbottom
  • wolfgang
  • woody
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The Player by MahimaShetty6
The Playerby Mahima Shetty
"Don't do that." max warned. "Oh really?" I challenged him and stuck my tongue out again just to annoy him. "I said don't." he warned me ag...
  • rich
  • maxwell
  • chicklit
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The Humored And The Heartbroken. (BoyxBoy) by TheForeverKindaLove
The Humored And The Heartbroken. ( Tayah
Bexley James is a disheartened sports star who made some bad decisions. Ace Maxwell is known for being Rino High School's biggest troublemaker. But what happens when lie...
  • maxwell
  • mysterious
  • james
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Her Sweet Comeback (Maxwell Series #2) by kybby11
Her Sweet Comeback (Maxwell [on break, sorry]
Book 2 of LWTMB
  • maxwell
  • teenfic
  • hsc
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Soundless  (wes x reader)  by ItsNotABadTime
Soundless (wes x reader) by ItsNotABadTime
Wes X reader. The story will contain blood, gore, sexual abuse and major character death. be warned. This is a story about how everyone got into the horrid wilderness...
  • dontstarve
  • maxwell
  • dstwes
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