Vanity and Other Preconceived Notions by helloitsmeabby_
Vanity and Other Preconceived Noti...by Abby
A retake on Pride & Prejudice set in modern Nevada. Elissa and Jayna are both sex workers at The Bennett Ranch, an upscale brothel where the cost is high and clients are...
  • againstallodds
  • losangeles
  • janeausten
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Gossip Girl ( Finn Wolfhard + Reader) by that80sbitch704
Gossip Girl ( Finn Wolfhard + Read...by 🔥That80sBitch🔥
Sure is a good love story... or at least that's what I've heard ...... XOXO Gossip Girl
  • entitled
  • drama
  • finnwolfhard
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The Bad Boy's Cinderella by pastellgirll
The Bad Boy's Cinderellaby ✨ K A Y L A ✨
Yin & Yang Sun & Moon Hot & Cold Black & White Good & Bad They were polar opposites, but opposites attract after all. *** "Rylee..I think I might be in love with...
  • richkids
  • badboy
  • comingofage
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Aku Dan Patah Hati Terbaikku by shkrderaarnn
Aku Dan Patah Hati Terbaikkuby shkrderaarnn
  • heartbreak
  • romance
  • anaksekolah
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Opulent Glory by -hexed
Opulent Gloryby e x c e l l e n c e
MADELINE LOCKHART Say it. Chant it. Remember it. ♛ ♛ ♛ FULL SYNOPSIS INSIDE ♛ ♛ ♛ REGULAR UPDATES start date; 28/11/17- ?
  • glamorous
  • royal
  • money
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Black on White,White on Black  by dollface8314
Black on White,White on Black by The new thing
Living in Los Angeles can be interesting. While Brooklyn is sitting at home doing homework being the good girl that daddy want her to be. Kobe is cleaning counter and ta...
  • people
  • highclass
  • mikeyway
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A Happy Family by Moon_Light_Sun_Shine
A Happy Familyby ⚡💖Taylor💖⚡
Being raised in a high class family is hard. Being biracial twins is harder.
  • arrangedmarriage
  • italian
  • rich
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Mr money in the bank by bitch_Cannon
Mr money in the bankby RussellA
"You are such an Asshole, you know that? " She barked at him,as she struggled to break free from the chains that were used to tie her hands to the bed. "D...
  • romance
  • finnbalor
  • wwe
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He Knows by Dancingintherainxx
He Knowsby Sky
Noah James Harden The Fourth. Dangerous. Reckless. Careless. Most would say Heartless. Jamie Scarlette Lynn Fletcher. Safe. Careful. Over Protected. Majority Rules when...
  • highclass
  • 2k18
  • newbook
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A Time Not So Long by AlexDorselfin
A Time Not So Longby A. Dorselfin
Juliet Fiona Kelsey Rainey and Blair Nathaniel Charles Evens were supposed to be together from the beginning to the end. But what happens when life gets in the way, and...
  • love
  • highclass
  • highschool
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The mixed up life of Laura Hale by PinkBasketball
The mixed up life of Laura Haleby ????? ?????????-??????????
Mount Beuford was a town of very wealthy high class families and Laura Hale was the definition of a wealthy spoiled brat and she had a wardrobe full of Victorian fashi...
  • handmaid
  • rich
  • town
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Belinda by _ultra_vi0lett
Belindaby _ultra_vi0lett
Belinda Reyes. She has mountains of paperwork on her desk, a conniving snake in her midst, and a blooming romance with a sweet guy. All in a day's work of being a bada...
  • bosslady
  • ceo
  • rich
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Prodigiously as Sweet ❦ by xfroovenx
Prodigiously as Sweet ❦by xXMissTxX
I was born into a family line that I had no control over, a family line of witches, no, a family line filled with the most powerful witches. But of course, I had to have...
  • loved
  • romance
  • mate
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Rose Is Back With Thorns by Chocolatetheflavour
Rose Is Back With Thornsby Ngoiri Irungu
"You know I prefer to have you in a soft bed carpeted with pretty rose petals like you right?" The ugly duckling maid of the Sylvester's estate; Rose Mayor who...
  • highclass
  • lovers
  • maids
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An Extraordinary World by nut_meg55
An Extraordinary Worldby Megan Scott
Kaylee West a girl who is messy and roughed up, has a bad past and a lot of scars. She's probably the most beautiful and extraordinary girl in the whole world, yet every...
  • chef
  • monty
  • rich
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The Earl's Life by phantom1robin
The Earl's Lifeby Phantom
  • reaper
  • earl
  • maids
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On That Plane by honeybee635
On That Planeby Bee
Two high schoolers, Yvonne and Brandon find themselves madly in love with each other. After confession of their love on the way to prom night they end up going as each o...
  • prom
  • memory
  • highclass
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Kismet by Echo_Dew
Kismetby Echo
So, this isn't going to be anything fancy. There isn't no giant comeback after, I don't even know how long I've been gone BUT I AM considering restarting this story from...
  • highclass
  • emotional
  • romance
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1850 Actress by SSKITTLED
1850 Actressby 🌸
❝ He loved me to early, I loved him too late. It was just a matter of timing. ❞ -In which an world...
  • 1850
  • farms
  • play
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Coyote Love Twist by JackieSmith646
Coyote Love Twistby JackieSmith646
Meet Mya Parks a girl who is in love with the thought of love. Who hopes to one day find her soul mate. One day she meets a boy who doesn't believe in love. The word Lo...
  • truelove
  • comedy
  • daydreaming
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