Jeff the killer x Child reader by FlawlessMistake7
Jeff the killer x Child readerby FlawlessMistake7
There aren't many stories like this, so I decided why not? this story is about a child named Y/N who gets adopted by the creepypastas. (No photos are mine, unless said o...
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Summoning Creepypastas by TimorGod
Summoning Creepypastasby TimorGod
lowercaps intended! This is a book filled with Creepypasta Summoning. Including dream spells, how to survive from them. Which isn't probably gonna help you in anyway. I...
  • bendrowned
  • laughingjack
  • ticcitoby
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Fem! Creepypasta X Male Reader by Mehwhcare
Fem! Creepypasta X Male Readerby Mehwhcare
This is my first X Reader so please be patient
  • ticcitammie
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Creepypasta Mother Scenarios  by Jaschicken
Creepypasta Mother Scenarios by Jaschicken
Either lost, injuried, or abandoned, these scenarios are Creepypasta's that become your mothers. In here will be Darkness, Jane, Clockwork, Kate, and Zero. Amazing cover...
  • janethekiller
  • clockwork
  • darkness
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Creepypasta Zodiac Signs by ChelseaCarlito135
Creepypasta Zodiac Signsby Chelsea Carlito
Hello everyone! For your information,this book is about creepypasta and zodiac signs.Well,this is my first writing and also my first book.This book is just for fun and I...
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Daughter Of A Pasta by AngelHall6
Daughter Of A Pastaby DemonAngel
[OC x Creepypasta] One day Slenderman is walking through his woods when he noticed something was off. He soon found out the problem was a dying woman with a small baby g...
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Fem Creepypasta X Male reader by MegaDerp123
Fem Creepypasta X Male readerby SirDerp
Its my first time making a creepypasta story so go easy on me. Im gona put this out there now I dont really have a long term plan for this story, in other words, I dont...
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Don't Make A Sound (Laughing Jack X Reader) by JRich_2832
Don't Make A Sound (Laughing Jack...by Jocelyn Richardson
After witnessing the horrible murders of your parents at the age of 7, you haven't been the same since. You become a mute, shutting yourself out from the world, not doin...
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  • sexualoffenderman
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Make You Beautiful - [Jeff the Killer x reader] by IceT3a
Make You Beautiful - [Jeff the Kil...by IceT3a .
(Y/N) didn't have an easy life. But she only realized how happy she actually was after she had lost it all to a bipolar maniac who wanted her all to himself. DISCLAIMER...
  • slenderman
  • jeffxreader
  • bendrowned
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Creepypasta Zodaics by bakemakayla
Creepypasta Zodaicsby makayla
[PREFERABLY FOR GIRLS (unless you're part of the LGBTQ community :) ] Requests are & always will be OPEN . ✖ Not all answers for all parts will be 100% accurate or true...
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My Creepy Life (BOOK 1) (All Fem! Creepypasta X Male Reader) by Caleb-Walker
My Creepy Life (BOOK 1) (All Fem...by Caleb (Logan) Walker
Hello there reader this is a story about how you became a part of the creepypasta family sure a all female one and you being the only boy in the mansion. But nevermind...
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Dollhouse ( A Creepypasta Fanfiction) by AllisonOMara
Dollhouse ( A Creepypasta Fanficti...by ✨Allison ✨
Brooklynn may only be 6, but she already hates her life. Her father is cheating on her mother. Her mom knows he is cheating, but just drinks away the pain of a broken he...
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Chuyện nhà Pasta (remake) by QrangeAfton
Chuyện nhà Pasta (remake)by Quả Cam Màu Tím
Truyện chỉ mang tính chất vui và giải trí. Xin đừng tỏ ra quá nghiêm túc về mọi thứ. Cảm ơn sự ủng hộ của mọi người :)
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Creepypasta Zodiacs  by Bianca_BellaBell
Creepypasta Zodiacs by Bianca
ya I know a lot of people have done this but eh. enjoy. Or don't enjoy. Depends on who u are...
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Creepypasta Headcanons by domesticanger
Creepypasta Headcanonsby 🥀
  • kagekao
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Creepypastas Little Neko by AimyBear
Creepypastas Little Nekoby AimyBear
"Strange little girl, she looks skinny" "Are you sure you're not a pet?" "Honey, did you eat his hamster?" "No rats, clean. Thanks l...
  • janethekiller
  • homicidalliu
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Lazari: i Eat Pasta for Breakfast by BeagleInRed
Lazari: i Eat Pasta for Breakfastby ✔ AquatiBeag ✖
The original Comic by Chibi-Works! All credit goes to her! Enjoy!
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Creepypasta Zodiac Signs by InnocentIvy
Creepypasta Zodiac Signsby 『ɪᴠʏ』
Well hi there (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I see you've somehow stumbled upon this 'book'. I don't have much to say. Just read. Or don't. Your choice. (((((': This 'book' is for fun, it s...
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Bloody Sisters (Creepypasta x Reader ) by UmeJuuzou
Bloody Sisters (Creepypasta x Read...by I AM ALIVE
Your Jane Ankersaw a.k.a Jane the killer's little sister. You guys get new neighbors but it soon gone hell.After the accident with Jeff who killed your parents you lost...
  • creepypastaxreader
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Camp Creepypasta by caseyjiscool
Camp Creepypastaby Waffles4life$$$
My mom decided it was time for me to start doing summer camps...yay. But this camp is weird this one is different
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