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Love forever 💖❤ (completed)✔ by surbhijyotiquee
Love forever 💖❤ (completed)✔by Tia
A normal and cute love story💖❤.... Love Forever ❤❤
Yes Sir😏😉❤️  by bb_bhavya
Yes Sir😏😉❤️ by Bhavya Batra
Simple story of boss and his secretary who are very different from each other. One is like a calm river and other like various seasons, when hot or when cold or when dry...
My Obsession Love (Behir)  by Sadly_soul_me
My Obsession Love (Behir) by Surbhi_jyoti_my_heart
A behir story What happens when a person get obsessed in love with someone?? To get know ready my new story obsessed love❤
Destiny planned this one for us (COMPLETED) by vpsisthename20
Destiny planned this one for us ( VPS
Dedicated to Pearbhi ❤️ The story is set about in the beautiful beach city of Mangalore... It's about love, simplicity, want, family values, passion, romance, jealousy...
Poles apart... Hate or Love? (COMPLETED) by vpsisthename20
Poles apart... Hate or Love? ( VPS
Dedicated to Pearbhi ❤️ (Apart Series - Book 1) Dev Kapoor... Popularly called DK!!! 31 year old hot headed, carefree, badass was currently the most talked and successfu...
Without Love, Yours Forever.... Destiny (COMPLETED) by vpsisthename20
Without Love, Yours Forever.... VPS
Dedicated to Pearbhi ❤️ (Apart Series - Book 2) Sehgals were shocked to see Brinda exchanging rings with Souvik when they entered Sharma Nivas. Mahir wanted to let Brin...
His Only Weakness ✔️ by The_dreamygirltales
His Only Weakness ✔️by TheDreamyGirl
He doesn't like her, but always had a soft corner for her.. She hate him, but always stays by his side.. He don't like her presence, but misses her every second.. She...
World's Apart - Devil Vs Witch (COMPLETED) by vpsisthename20
World's Apart - Devil Vs Witch ( VPS
Dedicated to Pearbhi ❤️ (Apart Series - Book 3) Thank you so much for the beautiful calligraphy @Pencrafted-Love & the lovely cover @__aaaarya__ Neiv Kapoor... Fondly ca...
Rebound  (COMPLETED) by vpsisthename20
Dedicated to Pearbhi ❤️ While Vardhan continued to look into her beautiful face. His lips wanted to feel her lips...he controlled his strong urge to kiss her...and rubbe...
When It's Meant To Be...The Stars Seem To Glisten.... (Completed) by Bepannah_love
When It's Meant To Be...The Dharini
Geethanjali Iyer, an interior designer by profession and an art teacher by passion was a bubbly, fun-loving girl but now she has become reserved and quiet. She always tr...
Till Death Do Us Apart by The_dreamygirltales
Till Death Do Us Apartby TheDreamyGirl
Divya Sharma, A sweet silent and a calm girl fighting with her own fears from her past. Her small family with her loving parents and a protective brother along with her...
Yours, Since Forever by Rose9972
Yours, Since Foreverby Rose
A fantasy thriller tale of behir with light humour. Published on : 10/5/2021.
Galatfahmiyan by palak__t
Galatfahmiyanby palak__t
Veer Singhania The most powerful and feared mafia in and around Mumbai. He is a cruel and ruthless devil for the world who doesn't forgive any mistake. Bani Sharma A...
His Surrogate by mahiraditi
His Surrogateby mahiraditi
Cover credits: @sprinkle_berry_ "Meet Bela Sharma , our surrogate" Shivanya introduced to Mahir. "She's just a surrogate , nothing more" Mahir said ...
Hum tumhe chahte hain aise..!! by Kahlilia-k
Hum tumhe chahte hain aise..!!by Kahlilia-K
Fun loving, extrovert, musically inclined Mahir... Introvert, simple and quiet Bela... What happens when they meet? Hmm... they become friends... But what about love...
Romantic Husband Idiot Boss!! (Completed)  by mahfuja_mishu
Romantic Husband Idiot Boss!! ( Mahfuja Akter Mishu
Dedicated to Pearbhi❤️ Date : (13-10-2020) - (22-12-2020) Story by : Israt Jahan and Mahfuja Mishu
Saiyyan Mera by kritixpreeran
Saiyyan Meraby Kritika
My love for you is a journey, starting at forever and ending at never❤️ cover by @karanxpreeta😘
When We Meet by mahiraditi
When We Meetby mahiraditi
Cover credits : @crazy_fari Bela, a poor village girl and mahir, the son of the richest business man in India - And they marries due to family pressure. Andy wants mahir...
Hate to love (completed)✔ by surbhijyotiquee
Hate to love (completed)✔by Tia
Short story, love story ❤❤
Mann chala teri ore! (Completed)  by mahfuja_mishu
Mann chala teri ore! (Completed) by Mahfuja Akter Mishu
Season 2 of the story 'Romantic Husband Idiot Boss'. ❤️