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WE: Words of Encouragement by newlywrittenbooks
WE: Words of Encouragementby Newly Written Books
Have ever got stuck on a plot, a word, a scene or a story so much that you can't move forward? We as writers, believe everyone has been through that "phase". T...
My Name by tlhbwyoming
My Nameby Toni L.H. Boughton
In a Red Center, a woman has to decide which path her life will take. #MyHandmaidsTale
Miss Hazel Eyes [RUNNER UP] - Margaret Atwood Freeze-Dried Fiction Contest by MorrighansMuse
Miss Hazel Eyes [RUNNER UP] - Liz
He doesn't even know her name. And she hasn't asked for his, not that it matters. He wouldn't tell her anyway. And it's probably for the best. The less they know about...
Because I Must by LindaPoitevin
Because I Mustby Linda Poitevin
In a future where women's rights have been eradicated, resistance lives on in a woman strong enough to keep a secret, to pass on her carefully guarded knowledge to other...
Growing Up In Quarantineland by MargaretAtwood
Growing Up In Quarantinelandby Margaret Atwood
What happens when all your apocalyptic nightmares seem to be coming true? In this lyrically poignant piece, Margaret Atwood reflects on growing up in the age of the scar...
Wastes by JaneElandel
Wastesby JaneElandel
Healthy babies were supposed to be a handmaid's salvation and security, but everyone finds the wastelands in the end.
Harbor: a Freeze-Dried Fiction Contest Entry by amberkbryant
Harbor: a Freeze-Dried Fiction Amber K Bryant
It takes a con to know a con. Or possibly, it takes a woman meeting a con to figure out she’s married to a con. This is my entry for Margaret Atwood’s Freeze-Dried Ficti...
VIRTUE by Author_Prose
VIRTUEby P. Rose
In the colony of Meritt, young girls are poised to be virtuous wives at an early age. Through rigorous testing and isolation the girls are prepped and groom and for Clar...
Future Library by Margaret Atwood by MargaretAtwood
Future Library by Margaret Atwoodby Margaret Atwood
"As a child, I was one of those who buried treasures in jars, with the idea that someone, some day, might come along and dig them up. I found similar things while d...
Gleaner by BarryMcCoy9
Gleanerby Barrett McCoy
Several of my entries for Wattpad's #MyHandmaidsTale contest. (Disclaimer: I've never read the book or seen the miniseries-the contest rules stipulated that the writer c...
#MyHandmaidsTale Contest by Hulu
#MyHandmaidsTale Contestby Hulu
Create a 500-word short story inspired by Margaret Atwood's classic "The Handmaid's Tale" for your chance to be part of an anthology curated by Margaret Atwood...
Short Stories by sadieblack17
Short Storiesby Sadie
Entries for contests and such, you know how it goes ;)
This Is 2114 #FutureLibrary by coldplay106
This Is 2114 #FutureLibraryby lol
Entry for "Dear 2114 with Margaret Atwood"
Criminal Minded #myhandmaidstale  by VonTrappstar
Criminal Minded #myhandmaidstale by Von Trapp
It's been nearly two years since the raids. Everyone has been sorted and the rules established. Free thought is a federal offense. Some still remember the old ways. They...
Ilyria by DragomirPrincess15
Ilyriaby Sierra Slate
In a harrowing reality that is not too far off from our very own, precious resources have been dwindling down to a near non-existent, as the human population has skyrock...
Not Afraid Anymore #MyHandmaidsTale by neehawrites
Not Afraid Anymore #MyHandmaidsTaleby neeha
Top 25 Submission for #MyHandmaidsTale No matter how much you fear something, you have to stand up to face it at some point.
I Never Promised You a Moon Colony by amberkbryant
I Never Promised You a Moon Colonyby Amber K Bryant
WINNER of Margaret Atwood's 'Dear 2114' #FutureLibrary Contest! I attempt to answer the prompt: Write a story about the advice you would give the world in 2114. Listen...