God's Country (inspired by The Handmaid's Tale) by CPLigh
God's Country (inspired by The Christie Ligh
After abortion and birth control were banned, the United States of America suffered from rampant over-population. The government tried various methods to fix the problem...
  • compound
  • garbage
  • dystopia
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Because I Must by LindaPoitevin
Because I Mustby Linda Poitevin
In a future where women's rights have been eradicated, resistance lives on in a woman strong enough to keep a secret, to pass on her carefully guarded knowledge to other...
  • women
  • margaretatwood
  • myhandmaidstale
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Trapped by artbyeggo
Trappedby Mattelyn Warren
For the #MyHandmaidsTale contest Inspired by Margaret Atwood
  • oppression
  • thehandmaidstale
  • margaretatwood
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Rise and Ruin                                                    by _Somethinggreater_
Rise and Franc Ro
THE FORGOTTEN WILL RISE FROM RUIN. A tale of two lonely isles, separating those chosen and those forgot. Hope springs eternal in the human breast; Man never is, but al...
  • myhandmaids
  • myhandmaidstale
  • feminism
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ADAM by cabone
ADAMby cabone
Before you read this i will warn you there will be violence and some scenes of a sexual nature . Which i think is obvious due to the premise of this story. So if you don...
  • sophie
  • adventure
  • twins
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BE STRONG HAZEL| Handmaid's Tale by TheSilentSleeper
BE STRONG HAZEL| Handmaid's Taleby Stellar
Inspired by Margaret Atwood's novel Handmaid's Tale comes a glimpse into the life of a young girl named Hazel.
  • handmaid
  • hazel
  • shortstory
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My Handmaid's Tale - New Gilead by jblackshear
My Handmaid's Tale - New Gileadby J. Blackshear
First entry into the #MyHandmaidsTale contest. The first step in founding a great empire is sometimes the hardest step to take.
  • fanfic
  • hulu
  • scifi
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Bridal Rights  (#MyHandmaidsTale) by AmethystAmber87
Bridal Rights (#MyHandmaidsTale)by AmethystAmber87
The United States of America is no longer a free state In this kingdom, the King holds all the power and men have all the rights. Young Minnie lea...
  • diverselit
  • talkthepoc
  • love
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Vigil by amberkbryant
Vigilby Amber K Bryant
I freeze. I burn. I have a vigil to attend... My second entry to Hulu's #MyHandmaidsTale contest.
  • perseverance
  • speculative
  • vigil
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