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The Handmaid's Tale by kyloxrn
The Handmaid's Taleby claire 🦇
The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood.
Future Library by Margaret Atwood by MargaretAtwood
Future Library by Margaret Atwoodby Margaret Atwood
"As a child, I was one of those who buried treasures in jars, with the idea that someone, some day, might come along and dig them up. I found similar things while d...
The Heart Goes Last by MargaretAtwood
The Heart Goes Lastby Margaret Atwood
Stan and Charmaine are a married couple trying to stay afloat in the midst of an economic and social collapse. Job loss has forced them to live in their car, leaving the...
Growing Up In Quarantineland by MargaretAtwood
Growing Up In Quarantinelandby Margaret Atwood
What happens when all your apocalyptic nightmares seem to be coming true? In this lyrically poignant piece, Margaret Atwood reflects on growing up in the age of the scar...
Insights from MasterClass: What I've Learned from Award-Winning Writers by MikaelaBender
Insights from MasterClass: What I' Mikaela Bender
I've teamed up with Wattpad and MasterClass to share with you some of my favorite writing tips I've learned from my MasterClass instructors. MasterClass offers an immers...
Nature Canada's Angel Catbird - Caption This Contest by MargaretAtwood
Nature Canada's Angel Catbird - Margaret Atwood
Margaret Atwood's first graphic novel, Angel Catbird, tells the story of a hybrid human-cat-owl, Angel Catbird, and his peculiar identity conflict. Should he save that b...
Vigil by amberkbryant
Vigilby Amber K Bryant
I freeze. I burn. I have a vigil to attend... My second entry to Hulu's #MyHandmaidsTale contest.
The Heart Goes Last in Chicago by EleniVryza
The Heart Goes Last in Chicagoby Eleni Vryza
Veronica is in her forties now. She still addresses health concerns at her various jobs in schools. The days of hitchhiking and casual sex are behind her. She moved t...
Close to the Bone by KristineInchausti
Close to the Boneby Kristine Inchausti
TOP FIVE WINNER for The Heart Goes Last Fiction Contest with Margaret Atwood, where we imagine what the lives of three characters were like before the great economic col...
Margot Jane's London Foxes by SammiElyse
Margot Jane's London Foxesby Sam Elyse
My entry for #MyHandMaidsTale Contest! When loneliness overcame Margot Jane, she welcomed abandoned elderly woman into her home so that they too would find comfort--but...
Treasure * Contest Winner* by sunandita
Treasure * Contest Winner*by Sunandita
***** Winner of Future Library contest conducted by Margaret Atwood, Katie Paterson and Future Library Project. ******** "Go throw your TV set away, And in its plac...
Rise and Ruin                                                    by _Somethinggreater_
Rise and snakejazz
THE FORGOTTEN WILL RISE FROM RUIN. A tale of two lonely isles, separating those chosen and those forgot. Hope springs eternal in the human breast; Man never is, but al...
Sins of the Daughter by LacieSemenovich
Sins of the Daughterby Lacie Semenovich
Dianah wants to keep her baby but she has committed the greatest sin in a society that values female virginity above all else. Now she and her mother must face the conse...
Expiration Date by amberkbryant
Expiration Dateby Amber K Bryant
A finalist for Margaret Atwood's The Heart Goes Last Contest. "Retribution isn't pretty. But it is immensely satisfying." Lucy has known ever since she was a...
Backlash- #MyHandmaidsTale by AnthonyMarchese
Backlash- #MyHandmaidsTaleby Anthony Marchese
Gilead rose up while many were in denial. Sometimes its no fun being right.
A New Revolution by LacieSemenovich
A New Revolutionby Lacie Semenovich
Clarka lives a privileged life in a world where all obstacles to equality seem to have been overcome, but her mother clings to a notion of freedom different than her own...
Project Obtained by GetGeekedITFreak
Project Obtainedby Dramatic.comedic.act.lover
This is for the Handmaid's Tale Contest just giving it a try since they recommended me so here goes
GENESIS #MyHandmaidsTale by ChrisBieniek7
GENESIS #MyHandmaidsTaleby Chris Bieniek
#MyHandmaidsTale In a dystopian society, humanities last hope comes from a sick twist of fate. 493 words
Redemption by MonDee9
Redemptionby Mon Dee
This short story is an attempt to answer the question of why women of other races were spared, despite the prevalence and empowerment of White supremacy. #MyHandmaidsTale