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This Alien Life by AshleyCash123
This Alien Lifeby AshleyCash123
This is the second book in the This Alien Soul series. After years of poisoning herself to keep her Zionian genes at bay, Ambers body can no longer take the war inside...
The Bad Boys Girl (H.S) by Directioner-stagram
The Bad Boys Girl (H.S)by YoGi
I watched as he lit a cigarette, held it between his lips, and squinted at the road. "You should probably stay away from me." He said, without looking at me...
Alpha Grayson | ✔️ (Published)  by Midika
Alpha Grayson | ✔️ (Published) by Midika
Dead Seas Surviving [#3] [BXB] by OminouslyAnonymous
Dead Seas Surviving [#3] [BXB]by Mora Montgomery
Book #3 to Dark Waters Rising and High Tides Colliding *Started on Jan 27, 2021*
Sea of Flames | f. odair by sleepdeprived
Sea of Flames | f. odairby steph
❝I live, I die; the sea comes over me, it's the blue that lasts.❞ [the hunger games] © 2019 sleepdeprived All Rights Reserved.
The Lost Princess by yerd213
The Lost Princessby Bookworm
I glare at him, yanking at the bonds. He laughs softly. "Oh princess, you're so delicate. Do not struggle, we wouldn't want you to break, would we?" He whisper...
Telephone Therapy ✓ by love3grl
Telephone Therapy ✓by 𝐫 𝐨 𝐬 𝐞
Two teenagers, one payphone, one wrong number. What could possibly go right? ✦ "Hey hey, pretty stranger." "Hey hey, stranger." "Wow, just stra...
The new world  by kytros
The new world by Cracked roses
200 years ago humanity fell from the throne of power and the food chain and yet they salvaged a new world from the wreckage of the old one now a city lies in the wake of...
Defect by Earthstone
Defectby Fern
My name is Violet Mercer. When I was about 4, I watched my parents die. A few weeks later, I was branded and shipped off with a bunch of other kids to my new fate, to tr...
Perfidious by Twiheart46
Perfidiousby Anwesha De
Annie,a sophomore who cherishes living in her world in her own way and with her own manners, suddenly faces her fate. A fate which she always dreamt about. But that's no...
A Feather From My Heart [Pit x Reader x Dark Pit] by Ggnata-C
A Feather From My Heart [Pit x Rea...by Gnat_TheNintendoGirl
(Y/n)'s a simple girl living in a simple village. Living alone in a small complex with no family, her village keeps her company. (Y/n) knows everyone and everyone knows...
After the Drift by rubyblackwell
After the Driftby rubyblackwell
It's been ten years since I saw his face. Heard his voice. Told him what an idiot he was... He was dead and every day after felt like a little more of me was lost. Unti...
The Price {Completed} by ViridianHues
The Price {Completed}by Cassie Rose
Nadia, orphaned by the first Vigilant Men uprising, is taken in by Mr. Lennox, an ominous man with a vision to create the most stunning ballet company in existence. He t...
The Winter Born [COMPLETED] by Lyana-Garcia
The Winter Born [COMPLETED]by Lyana Garcia
Cathellyn Anders is born in the Outlands during a night of winter- a birth that is rare in her land, doomed to be a peasant ever since she stepped into the world. Though...
The Goddess of Bad Luck (Pit x Reader x Dark Pit) REWRITE by LavenderKingdom110
The Goddess of Bad Luck (Pit x Rea...by LavenderKingdom110
The cover is mine as well as the events in the story. I do not own kid Icarus. Characters and settings go to Nintendo.
NieR Automata (Human x 2B) by Awesomeeh9
NieR Automata (Human x 2B)by Emoli
(DISCLAMER: This is NOT a Reader x 2B story) In the year 5012. Aliens from outer space launched an invasion of Earth. Due to their military creations, called "Machi...
Liars by OctaviaLocke
Liarsby Octavia Locke
[Editors' Choice 2020] In a near-future, post-apocalyptic world, a lone girl must choose between becoming the next-in-line to head a corrupt government or siding with th...
The Thorns We Spun by Bluebunny2017
The Thorns We Spunby Blue
Once upon a time in a far away kingdom, there lived a small village, and in this village lived a group off disgruntled peasants, The king banned all spinning wheels afte...
The Mitchells Vs The Machines: ShockFest by RuTransylvanian
The Mitchells Vs The Machines: Sho...by RuTransylvanian
After saving the world from the robot apocalypse, the Mitchells will soon rediscover a new threat, where fate will rest in their hands once again... In this fanfiction s...