Sweet Sister | Barry Allen by tania_le
Sweet Sister | Barry Allenby tania_le
Lana Snow is what you say the "bad guy" When she was young she left her family to become a villain. She spends years in a secret organization were she trains...
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100-Word Dark Steamy Stories by Rubi_reads
100-Word Dark Steamy Storiesby R.S. Mendoza
A collection of twisted tales, dark humor, and sad-bad romance. All with surprise endings. All in 100 words.
  • shocking
  • surpriseendings
  • sultry
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31 Creepy Words and other Short Horror Stories by ShaunAllan
31 Creepy Words and other Short Ho...by Shaun Allan
31 words isn't much to tell a tale, but even those few are able to chill your blood. Herein are super short yet super scary stories, including The Night serial, each of...
  • creepy
  • demon
  • stories
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The Flash x Male Reader by HydroComics
The Flash x Male Readerby Erren River
This book is mainly preferences and one shots and it's meant for male readers! female readers feel free to add to your library. Request are open. I update everyday. For...
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#MAYbeScared by _creepy_pasta
#MAYbeScaredby CreepyPasta
A month of fun on @_creepy_pasta
  • creepy
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Flash & Arrow Preferences  by tchillmonger
Flash & Arrow Preferences by destiny ♚
Just a book full of preferences for two of my favorite shows. This is my first Flash and Arrow related book so no hate please. I'll only be doing Oliver Queen and Barry...
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run home to me  a flash/Barry Allen X reader by dasiesandlillies
run home to me a flash/Barry Alle...by sunnymoon
You and Barry were friends to the very end. What if the friendship ends with a new kind of relationship. BARRYALLENXReader
  • caitlinsnow
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  • grantgustin
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~More Than A Program~/// Bart Allen x Reader by Maple-Obsessed-Cat
~More Than A Program~/// Bart Alle...by Kenobi wifey pretty please
"You're more than a program, Bart..." ///// (Y/N) was a basic girl. Well, perhaps not so basic. Quite unlike most girls her age, she didn't have friend...
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Boobs by bubblysue
Boobsby Susan O'Reilly
fun LImerick
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Sweet Sister | Barry Allen [2] by tania_le
Sweet Sister | Barry Allen [2]by tania_le
*Season 3 of the flash* Barry Allen has just come back from Flashpoint and he's noticed things are different. Just as him and Lana had gotten together he realized in th...
  • lanasnow
  • caitlinsnow
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Another Speedster//Barry Allen by bluebubblewriter
Another Speedster//Barry Allenby bluebubblewriter
My name is Samantha Smith and I am the fastest women alive. When I was 11 I saw my parents murdered by something impossible. I was sent to a care home and went through...
  • barry
  • grant
  • hero
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Random Thoughts & Moments by wrightstory
Random Thoughts & Momentsby KimberleyS.B.Lieb
I was thinking of all the funny thoughts we have and that it would be fun to jot them down. A little book someone could pick up and put down and dip into. Some...
  • featured
  • happiness
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Flash in the Dark by fright
Flash in the Darkby Horror Profile
A brand new feature on the Fright profile! Each month we will be setting exciting and chilling new prompts. All you have to do is write your most terrifying tale, keepin...
  • ambassador
  • shortstory
  • flashfiction
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Coffee Talk by mestrin
Coffee Talkby Michael Estrin
Coffee Talk is a collection of super short, totally true stories from coffeehouses in Los Angeles. Think of these stories as espresso narratives - a quick jolt of someth...
  • flashfiction
  • barista
  • lolol
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The Forbidden Love by x_x_weirdo_x_x
The Forbidden Loveby x.x.weirdo.x.x
Barry lost Iris. Kara lost Mon-El. Kara has someone else she loves. Someone small that happens to be related to Barry. Barry wants to see her. What will happen when Barr...
  • karry
  • superpowers
  • fanfiction
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Flash's Lightning by x_x_weirdo_x_x
Flash's Lightningby x.x.weirdo.x.x
Blake never knew her dad. After living on the streets for 4years, she decides to go do something with her life. So what if she is in the same situation as her dad? What...
  • flashsdaughter
  • family
  • love
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All That Remains by SabrinaMaris
All That Remainsby Sabrina Maris
The complete collection of Elsie MacDonald's Tiny Museum of Heartbreak.
  • female
  • bisexualprotagonist
  • hearts
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The MetaHuman  by courtofroses0326
The MetaHuman by Writergirl0201
In the universe of the Flash, Green Arrow and Supergirl Meta-humans are a normal thing. But a young teenager starts to develop these powers and things go wrong. She's on...
  • superpowers
  • oliver
  • arrow
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I Found It- Harry Potter/Flash crossover by Ineedacharger_update
I Found It- Harry Potter/Flash cro...by HAHAhaha......no.
"Uh Cisco....What do you do when you're being held at wand point?"
  • magic
  • hermionegranger
  • ronweasley
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Bonsai Storytelling: A Collection of Very Short Stories by AuthorEliasLobo
Bonsai Storytelling: A Collection...by Elias Lobo
This is an ongoing collection of very short stories I've been writing and posting on my Twitter account: @AuthorEliasLobo Titles usually match the word prompt used as in...
  • twitterfiction
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