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Dusk: A Handmaid's Tale Story by MissEstherMarie
Dusk: A Handmaid's Tale Storyby MissEstherMarie
"I never thought I would be here right now. The room is empty; devoid of any personality. The sheets are clean, but also plain... I guess I don't need any showing o...
The Wife and The Guardian by Queen_Of_Arts
The Wife and The Guardianby Queen_Of_Arts
While the Commander is hospitalized, Serena Joy tries to hit on Nick..
CBB 21 **Jonny Mitchell x OC** by Liv_Chris
CBB 21 **Jonny Mitchell x OC**by Liv Chris
When another woman enters the house the same night as the boys, it's sure to spice up the house. What happens after? Guess you'll have to read to find out. *All in OC p...
The Breeder by TrinityOseaHall
The Breederby TOH/ Trinity Hall
Task Is Simple Have Baby Before End Of Year Or Both Parties Are Deemed Infertile And Put To Death. Kia Delta is chosen this year and with threat of death near must make...
Female Gaze by CarrieHeimBinas
Female Gazeby Carrie Kei Heim Binas
What do the women of Gilead see? A short story inspired by Margaret Atwood's THE HANDMAID'S TALE.
So They Say by hrssmith
So They Sayby HS
#MyHandmaidsTale contest entry 499 words A husband and wife face an uncertain future after an official reprimand.
Searching - #MyHandmaidsTale by Willow19869
Searching - #MyHandmaidsTaleby Willow19869
This is my submission for #MyHandmaidsTale contest. I decided to take on the perspective of one of the daughters who were taken away from their mothers. 497 words.
The Plucking by LindsayAnnDetwiler
The Pluckingby Lindsay Detwiler
Glancing down the line of pink, I wonder if these questions barrage my sisters' minds. I wonder if they, too, feel drowned in the pink and terrified of the red.
Balancing Act: Snakedance (Balancing Act #13) by S0ckpuppetchan
Balancing Act: Snakedance (Balanci...by S0ckpuppetchan
since this is the finale, no spoilers! I don't own any of these characters and they belong to their respective owners Rankings 325 in doctor who 2 in handmaids tale 22 i...
They Shoot Handmaids, Don't They? by Daxmourner
They Shoot Handmaids, Don't They?by Daxmourner
June, alias Offred, finds solitary confinement at Serena Joy's hands intolerable and plots to end her servitude for good.
This Room, A Jar by TheSopranosTale
This Room, A Jarby TheSopranosTale
This is a found poem, which was inspired by Margaret Atwood's novel "The Handmaid's Tale".
The Life of a Daughter by fallon8016
The Life of a Daughterby fallon8016
This is a Handmaid's Tale fanfiction. Mary is the daughter of Commander Charles and his wife Juliette. In Gilead the daughters are only given schooling that primarily fo...
Who Am I? by burnsiebeauty
Who Am I?by burnsiebeauty
This story is about the hardships of finding oneself. It takes place in a dystopian Christian-run America where the only people with power are priests, reverends, the go...
Peanut #myhandmaidstale by NancyGriffis
Peanut #myhandmaidstaleby Nancy Griffis
As the Faithful, we had to be fruitful and multiply. It was God's Word. Didn't we?
The Unknown by maylindeek22
The Unknownby Maylin Deek
What would you do if the whole world around you was falling apart, right before your eyes? "I remember everything about that day. The day President Hess took every...
The Handmaid's Tale by Lgreen5
The Handmaid's Taleby Lgreen5
a short Offred thoughts about his reality.
Vigil by amberkbryant
Vigilby Amber K Bryant
I freeze. I burn. I have a vigil to attend... My second entry to Hulu's #MyHandmaidsTale contest.
Wastes by JaneElandel
Wastesby JaneElandel
Healthy babies were supposed to be a handmaid's salvation and security, but everyone finds the wastelands in the end.