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Dusk: A Handmaid's Tale Story by MissEstherMarie
Dusk: A Handmaid's Tale Storyby MissEstherMarie
"I never thought I would be here right now. The room is empty; devoid of any personality. The sheets are clean, but also plain... I guess I don't need any showing o...
Elodie's Lament by mourningdovewrites
Elodie's Lamentby mourningdovewrites
Elodie is the perfect Wife. She's loyal, obedient, she tolerates the Handmaid's, and she complete's her wifely duties. But there is something terribly empty about her...
Project Obtained by GetGeekedITFreak
Project Obtainedby Dramatic.comedic.act.lover
This is for the Handmaid's Tale Contest just giving it a try since they recommended me so here goes
Cryogenic Sleep by JadeHero330
Cryogenic Sleepby مرانڈا Miranda
Mom warned me I would eventually sleep my life away. Why didn't I listen? .............. This is my 500 word short story inspired by Margaret Atwood's classic, "The...
The Smell of Coffee (#MyHandMaidsTale) by FabioMBarreto
The Smell of Coffee (#MyHandMaidsT...by Fábio M. Barreto
In this tale, a handmaid drifts into daydreaming and finds an opportunity for one final good deed. A 500 word short story for the contest #MyHandmaidsTale, by #Hulu and...
The Plucking by LindsayAnnDetwiler
The Pluckingby Lindsay Detwiler
Glancing down the line of pink, I wonder if these questions barrage my sisters' minds. I wonder if they, too, feel drowned in the pink and terrified of the red.
Flayn and Mercedes: The Ones She Had Lost (Flayn and Mercedes #4) by S0ckpuppetchan
Flayn and Mercedes: The Ones She H...by S0ckpuppetchan
It's Flayn's birthday! However, it seems to be all Mercedes' fault when things start going wrong. can Mercedes prove her innocence? I don't own any of these characters a...
The Second Time by SempiternalStars
The Second Timeby Kelsy Spangler
This is a contest entry for #myhandmaidstale All rights for the photo do not belong to the author.
The Tribal Girl by Celticwolfninja
The Tribal Girlby Orchid Ingram
A Handmaid's Tale fanfic of my character Senshi if she was captured at the airport just as she was going home to her village in the Amazon. The Heaven In The Trees villa...
Flayn and Mercedes (Flayn and Mercedes #1) by S0ckpuppetchan
Flayn and Mercedes (Flayn and Merc...by S0ckpuppetchan
After the events of Balancing Act, Mercedes is trying to start over. Unfortunately, Flayn manages to cause trouble for her. Now, they will face their biggest test: High...
Lilith by LolacanWRITE
Lilithby Lola
#myhandmaidstale Lilith is a handmaid, struggling to stay free in her life.
Balancing Act: Snakedance (Balancing Act #13) by S0ckpuppetchan
Balancing Act: Snakedance (Balanci...by S0ckpuppetchan
since this is the finale, no spoilers! I don't own any of these characters and they belong to their respective owners Rankings 325 in doctor who 2 in handmaids tale 22 i...
They Shoot Handmaids, Don't They? by Daxmourner
They Shoot Handmaids, Don't They?by Daxmourner
June, alias Offred, finds solitary confinement at Serena Joy's hands intolerable and plots to end her servitude for good.
The Life of a Daughter by fallon8016
The Life of a Daughterby fallon8016
This is a Handmaid's Tale fanfiction. Mary is the daughter of Commander Charles and his wife Juliette. In Gilead the daughters are only given schooling that primarily fo...
I Pray for Our Children by wandamadame
I Pray for Our Childrenby Laical Agape
Children are a peculiar people. They are everything to come. Since children act on experience, we find they reflect our most instinctual selves. They can't mask their fe...
Soft Red Flowers by satan_in_trouble
Soft Red Flowersby guy
This is why we want to run.