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Wastes by JaneElandel
Wastesby JaneElandel
Healthy babies were supposed to be a handmaid's salvation and security, but everyone finds the wastelands in the end.
Be My Baby by Xxx_Jade_Xxxx
Be My Babyby Lily
In the year 2007, a worldwide epidemic struck the female population. With a 98% infection rate, the disease was unavoidable. However, if aged between 11-13, the chances...
Cryogenic Sleep by JadeHero330
Cryogenic Sleepby مرانڈا Miranda
Mom warned me I would eventually sleep my life away. Why didn't I listen? .............. This is my 500 word short story inspired by Margaret Atwood's classic, "The...
Because I Must by LindaPoitevin
Because I Mustby Linda Poitevin
In a future where women's rights have been eradicated, resistance lives on in a woman strong enough to keep a secret, to pass on her carefully guarded knowledge to other...
Holding the Handmaid's Hand #MyHandmaidsTale by PennyScribbles16
Holding the Handmaid's Hand Penelope
My Handmaid's Tale Hulu Contest entry. Told from the point of view of...wait for it...not a Handmaiden. *mic drop*
Broken (#MyHandmaidsTale) by TheSexyBrain
Broken (#MyHandmaidsTale)by BVS
As many of the other enslaved girls, Micha, a Handmaid, is only wanted for her fertility. Ranked above many of the others but also hated and envied for her beauty her li...
Joy Transcended by JaneElandel
Joy Transcendedby JaneElandel
The midwife will call it mercy. She will hold a pillow over his face or put him outside for the frigid air to correct this mistake. He was never meant to be mine, but in...
Sobbing Women by dageek87
Sobbing Womenby dageek87
Two stolen sisters make their way to their new home in a new world. @@@@@@@@@@ This is my 2nd entry for #myhandmaidstale contest. Hope you all like it. Plan on conti...
Eyes #MyHandmaidsTale by Kbabyshaff
Eyes #MyHandmaidsTaleby Clexaforever335
Ceremony Night is more than just rules.
Jealousy #MyHandmaidsTale by kikulover
Jealousy #MyHandmaidsTaleby Bre
Jealousy is posion for the soul.
A New Revolution by LacieSemenovich
A New Revolutionby Lacie Semenovich
Clarka lives a privileged life in a world where all obstacles to equality seem to have been overcome, but her mother clings to a notion of freedom different than her own...
The Smell of Coffee (#MyHandMaidsTale) by FabioMBarreto
The Smell of Coffee ( Fábio M. Barreto
In this tale, a handmaid drifts into daydreaming and finds an opportunity for one final good deed. A 500 word short story for the contest #MyHandmaidsTale, by #Hulu and...
Skin Deep by PowersOfDawn
Skin Deepby PowersOfDawn
#MyHandmaidsTale --- Call her Her. Or you. Or others. She's one person, but she's also all of us, living in a world full of special expectations.
Chasing the Surge by Dreamlover98
Chasing the Surgeby Dreamlover98
In a world where women are the puppets of men, the Surge is the only hope.
Deathly by salang98
Deathlyby Salang
After the war ended, Lynnette soon became married. But it didn't take long until she learned how dangerous it was to be a woman in her time. Then there comes a day wher...
My Handmaid's Tale: Roses are Red by volunteerdenialist
My Handmaid's Tale: Roses are Redby volunteerdenialist
One of the Roses finds herself Chosen by an unexpected guest.
A Silent Beginning by TheRohanY
A Silent Beginningby Rohan Yarlagadda
This short 500 word story serves as a submission for the Handmaid's Tales contest hosted by Hulu. It is inspired and based on the world Margaret Atwood introduced in her...
Ration - #MyHandmaidsTale by Bdicocco
Ration - #MyHandmaidsTaleby Bianca Di Cocco
A short story (500 words) inspired by Margaret Atwood's "The Handmaid's Tale." In the near future, rations are no longer used as a method to conserve food.