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Be My Baby by Xxx_Jade_Xxxx
Be My Babyby Lily
In the year 2007, a worldwide epidemic struck the female population. With a 98% infection rate, the disease was unavoidable. However, if aged between 11-13, the chances...
The Servant   ~   [MyHandmaid'sTale] by aeroplanets
The Servant ~ [MyHandmaid' scar
Earth. Year: 3129. Dominant Species: Female. I know what it is happening. I know what will happen to me. And I am I afraid. ~~~ Entry for the #MyHandmaidsTale...
The Price of Silence by SallyMason1
The Price of Silenceby Sal
Facing the all-powerful Justice Board, temptation and death go hand in hand for Zena. Will she choose her freedom over her soul? Commissioned by THE HANDMAID'S TALE, a n...
Zoey, Willow, Clover Honey by amberkbryant
Zoey, Willow, Clover Honeyby Amber K Bryant
WINNING ENTRY TO @Hulu and @MargaretAtwood 's #MyHandmaidsTale CONTEST! In an era of amnesia... I remember. Thank you for reading!
Chivalry or Misogyny by Hoppykinz
Chivalry or Misogynyby Hoppykinz
Margery is shown two choices within her future marriage, freedom or safety. She experiences those choices and has to decide if she wants to free or to be safe. -flash f...
Skirt by krazydiamond
Skirtby Kristin Jacques
Under the totalitarian hand of the Controllers, the world is binary in every sense, down to the sanctioned clothing we wear. Non-conformity is punished, even if the gend...
Female Gaze by CarrieHeimBinas
Female Gazeby Carrie Kei Heim Binas
What do the women of Gilead see? A short story inspired by Margaret Atwood's THE HANDMAID'S TALE.
The Martha [A Handmaid's Tale] by izzywriter2
The Martha [A Handmaid's Tale]by All Who Wander
Somehow, Diana escaped a fate that, in her eyes, was worse than death. Somehow, the tests came back negative. Somehow, she was pronounced infertile. Of course, she knows...
Her Only Option///My HandmaidsTale by NSP2003
Her Only Option///My HandmaidsTaleby Nikita Persaud
It was a cold, rainy night. The wind blew swiftly as I put my wedding dress on. Usually people would be happy on their wedding day, but I'm not. I am getting married to...
Criminal Minded #myhandmaidstale  by VonTrappstar
Criminal Minded #myhandmaidstale by Von Trapp
It's been nearly two years since the raids. Everyone has been sorted and the rules established. Free thought is a federal offense. Some still remember the old ways. They...
dysNOWpia by SomewhatDistracted
dysNOWpiaby SomewhatDistracted
Maria Garcia takes control of her own destiny. This is a 499-word entry in The Handmaid's Tale competition hosted by the Hulu profile.
Broken (#MyHandmaidsTale) by TheSexyBrain
Broken (#MyHandmaidsTale)by BVS
As many of the other enslaved girls, Micha, a Handmaid, is only wanted for her fertility. Ranked above many of the others but also hated and envied for her beauty her li...
His Sister's Keeper by LacieSemenovich
His Sister's Keeperby Lacie Semenovich
A brother and sister break the rules when he allows her to ride his bicycle in a world where it's immodest for a woman to do so.
Choice by MatheusHMacedo
Choiceby Matheus H. Macedo (M. H. Mace...
A young handmaiden writes the last entry of her diary. One of choice and consequence, of taking control, though it may lead to an unwanted conclusion.
Margot Jane's London Foxes by SammiElyse
Margot Jane's London Foxesby Sam Elyse
My entry for #MyHandMaidsTale Contest! When loneliness overcame Margot Jane, she welcomed abandoned elderly woman into her home so that they too would find comfort--but...
By Any Other Name by TeaNHeartache
By Any Other Nameby Ashley Michelle
In a world of subjugation, where women are nothing more than tools. One young woman struggles to find her place. She knows what it required of her, but she refuses to le...
The Prisioner  by kenya2348
The Prisioner by ThePurpleHairedManiac
She is not unkind but life made her cruel. -0- "As long as I have lived in the castle there has been a man in a prison cell down the hall. " -0- My entry for #...
Her Battle With Her Body by nicolestories12
Her Battle With Her Bodyby nicolestories12
Gabbie Hannas Battle With Her Body
Blood is Good by JSWink1976
Blood is Goodby JSWink
Short Story inspired by Margaret Atwood's classic The Handmaid's Tale.