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A Mother's Promise by krissiem
A Mother's Promiseby krissiem
A scared young mother was born into a small imprisoned building of horror and desperately searches for her babies and her own mother she was forcibly separated from whil...
"They" by K1Ng12
"They"by Anderson Steiner
In a dystopian future ruled by "They", a young girl writes her story of freedom.
Soulless by wjadeyoung
Soullessby W. Jade Young
In a future where women are thought to be born without souls, one woman faces a terrible fate. Having been married for five years, and with no children to show for it...
After Grace - A Handmaid's Tale Short Story by MaryAMcCabe
After Grace - A Handmaid's Tale Mary McCabe
A small glimpse of hope arises in the new regime - that of an unexpected love and the promise of a new future. But every happiness comes at a cost. #myhandmaidstale #aha...
The Chosen by NatalieWood_
The Chosenby Natalie B
Short story for the 'My handmaids tale' contest. Set in a world where Men are separated from Women. But the men can choose one woman to be with from the age of 21. If y...
The Church's Crisis by Hoppykinz
The Church's Crisisby Hoppykinz
While Linda continues in routine, her friend, Greta, wonders how the church can appeal more to men. -flash fiction- -entry in My Handmaid's Tale contest- -inspired by Ma...
God's Country (inspired by The Handmaid's Tale) by CPLigh
God's Country (inspired by The Christie Ligh
After abortion and birth control were banned, the United States of America suffered from rampant over-population. The government tried various methods to fix the problem...
Project Obtained by GetGeekedITFreak
Project Obtainedby Dramatic.comedic.act.lover
This is for the Handmaid's Tale Contest just giving it a try since they recommended me so here goes
My Handmaid's Tale: Roses are Red by volunteerdenialist
My Handmaid's Tale: Roses are Redby volunteerdenialist
One of the Roses finds herself Chosen by an unexpected guest.
Carry the Night | #MyHandmaidsTale by gvryel64
Carry the Night | #MyHandmaidsTaleby G. F. Berntsen
This very short story was inspired by Margaret Atwood's THE HANDMAID'S TALE. The setting is intentionally vague, a horrific place where women are the property of men. I...
Legacy by AutumninGilead
Legacyby AutumninGilead
They assumed Handmaids would be white women. Those little white bonnets for Caucasian heads. I assumed it too. Written for the #myhandmaidstale contest.
Dressed in Blue by ChristinaOlson8
Dressed in Blueby Christina Olson
She was a wife. Once.
Wastes by JaneElandel
Wastesby JaneElandel
Healthy babies were supposed to be a handmaid's salvation and security, but everyone finds the wastelands in the end.
Of Wishes and Wells | ✔️ by Monrosey
Of Wishes and Wells | ✔️by Monrosey
When her family finds themselves down on their luck, a hard-working and ambitious teen sets out on a quest to help them, risking her own freedom by protesting the New Or...
The Life Within by AutumninGilead
The Life Withinby AutumninGilead
Written for #myhandmaidstale and for Pride 2017. Rights to photo not mine.
Avenue for Hope by SarahPerlmutter
Avenue for Hopeby Sarah Perlmutter
A Carrier's job is to be a surrogate for genetically engineered babies, created to be perfect members of society. They are society's hope, and all Carriers must do is ac...
The Unbaby Railroad by LindseyGoddard
The Unbaby Railroadby Lindsey Goddard
My flash fiction entry for the #MyHandmaidsTale contest.
En Español by KayWritesStuff
En Españolby KayWritesStuff
This is my second entry in the #MyHandmaidsTale Contest The chosen few handmaids of Gilead await their new lives in what was once O'Hare Airport. They are to be the firs...
Six by MeganECassidy
Sixby Megan Cassidy
In 2017, the fifth wife learns she will be replaced. This one-part short story of a woman without choices living in a modern dystopia is a #MyHandmaidsTale story conte...
The Island of Broken Glass by mpruitt65
The Island of Broken Glassby mpruitt65
When the sexes are divided by a deadly virus, one girl must risk everything in order to reach the last haven left to mankind.