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wendy's experiment wendy x fem reader  by julietfanfictions101
wendy's experiment wendy x fem juliet Lee and lily lee
wendy was working when she spotted her she was new to town and kind of cute wendy didn't know why but she liked her she liked a girl if you like this plz read it in incl...
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Fiddlefag finds a friend (FordFord/ Fiddauthor) by Heliodor-Official
Fiddlefag finds a friend ( Dory (Heliodor)
Its 1973. It's Stanford Pines' 1st year and It's Fiddleford McGuckets's 2nd year at Backupsmore. The two end up roommates. Fidds' last year problems try and infect this...
  • pines
  • college
  • stanford
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Across Boundaries (COMPLETED) by dare_to_dreamxoxo
Across Boundaries (COMPLETED)by Dhritti B.
(COMPLETED) To Mira, life is hard work, struggle and ambition. Ambition to carve a niche for herself and live life on her own terms. Having always faced difficulties i...
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Bill Cipher's Son by BlueCipher0
Bill Cipher's Sonby Blue Leader
Bill wanted someone to care for and share his knowledge with, just between the two of them. But Bill never wanted a lover, being a demon was an advantage because they we...
  • reversemabelxmabelpines
  • pines
  • pinetree
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Project Oxygen | ✓ by violadavis
Project Oxygen | ✓by cate
The participants of Project Oxygen have two things in common: they don't know what they did on January 14 or why there's a dead body in the living room. #20 M/T THIS STO...
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Nightmare kind of Dream by Hoodie2
Nightmare kind of Dreamby Matthew Kalstad
Bill won and rules over the world. Dipper went into hiding with his niece after the shack was destroyed.
  • billdip
  • aftermath
  • stanford
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6 Years Later - Billdip (Gravity Falls) by zazilks
6 Years Later - Billdip (Gravity zazilks
(Warning there's no Billdip till later on in the story)Dipper and Mabel are now 19, Dipper has moved to gravity falls to stay in the Mystery Shack with Grunkles Stan an...
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  • billdip
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Stanford x reader  by littlefalls32
Stanford x reader by Little falls
You and Stanford meet when your family moved and when you were walking around the beach and saw two boys building a boat,lets see what happens next. P.s this is my first...
  • stanley
  • stanford
  • pines
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BillDip: Beauty and the Dream Demon (Book One)  by GriffinGirlElizabeth
BillDip: Beauty and the Dream GriffinGirlElizabeth
Dipper and Mabel, now seventeen years old, have decided to stay in Gravity Falls with Stan and Ford. Dipper is still the same, a big geek and a bookworm, and Mabel is st...
  • romance
  • stanley
  • completed
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Southern Belle by Springgirl101
Southern Belleby Springgirl101
Belle Wilkes is miserable living in her small town in the south. Unlike her family and friends, she actually wants to make something out of her self, and she isn't conte...
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¿POR QUÉ DEBERÍA AMARTE? (Bill x Tú x Dipper) by MilyCastillo9
¿POR QUÉ DEBERÍA AMARTE? (Bill x Mily Castillo
8 de agosto de 1946. "¿Qué haces?" preguntó una chica aterrada por el comportamiento de su amigo "¿de dónde has obtenido tal poder?" "Tranquila...
  • grenda
  • mabel
  • stanley
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The Son of Bill Cipher  by Bi-Butterfly13
The Son of Bill Cipher by Arixa
I'm reading this story called Bill Cipher's Son and it gave me the idea for this story. Also you should check out that story it's really good. Well anyway I hope you enj...
  • bill
  • soos
  • dreamdemon
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Hand in Hand || Stanford x Reader by starjack-
Hand in Hand || Stanford x Readerby [ inactive ]
Glass Shard Beach was a boring, normal town, where an odd girl like you didn't quite fit in with your... problem. You seemed to be the only one out of place. Until you...
  • gravityfalls
  • stanfordxreader
  • ford
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See You in San Francisco by violadavis
See You in San Franciscoby cate
A group of friends tries to piece itself back together after losing its glue. © 2019 caterina george // all rights reserved
  • richpeople
  • youngadult
  • california
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According To You (Just Like You #2) by ChasingMadness24
According To You (Just Like You #2)by Kyra Blackthorn
"Only you can bring me to my knees and make me want to kiss and kill you all at once." Blake Hart has had an image of the perfect college plan since she was te...
  • ray
  • broken
  • college
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Memory Loss by LuigiLover123
Memory Lossby Too Many Fandoms
The Pines Twins have always been a thorn on Bill Cipher's side. But when Dipper Pines gets the best of him, things go from bad to worse. Will Mabel, Stan, Wendy, and Soo...
  • dipper
  • stanford
  • gravityfalls
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Young & Dumb (wendip, mabcifica) - Gravity Falls - by thiccsnac
Young & Dumb (wendip, mabcifica) yours truly
[UNEDITED] Since Mabel and Dipper left Gravity Falls, everything stayed in relative peace. The famous mystery twins had stayed in the city because their parents found t...
  • gravityfalls
  • dipcifica
  • soos
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Rebel Falls by demurei
Rebel Fallsby a p o c a l y p s e
COMPLETED! When the portal activates, and Stanley's twin brother Ford appears out of it, things get hectic. Not only is the government after the Pines family, but Gideo...
  • dipper
  • soos
  • rebelfalls
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Notice me. (BillFord) by Hibiki_Mutsuki
Notice me. (BillFord)by Hibiki Kohaku
May contain spoilers. (Bill Cipher x Stanford Pines) Bill had always felt something when he first met Ford. Soon enough after Ford destroyed the portal, Bill took anothe...
  • gravityfalls
  • boyxboy
  • stanford
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Gravity Falls X Reader by CrypticMisfit
Gravity Falls X Readerby CrypticMisfit
*REQUESTS ARE CLOSED* I am biting more than I could chew XD but anyways, this would mostly be one-shots about the male characters (mainly Dipper) but I'm open with the f...
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  • wendy
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