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The Daughter of Four (A Percy Jackson Story) by Gryffinpuff39
The Daughter of Four (A Percy Jack...by Gryffinpuff39
What if there was a demigod child with four fathers? One that had her own prophecy? Amber Jones is the daughter of Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, and Kronos. She grew up in Tart...
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The Lightning Thief Musical Lyrics by pepsi-jackson
The Lightning Thief Musical Lyricsby moonchild🌘
The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical is a 2017 musical with music and lyrics by Rob Rokicki, and a playbook by Joe Tracz. Based on the 2005 fantasy-adventure n...
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Forgotten//Percy Jackson x OC//Book 2 by lIbookloverIl
Forgotten//Percy Jackson x OC//Boo...by arisa
Clover Everest tried to mend things at home. Things didn't end up the way she had expected. Now, at the end of the year, she's back at camp, but a little too late. Chiro...
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The Blessing of the Moon by DemonicGlitch
The Blessing of the Moonby Glitch
You are the blessing of the moon... Meaning you are a child of Artemis. With your black hair and electric blue eyes which seemed to glow at night, you were almost normal...
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The Underwood Family Tree The Secret Life Of The American Teenager Fanfiction  by Ricky-Underwood-fan
The Underwood Family Tree The Secr...by Bella the bookworm
Amy and Ricky are back together! But things aren't all perfect for the family of three. Amy is pregnant with their second child and John is having difficulty adjusting t...
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Who Would Have Thought? by cbeeler15
Who Would Have Thought?by cbeeler15
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The Prophecies: A Harry Potter/ Percy Jackson Fan Fiction *Warning: SLOW UPDATES by define_yourself
The Prophecies: A Harry Potter/ Pe...by ємιℓια
"A world unheard of will collide with yours, prepare for earthquakes, fire, and storms. Enemies long ago forgotten will rise, to win the battle, forces must be comb...
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Daughter Of Dionysus  by wthEricka
Daughter Of Dionysus by heichou
Abigail Seven Middleton, 12 years old and getting abused by her not so real Mother and Father and her life is like hell! She found out that she was a Demigod because of...
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Oh Love... by xcarrieunderwoodx
Oh Love...by xcarrieunderwoodx
Hello! I'm extremely sorry to say but I will not be finishing this story. I have my reasons so I hope you all understand. Thank you so much to anyone who has read even j...
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Just When I Needed You Most (Sequel to Forever & Always) by tmcgrawfhill
Just When I Needed You Most (Seque...by tmcgrawfhill
Sequel to Forever & Always: Tim now has to face one new major conflict in his life: Living without Faith. This sequel tells Tim's journey through alcohol, mourning, and...
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Is This Friendship? (Percy Jackson) by MJ_Davies
Is This Friendship? (Percy Jackson)by MJ_Davies
Mary-Jane Davies. MJ. That's my name, don't wear it out. Well, a lot of people, important people, are about to. She plays a much bigger role the she could imagon. Growi...
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Someplace Safe by Armyofangels12
Someplace Safeby Armyofangels12
Mia Jacobs, 16 years old, is a girl from Memphis running away from the foster system after going through rough times over and over again. She's known how to handle thing...
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First Burns and First Snow (Milo Murphy's Law) by zackunderwood
First Burns and First Snow (Milo M...by patrick
After a science lab blows up in their face, Zack ends up hospitalized for a few weeks. Milo can't help but blame himself. He needs to convince himself to just accept tha...
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Fix You by Armyofangels12
Fix Youby Armyofangels12
Mike Fisher is a no good party person who is only interested in alcohol and women. When he meets Carrie Underwood, is he tempted to change? Is Carrie up to helping fix w...
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My remake of: The Secret Life of the American Teenager by ElizabethandVictoria
My remake of: The Secret Life of t...by Kaitlin
Amy decides New York isn't for her and married Ricky. Like usual, they go through ups and downs, but their love always breaks through any difficulties. First they will g...
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There's a Place for Us by cbeeler15
There's a Place for Usby cbeeler15
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Greendeyland - Percy Jackon⚔️ by deanghosts
Greendeyland - Percy Jackon⚔️by 𝐷𝑒𝑎𝑛
Gdy pewnego razu Aria i Maya McBevter dostają list z instytutu dla półbogów położonego w lesie w mieście Greendeyland Aria znika i zostawia swoją siostrę. Maya niepewnie...
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Relapse | Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama by lovatic_chica
Relapse | Demi Lovato and Wilmer V...by rachel
Don't think I'm coming back, it's just a relapse. *Dilmer one-shot to 'Relapse' by Carrie Underwood
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In The Name of Love by carrieisqueen
In The Name of Loveby Carrie Underwood
"You're annoying!"
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The Lightning Thief Through Annabeth's Eyes by TheNcoley411
The Lightning Thief Through Annabe...by Nikki
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