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The Sleeping Goddess  by MsTree
The Sleeping Goddess by MsTree
Instead of joining Kronos Luke hears a cry for help what will happen when he and his friend follow the strange voice all the way to Tartarus
Athanasia's New Life by 21hopesforlove
Athanasia's New Lifeby Isa Hope
Athanasia is seen by the gods and given a new life after her death. After becoming the daughter of Lady Theia and Champion of Lady Hecate she is given a new family. When...
The broken man's Mermaid (fempercyXLuke)  by MsTree
The broken man's Mermaid (fempercy...by MsTree
Luke sneaks form the camp at night to meet with his last string of sanity the beautiful secret daughter of Posiden Persea Jackson
as if the stars had aligned ━ percy jackson by chaptermagic
as if the stars had aligned ━ perc...by 平和.
─── ・ 。゚☆ 𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐋𝐀𝐒𝐓 𝐎𝐋𝐘𝐌𝐏𝐈𝐀𝐍. ❛ here we are, at the end of the world, waiting for the sky to break into flames─but we are together, as if...
Nicole...Wayne? by 2625snowqueen
Nicole...Wayne?by Tanya
1. Cliché stuff but Nicole di Angelo was shadow travelled into the beeping city of Gotham. What happens when a certain bat obsessed dude adopts her? 2. Neither @ilina20s...
The Arrow of Light | A Percy Jackson Fanfiction by neverlanded
The Arrow of Light | A Percy Jacks...by Arisa Kim
Book One of the Astra Windlass trilogy. Before Kronos perished, he left an item behind to his remaining followers that could resurrect him once more. The Arrow of Light...
Eleven and Twelve (Percy Jackson and Stranger Things Crossover) (DISCONTINUED) by an-avocado-thanks
Eleven and Twelve (Percy Jackson a...by neptune.
[FIC DISCONTINUED PERMANENTLY] Percy Jackson is transported to Hawkins, Indiana, 1983. Percy Jackson (Twelve) and El escape the Hawkins Laboratory together and along t...
What The Hades? | A PJO Rant Book by goddessofwisdom-
What The Hades? | A PJO Rant Bookby Athena Milbert
In which I use my snark and sarcasm as a way to express my childhood love - and exasperation - for the worlds and fandoms of Rick Riordan. [ a percy jackson and the olym...
There's no love without pain // Jeyna by ReynaLovegood2
There's no love without pain // Je...by Golden Thong ✨
JEYNA. Jason has to break up with Piper, his feelings for Reyna are too overwhelming to ignore. He has to live in anticipation of meeting his best friend till Christmas...
Moonlight by VikingDeathMarch
Moonlightby Sad gamer
Percy Jackson; Son of Artemis, Prince of Animals. Percy Jackson's mom was killed by his scumbag of a step-father. Together, Artemis, Hestia and Apollo, do everything the...
Phoenix Rising: A PJATO/Avengers Crossover/Loki Love Story by CAraCHAOS
Phoenix Rising: A PJATO/Avengers C...by C'Ara B.
Thanaiadene Phoenix is a 22 year old goddess living in New York. Life after the second Titan War was going pretty smoothly for her, with Thana teaching dance, owning her...
Martyr {A Percy Jackson/Merlin Crossover} by theavengersfanbase
Martyr {A Percy Jackson/Merlin Cro...by Kate
I am nothing. That's all I'll ever be, all I thought I'd ever be. Until that fateful day, when I fell. I fell back in time, to Camelot. Right before the historic reign o...
What if I never left? by 2625snowqueen
What if I never left?by Tanya
Persephone 'Percy' Jackson was once adopted by Bruce Wayne, along with Richard Grayson, until he started to neglect her when Dick became Robin. She ran away and what wil...
PJO/HoO oneshots by ReynaLovegood2
PJO/HoO oneshotsby Golden Thong ✨
Random oneshots and drabbles of Jeyna, Solangelo, Thaluke and the occasional Percabeth or Tratie, if I get the inspiration. Loads of fluff, angst and all that other stuf...
Kadri's Choice by luvwarriorcats13
Kadri's Choiceby Amber Grace
~~SMALL ONE-OFF SEQUEL TO 'SON OF KRONOS'~~ Kadri/Percy feels like something is off, even though it's been a year since the events happened he can't shake the feeling so...
Apollo, Summer, and the Camp for Greeks | DoS #1 by goddessofwisdom-
Apollo, Summer, and the Camp for G...by Athena Milbert
[ the first book in the drops of sunshine series ] For some, being a hero means saving a life. For others, it means making your mark on the world. For AJ Hood, it means...
Falling in love with the Ghost King (Reynico fanfic) by xXDiangeloXx
Falling in love with the Ghost Kin...by PercyJacksonFan33333
Taking place directly after the House of Hades, Falling in Love with the Ghost King is about Nico, Reyna and Coach Hedge taking the Athena Parthanos across Europe to Cam...
sparky ( face claims ) by percyjacksonclub
sparky ( face claims )by ‘ blonde superman ’
❝ it's worse than that. i don't know who i am. ❞ ― in which the admins provide you with face claims for your percy jackson fanfiction.
Forced| A Polympians Fanfiction by Darth_Apollo
Forced| A Polympians Fanfictionby Apollo
They knew they'd incur his wrath by doing this. They knew they'd break him.. shatter him completely. But they didn't care. They were selfish. They always have been. And...
Too Broken~ Leo Valdez Abuse Story by Depressed_Miracle
Too Broken~ Leo Valdez Abuse Storyby Depressed_Miracle
Leo Valdez is too broken. To broken to be fixed. But he had his own solution, his laughter, his jokes, all of that disgused him. The best part- his friends never noticed...