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Ash Ketchum: Path To A Mastermind by Rajatava77
Ash Ketchum: Path To A Mastermindby Rajatava77
Ash Ketchum is a loser in front of the eyes of the people in the Pokemon World. Maybe it is because he cares for his pokemons more than power... Maybe he should have car...
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Tranquil Seas: A Male Reader x RWBY Story by Bluebleo
Tranquil Seas: A Male Reader x Author Man
Iris Rose is the adopted daughter of Summer Rose and Taiyang Xaio-Long, the sister of Yang and Ruby. She was found in the forest, supposedly abandoned by her parents. Sh...
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A New Journey by Dratinievolutions104
A New Journeyby Dratinievolutions104
A few years before Sir Aaron heir to the Rota throne sacrificed himself he had a family. Sir Ash Ketchum the young prince and Chosen One to all, was his son, his wife wa...
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Tranquil Seas Vol.2: A sequel to 'Tranquil Seas' by Bluebleo
Tranquil Seas Vol.2: A sequel to ' Author Man
The continuation of the story of Y/n Lugia, this story takes off directly after the finale of the first book. Following the battle between Lugia and Yveltal, Beacon was...
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A legendary love by mlpwarriorcat
A legendary loveby A Dork
Mew and Mewtwo have to watch over a child in the new region of Oediv
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Child of Legends by FlamingMercury5
Child of Legendsby It's Mercury Madness!
My name is Diane Almaz. I am a demi-legendary (half human and half legendary Pokémon) and I am a half-Dialga. And when Dialga's Hourglass was stolen, Lucy, Terrence...
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Pokemon go: The darkness within by 99Otaku99
Pokemon go: The darkness withinby Ace Card
Alternate Universe! Team Rocket manipulate Blanche, Candela and Professor Willow into hating Spark, who decides to leave. Articuno and Moltres, feeling ashamed with what...
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Wind Chimes ~Pokémon Watty Awards Winner 2K16~ by Alphanix
Wind Chimes ~Pokémon Watty S. Winter
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Margo, you're safe.. by itsLatios
Margo, you're ItsLatios
This one takes place in Pokemon The Movie: The Power of Us. The stadium. where one of the piece started to fall towards Margo. What if Zeraora can't teleport to them bec...
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A Journey of Legends by SarahCalian
A Journey of Legendsby Sarah Creutzer
***Book 1 of the 'A Journey of Legends' Trilogy*** Hi! I'm Sarah Stone. I am the daughter of Steven Stone and Cynthia. I was journeying through Johto, as I wanted to exp...
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Pokemon. Atrapados en Jotho (Completa) by Cris94C
Pokemon. Atrapados en Jotho ( Cristina
Saya y Aiko se embarcan en una nueva aventura en Johto. Las corrientes han cambiado y por ello han acabado allí, del mismo modo que no pueden salir por vía marítima. El...
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Pokemon: Lugia X Pearl (OC) by 323cherrycherry323
Pokemon: Lugia X Pearl (OC)by 😭Cry Baby😭
Pearl is on a adventure, but that adventure takes a turn that will change her life.
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Lugia (Female) X Lugia (Male) by FuntimesYa
Lugia (Female) X Lugia (Male)by Funtime Foxy
Love of legendarys
Creation Of The Pokemon Universe by GuillermoSG
Creation Of The Pokemon Universeby Leaves of the vine
Soon you will know how the pokemon universe was created through the next pages, leave that the legendary pokemons guide you and discover the secret of the universe. If y...
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Your My Savior, A Human To Lugia TF Story by bloatedraccoon
Your My Savior, A Human To Lugia BloatedRaccoon
"They say a savior is one of the closest friends that someone could ever have" "this is the story of how a close friend changed my life forever"
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DBX2: Kushala Daora vs Skrill by Omega0999
DBX2: Kushala Daora vs Skrillby Monstrous Theropod
Monster Hunter vs How To Train Your Dragon! Storms and Dragons, put them together, you'll have one Deadly Dragon! Which of these Elemental Dragons will slay the other...
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Lugia X Ho-oh ( Yaoi ) by RailamSantos3
Lugia X Ho-oh ( Yaoi )by ultimatente lugia
helo guys. como estão ? tranquilos bem sejam bem vindos para minha fic. ela e sobre lugia e ho-oh um yaoi pra ser mais exato. vai ter apenas um cap e se vocês gostarem...
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Pokémon: La Traición y la Verdad de la Torre Quemada by Blackluz
Pokémon: La Traición y la Verdad Blackluz
La torre quemada, según dicen fue un lugar donde visitaba Ho - Oh, hasta que un misterioso incendio lo quemo, llevándose la vida de 3 Pokémon guardianes que, gracias al...
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I decided to start a pokemon rp because I'm bored. It can be about the legendaries.
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a yellow heart of my love by Fellfrisk89
a yellow heart of my loveby UnderFell Frisk [female] [wol...
this ruby pikachu life story but what happened when a god and a normal pokemon fall in love?(Warning this story have rape lemon abuse! Cursing )