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An Interesting Adventure (Alan Becker And Eeveelution Squad AU) by alan_becker_fan
An Interesting Adventure (Alan alan_becker_fan
Probably the weirdest crossover EVER created
Eeveelution Expert (Leon x Fem!Reader) by JackInABoxx
Eeveelution Expert (Leon x Fem! Katrina
(Name), older sister of twins Victor and Gloria, moves back home to Galar after a long few years studying in the Kalos region. She eventually decides to take on the Gym...
Arcane Explorers: An Eeveelution Story by SpeedJolteon351
Arcane Explorers: An Eeveelution Volt
It was around 150 years ago, when a war broke out among the 8 Eeveelution kingdoms. It was started by the Jolteon kingdom, as a war between themselves and the Vaporeon k...
Pokemon : Starting Anew by naakrA
Pokemon : Starting Anewby naakrA
Never in his entire life would Ash has ever thought that his 'friends' would lose faith in him. Not Misty. Not Brock. Not May nor Clemont. And definitely not Pikachu. Ye...
Disabilities aren't weakness ~ Pokemon fanstory by Sugarcube66
Disabilities aren't weakness ~ Sugarcube66
When young 12 year old Katherine's beloved pet Eevee evolves, it is soon discovered that the young psychic type is actually unable to use her psychic talents. Feeling so...
Our Big Adventure (DISCONTINUED) by ZoruaMof
Our Big Adventure (DISCONTINUED)by ZoruaMof
In a world of Pokemon where humans don't exist and where Pokemon learn the use of advanced technology, two certain Pokemon meet each other and become quick best friends...
His Smug Smile (Pokemon x Oc) by Terriermon164
His Smug Smile (Pokemon x Oc)by Terriermon164
Liz is your typical ten-year-old, starting her Pokemon journey in New Bark Town. Troubled by what she wants to accomplish from her journey she meets some familiar faces...
The Eevee Experiment {A Pokemon Fanfiction} by RulerOfAllPixels
The Eevee Experiment {A Pokemon Correct Pitch
It is common knowledge that in Kalos that Eevee inhabit Route 10, in between Geosenge and Cyllage city. After the Ultimate Weapon wrecked havoc among the many peaceful P...
The Eevee from Pokemon unite is a crossdresser! by BottomBarrel
The Eevee from Pokemon unite is BottomBarrel
{ I thought this would MUCH shorter and faster! In fact, I been writing this since May! } 🐾🐾🐾 PLOT: Eevee just wanted to be one of the top players. But, Eev...
Aiko's Kalos Journey - Part 1 by Gamer_Ladd
Aiko's Kalos Journey - Part 1by Gamer Ladd
A girl that goes by the name of Aiko has a special ability. She can transform into different Eevee evolutions including Eevee itself. She prefers to stay in her Pokémon...
Es Au:A New Road by Taisuke-sama
Es Au:A New Roadby Taisuke-sama
this is my first story so pls dont blame me if there are some wrong grammars
The Chosen One (Goh x Reader x Ash) by Yeomwon_Hinata
The Chosen One (Goh x Reader x Ash)by Muffin
Y/n L/n, the mysterious pokemon trainer, who was once known for having legendary pokemon. After many years, she finally returns to Kanto. She first visits to Vermilion c...
The Eevee House by SuperSunnyMG
The Eevee Houseby Super Sunny
A colorful family of two Eevees and their Eeveelutions have good laughs, enjoy heartwarming moments, and share deep emotional trauma... Welcome to the Eevee House! Devi...
A New Form by Sebbi101
A New Formby Sebbi101
Mark just a simple, ordinary boy living in a small costal town in Virginia. However, he is up to the surprise of his life when he undergoes a transformation. Current new...
Reckless Challenger (Pokemon Sun & Moon X Male OC) by Lunolion
Reckless Challenger (Pokemon Lunolion-san
To fulfill your dreams, one must be reckless enough to take on the world and gamble all or nothing. Especially when your dream is to stand at the top. Inspired by the Po...
RWBY x Pokémon let's go Eevee  by PsychoServebot
RWBY x Pokémon let's go Eevee by PsychoServebot
The world is call remnant a mysterious place with mysterious creatures. The god of light had created a creatures call Pokémon they were once rule over remnant and been l...
Short Poke-Regression Stories by Padded_Eevee
Short Poke-Regression Storiesby Padded_Eevee
Eevee-Done Sprigatito-Done Riolu- Next Rockruff- TBA
Eeveelution Five (Season One) by SinningFlame
Eeveelution Five (Season One)by SinningFlame
"We love you both to no end. We'll always love you... 'Till the very end." Spark, a 15 year old in an advanced version in the Pokémon world where Pokémon live...
Pokemon Queen of Pirates by chu1luc
Pokemon Queen of Piratesby flufluv3421
Monkey D Luffika was not expecting for her usual trip in the forest (left there by her grandpa) to lead to a journey to another dimension. Finding herself at a place ca...
Pokemon: Dreams Come True by Darkxtex
Pokemon: Dreams Come Trueby Darkxtex
The Sinnoh region holds many tales about the great and beautiful Cynthia, the reigning Champion. She was renowned for being a Dragon Master, and her Dragon-type Pokemon...