One Piece: In One Piece and have Anime powers?! by Neko1290
One Piece: In One Piece and have Shin-chan
12-year old, Meredith Akira loves anime. Which is a shame in everybody else's eyes since Akira has all the thing a normal 12-year old boy could ask for; Really beautiful...
  • zoro
  • onepiece
  • nami
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Eevee Evolution Memes by Eeveegirl06
Eevee Evolution Memesby Eeveegirl06
+1 new meme (5/19/18)
  • eeveegirl06
  • random
  • memes
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Thunder and Ice (Jolteon x Glaceon) by GalladeMaster_68
Thunder and Ice (Jolteon x Glaceon)by Mewtwo
Sugarcane Forest. It's home to a timid, self-conscious glaceon, a manipulative luxray, and a quirky jolteon that's new to these trees. After moving, Thunder never expect...
  • jolteon
  • eeveelutions
  • shadow
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Pokémon: Never Forget by EeveeLover22
Pokémon: Never Forgetby ××ShinySylveon××
Ash's Pikachu somehow ends up involved in a huge misunderstanding after he momentarily escapes from his trainer. And that shy, sweet Eevee he befriended may be more than...
  • espeon
  • pikachu
  • bunnelby
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Ask/Dare The Eeveelutions by Wolfy8Rights
Ask/Dare The Eeveelutionsby Red Wolf
Pretty much just ask/dare any of the eeveelutions. They never back down from a challenge.
  • eeveelutions
  • flareon
  • eevee
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Ask or Dare the EEVEELUTIONS!!!!! by Force14Gaming2004
Ask or Dare the EEVEELUTIONS!!!!!by Nein! Nein! Nein! Nein!
Just ask or dare the eeveelutions! They are always ready to answer your questions or take on your dares!
  • truthordare
  • vaporeon
  • sylveon
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Ash x Reader by Dragons4life17
Ash x Readerby MoonShineCat
You are a Pokemon master on your way to a Pokemon tournament to be a special guest. On your way you meet a boy named Ash and you go on the journey with him and his frien...
  • romance
  • action
  • pickachu
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Male  Umbreon x Male Trainer Reader  by KitaSakamaki
Male Umbreon x Male Trainer Nikita
M/N has raised an Eevee envolving it to an Umbreon but what happens if he loves M/N? or when a curse comes into the town
  • leafeon
  • jolteon
  • umbreon
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pokemon high // ash x reader by PastelKats
pokemon high // ash x readerby kat
" we should hang out sometime ! " " yea , definitely. " - Ash is a high school student in Pokemon High and he's very popular. On the other hand (Y/N)...
  • highschool
  • dawn
  • eevee
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Love Fluff! | Pokémon x Eevee Reader!  by SneakylilZorua
Love Fluff! | Pokémon x Eevee ZoruabyDefault
This story is about a Young Pokémon trainer that gets changed into a Pokémon thanks to an Old Team Galactic Scientist! Her Pokémon team is all she has left now, and bein...
  • pokemon
  • strait
  • sylveon
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ASK AND DARE THE EEVEES;) by minteevees
Enjoy asking the eevees and eeveelutions about everything! Caution: some eeveelutions can't answer them
  • umbreon
  • espeon
  • wattys2017
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Eevee's Sad Life Story by like_rain_like_music
Eevee's Sad Life Storyby Umbreon_EXO
This is a story of an Eevee named Frolic and her sad life. She meets hard challenges at a very young age, like her father, shiny slyveon, who never loved her. Her abusiv...
  • loneliness
  • eeveelutions
  • eevee
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Umbreon X Espeon - The Sun & Moon (OLD) by DjFennekin
Umbreon X Espeon - The Sun & ➷ lame ass ➹
The story of an abandoned Espeon, saved by a kind Flareon, an arrogant Umbreon, and their Trainer. Will the Espeon fall for one of her rescuers and stay with the trainer...
  • pokemon
  • umbreon
  • sun
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Saving Him by GarysLittleEeveeGirl
Saving Himby Isabelle Jacobs
Ash and Gary have known each other since they were little, and grew up to be rivals. Gary never admitted it but Ash was his most important friend. Was. Ash has been miss...
  • axew
  • giovanni
  • teamrocket
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Pokemon High School by momentai24
Pokemon High Schoolby Eevee ZW
Ah, High School...where memories are made, hearts are broken, and dreams come true. Even in the Pokemon world, these descriptions still apply. Just more excitement (and...
  • pearlshipping
  • school
  • romance
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Which Eeveelution you are?//Pokemon by EeveeWings
Which Eeveelution you are?//Pokemonby Frostvee
Wondering which Eeveelution suits you the best? Or which one looks like you? Come and do the quiz! *I do not own any pokemon!
  • jolteon
  • leafeon
  • pikachu
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A Boy and His Dragon             Book 1: The Journey Begins by LunarPlayer16
A Boy and His Dragon LunarPlayer
Six months have passed since the champion of Kalos died and Diantha has taken the title as his apprentice. A teenager by the name of Ryder shows up at Professor Sycamore...
  • nharmonia
  • raikou
  • pikachu
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Awakening [Pokemon x Reader] by DemonicHost
Awakening [Pokemon x Reader]by DemonicHost
[Previously called Heartfelt Interference!] What happens when you mix jealous Pokémon who don't have human morals and an undiscovered female Aura Guardian? Well you're g...
  • pokephilia
  • eevee
  • leafeon
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Adopt an eevee by WildCatGirlMia
Adopt an eeveeby Smol fri
Here you can adopt your very own eevee, or just an eeveelution! Just say which one you want and whoever says it first gets it! You can only adopt one. You can also creat...
  • eeveelutions
  • adopt
  • eevee
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eeveelution ask and dare by wobbuffetfan
eeveelution ask and dareby wobbuffetfan
I will probably be bad at this have fun reading anyway I don't own anything Pokemon is Game-freaks and I don't know who started ask and dare
  • eeveelutions
  • ask
  • espeon
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