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Distorted Remnant: A Remake of "Distorted Reality" by Bluebleo
Distorted Remnant: A Remake of " Author Man
Y/n Giratina is one of the oldest creatures alive. He has been around since the beginning of time, when his sister created everything. His sister... Arceus. Y/n hated he...
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Male reader x pokemon [FINISHED] by Simon-san
Male reader x pokemon [FINISHED]by Simon
What happens when you're sent to another dimension? What if you were suddenly the center of the attention? What if you were fighting, Pokemons?
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Berlitz(completed) by scftsmiles-
Berlitz(completed)by ✨softie✨
Team Galactic looms over Sinnoh's ruin-littered landscape. The shadowy organization craves power as it tumbles over those trying to hinder them. Dawn, a new and upcomin...
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Pokemon: Flower Trainer (Story 1)  by Frozenbeenie
Pokemon: Flower Trainer (Story 1) by Frozenbeenie
STORY 1: watch for important stars on the chapter for hints on the next story! PG-13 (Shadow Series) Flora grew up without a care in the world, she isn't like most gi...
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Legendary Pokemon X Reader One-Shots by GrandGrimoire
Legendary Pokemon X Reader Prometheus
Hi Peoples! Just So You Know This Includes: Dialga, Arceus, Kyurem, The Swords Of Justice, Zekrom, Reshiram,Palkia, Mewtwo, Cobalion, Deoxys, Latios, Keldeo, and Heatra...
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The Peregrination of A Guardian Trainer by Yatengami_Skullz_21
The Peregrination of A Guardian 『₩₳Ɽ Ӿ ₲ØĐ』
The Guardian Pokémon, a title given by the Original One, Arceus, are a group of Legendary Pokémon that is far more powerful than the original Legendaries from the Hall o...
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Pokemon: The Evil Mastermind by Rajatava77
Pokemon: The Evil Mastermindby Rajatava77
An evil mastermind is roaming around and trying to destroy the Pokemon world forever! Nobody knows who the mastermind is but he/she even has one empire and have many leg...
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Eterna Voluntad: Los nuevos portadores by Seba1005
Eterna Voluntad: Los nuevos Seba1005
La vida únicamente se centra en la experiencia y el constante aprender de nuestros errores... el tiempo avanza sin piedad conforme las nuevas generaciones toman lugar po...
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Whispers in the Dark「Pokemon Fanfiction」 by izayoix
Whispers in the Dark「Pokemon nocturne at midnight
「I was stupid, so stupid.」 「Just control me, and make the whispers stop.」 • • • Celeana Asthansia is the first victim that has been released fro...
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The Human Created By Pokemon by AgentKansas632
The Human Created By Pokemonby Agent Kansas632
This is my first attempt at making a Pokemon fic, so sorry if it's bad Arceus makes a deal with Giratina and, with the help of Suicune, forms a human who is a descendant...
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Punishment by LunaCurse10_5_11
Punishmentby Samsy
***** Mewtwo made a mistake, and is now in a punishment he has never expected. This punishment, however, changed everything. ***** I know I'm not the best in making desc...
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Pokemon Betrayal: Secrets And Mysteries Unfold by Legendarynoobi3
Pokemon Betrayal: Secrets And king vincent alexander bacayo
our great Ash Ketchum gets betrayed by the whole world, with being framed of some Ash's old travelling companions, also with some regional champions and gym leaders beli...
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When Legendaries Show by LizzardLady123
When Legendaries Showby Dabi
Liana, a young trainer just starting her journey in the Kalos region, is met with many suprising events when she runs into some Pokémon that have interesting personaliti...
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Pokémon- Tome 4:  Le pas entre Lumière et Ténèbres [TERMINE] by L0ve_Despair
Pokémon- Tome 4: Le pas entre L0ve_ Despair
Il ne faut presque rien pour plonger une lumière dans les ténèbres. Un amour brisé, une trahison d'un proche, une amitié brisée, la solitude, la colère, la tristesse et...
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Distorted Reality: A RWBY x Male Giratina Reader by Bluebleo
Distorted Reality: A RWBY x Male Author Man
Y/N Giratina, one of the first creatures to ever exist. He's been around since the beginning of everything, and has seen his brother create everything. His brother...Arc...
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Pokemon: Shadow Hunter (Story 2) by Frozenbeenie
Pokemon: Shadow Hunter (Story 2)by Frozenbeenie
Story 2: previous story (Pokemon: Flower Trainer) watch for important stars on the chapters!)  Shadow Series Angel is a girl who lived in the Distortion World with...
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Gormiti Art book by TulipNulip
Gormiti Art bookby TulipNulip
Hey folks! It's me Nulip! In this books I am going to be showing you some of my gormiti art, since as you know I am a fan of the show! Hope you enjoy!! ;)
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Those Red Eyes ~ RedxGold Pokemon Fanfic by RattleHound
Those Red Eyes ~ RedxGold Lisa
Those... those red... eyes... Red. A name that Gold had heard numerous times while on his journey through Johto and Kanto. Gold barely knew anything about this mysterio...
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Kalos High (amourshipping) by SathvikChilagani
Kalos High (amourshipping)by Dragon Fiction
When Ash gets accepted into the highschool of his dreams, Kalos High, the place where dreams come alive, he expects an adventure like never before, but he never expected...
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Into Distortion: A Pokemon Platinum Fanfiction by DragonTactician
Into Distortion: A Pokemon DragonTactician
So the world has been plunged into a fearsome battle for control of not only the Sinnoh Region but of the hearts and minds of all the people in the world. As Giratina ga...
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