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Pokemon Origins by MootaKnight
Pokemon Originsby Moota Knight
A story about the origins of the pokemon universe, and Regigigas.
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The True Gods (Highschool DxD Fanfic and Multiverse Fanfic) by TrueRisingFTW
The True Gods (Highschool DxD Fanf...by TrueRising
Great Red and Ophis are known as the strongest of the strong, but what if I were to tell you that there are those that surpass even them? In fact, there are many that su...
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Pokemon: Flower Trainer (Story 1)  by Frozenbeenie
Pokemon: Flower Trainer (Story 1) by Frozenbeenie
STORY 1: watch for important stars on the chapter for hints on the next story! PG-13 (Shadow Series) Flora grew up without a care in the world, she isn't like most gi...
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Legendary Pokemon X Reader One-Shots by GrandGrimoire
Legendary Pokemon X Reader One-Sho...by Prometheus
Hi Peoples! Just So You Know This Includes: Dialga, Arceus, Kyurem, The Swords Of Justice, Zekrom, Reshiram,Palkia, Mewtwo, Cobalion, Deoxys, Latios, Keldeo, and Heatra...
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Pokémon Mystery Dungeon x reader oneshots by Chaos-Prince
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon x reader o...by Chaos-Prince
Cover art belongs to the original artist And one more oneshot book for another awesome game series, PMD! All characters do not belong to me! All ocs in this book are...
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Legend Of the Dragons and the Legendaries. a pokemon story. by LadyBunniJay
Legend Of the Dragons and the Lege...by Mar
Micky is a normal girl ready to become a pokemon trainer. But when Team rocket mysteriously comes to her house seeking her father, then a single pokeball burns down the...
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Eterna Voluntad: Los nuevos portadores by Seba1005
Eterna Voluntad: Los nuevos portad...by Seba1005
La vida únicamente se centra en la experiencia y el constante aprender de nuestros errores... el tiempo avanza sin piedad conforme las nuevas generaciones toman lugar po...
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Punishment by LunaCurse10_5_11
Punishmentby Samsy
***** Mewtwo made a mistake, and is now in a punishment he has never expected. This punishment, however, changed everything. ***** I know I'm not the best in making desc...
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Pokemon Betrayal: Secrets And Mysteries Unfold by Legendarynoobi3
Pokemon Betrayal: Secrets And Myst...by king vincent alexander bacayo
our great Ash Ketchum gets betrayed by the whole world, with being framed of some Ash's old travelling companions, also with some regional champions and gym leaders beli...
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When Legendaries Show by LizzardLady123
When Legendaries Showby Dabi
Liana, a young trainer just starting her journey in the Kalos region, is met with many suprising events when she runs into some Pokémon that have interesting personaliti...
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Everyone Falls Sometimes (Mewtwo x Mew) by GalladeMaster_68
Everyone Falls Sometimes (Mewtwo x...by Gallade
Evil corporation, broken land...this was the life of a particular, unlucky creature. With a heart sent on a quest to strike revenge against his wrongdoers, he's determin...
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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Clash of Time and Space [On Hold] by GoomyLover
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Clash of...by GoomyLover
Welcome to the world of Pokemon! You have been called to save the Pokemon world by a mysterious Pokemon who has yet to tell you his name. While being transported by the...
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Child of Legends by FlamingMercury5
Child of Legendsby It's Mercury Madness!
My name is Diane Almaz. I am a demi-legendary (half human and half legendary Pokémon) and I am a half-Dialga. And when Dialga's Hourglass was stolen, Lucy, Terrence...
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the child of god by Fellfrisk89
the child of godby UnderFell Frisk [female] [wol...
Sapphire a young shiny eevee sister of dialga and palkia
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Clashing Land and Dimentions by SarahCalian
Clashing Land and Dimentionsby Sarah Creutzer
***This is Book Two of the Journey of Legends Trilogy*** Now having saved the remaining Legends of Kanto and Johto, Mewtwo, Chronic and I head to Hoenn. The reason we go...
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Pokémon Detective Pikachu: The Ballad of Time & Space by IzzehFizzeh
Pokémon Detective Pikachu: The Bal...by IzzyFizzy
Detective Tim Goodman and his partner Pikachu have been solving cases throughout the weeks, spending time with his girlfriend Lucy Stevens, and having a good cup of coff...
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CONTEST ENTRY! Human! Dialga x Reader by kanesadax
CONTEST ENTRY! Human! Dialga x Rea...by sensainaxx
'Please stop annoying me, (name).' 'But why? you are pretty funny to watch.' One shot contest entry fot Nina on Quotev :)
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Temporal Dusk [Hiatus] by Rosa950
Temporal Dusk [Hiatus]by 🥀a
[On hiatus until further notice.] She hated this planet of darkness as much as he did, but she never let go of that spark of hope. In their dismal world, the only thing...
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Eighteen [ hiatus ] by Stormlocke
Eighteen [ hiatus ]by Ashton
"Nothing can suppress a human's curiosity." Once you begin a game, especially one of life's games, you cannot turn back. Things may break, things may not go...
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The Primal Pokémon by SpeedingBolt
The Primal Pokémonby SpeedingBolt
Primal Arceus from Pokémon Insurgence Primal Giratina from Pokémon Insurgence Primal Regigigas from Pokémon Insurgence Primal Dialga from Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Primal...
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