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Pokémon: Ash's Dark Destiny (A Pokémon Fan Fiction) by Ghost_Writer16
Pokémon: Ash's Dark Destiny (A Sean Hetherington
Ash discovers his real father is none other than Giovanni - the boss of the villainous criminal organization known as Team Rocket. Not only that, Ash also discovers that...
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Pokémon Journey Through the JOHTO REGION! by EleftheriaYuyaCielo
Pokémon Journey Through the εїз ❀ ʟɪɴɑ ❀ εїз
Pσƙéɱσɳ Sҽɾιҽʂ: BOOK 2 Another journey is about to begin for Yuna, family and her friends, as they enter the next region of the Mystery World of Pokémon; the Johto Regi...
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Adventure in Alola (Male Reader) by whothehellistim
Adventure in Alola (Male Reader)by Tim
(Y/N), a friend of Ash, has joined him on his adventures ever since the two of them met back in the Sinnoh region. He now joins Ash as the two of them adventure through...
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Trials of a Champion - Kanto [Pokemon x OC] by MsGameinIt
Trials of a Champion - Kanto [ MsGameinIt
The beginning of the journey is where first impressions and difficult decisions matter the most. Together with her first Pokemon, Rosa sets out on a journey. Her goal? T...
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Crossfire by Coral_G_Swizzle
Crossfireby Jordyn
{Pokemon XY&Z & Alan fanfic} {5th Place in the 2017 Pokémon Watty Awards Romance Category} "He'd trade his guns for love. But he's caught in the crossfire." &q...
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Pokémon Memes by Browners55
Pokémon Memesby Ethan
Clean Pokemon memes for your enjoyment!!
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My Shining Sun - Lillie x male reader (Pokémon) by Golf420
My Shining Sun - Lillie x male Golf420
Lillie, the love of your life, left to Kanto. What will you do in the meantime, and what to do when she suddenly returns? A new adventure awaits! Will you be able to con...
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How To Love: In Steps - Pokemon Betrayed Fanfic by phociian
How To Love: In Steps - Pokemon Just Your Friendly Neighborho...
{Used to be Seeking Vengeance} Ash Ketchum is dead. Yep, you heard that right. He's dead. From the rubble rose someone new. Enter: Crimson Red. After moving to Alola, Cr...
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~Pokémon~ A New Saga for the Betrayed  by RockyJWarrior
~Pokémon~ A New Saga for the RockyJWarrior
Ash has been betrayed by some he called friends and family. He finds himself in a new Region, he meets a mysterious white haired boy, and an elf like girl. Together with...
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Pokemon: Pink Aura [Under major editing]  by Frozenbeenie
Pokemon: Pink Aura [Under major Frozenbeenie
(Pokémon watty awards 2014) pg-13 Selena is a young mysterious girl that had ran away from home three years ago. She loves pranking, she hates people, and has the mos...
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Lost in their Past by IshaPurohit5
Lost in their Pastby Isha Purohit
Five lives, Torn apart by the war. Three survived and thrived, two didn't. Just when the past seemed to be no more than a rime, the horrors of their past unleashed. Th...
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Change by xx_EeveeIslington_xx
Changeby 恵比寿-スワンズレイド
Blake is an 8-year-old boy from Saffron City. All he can think about is getting his very own Eevee, but what Blake doesn't expect to happen happens... Team Rocket tricks...
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Ash's Journey by Xx2NikexX
Ash's Journeyby Xx2NikexX
Ash was born to a small family of three, his mom Delia, and his father Giovanni. They were loving to Ash until Giovanni got a job as CEO of Team Rocket, Delia took her a...
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Love In The Darkside (Pokespe) by Nightels_Scarlett
Love In The Darkside (Pokespe)by TryHardPrincess
Yellow finally get the courage to confess to Red. But why did he reject? The question lingers to the heartbroken blonde as Blue came to investigate the situation. Later...
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A Boy and His Dragon             Book 1: The Journey Begins by LunarPlayer16
A Boy and His Dragon LunarPlayer
Six months have passed since the champion of Kalos died and Diantha has taken the title as his apprentice. A teenager by the name of Ryder shows up at Professor Sycamore...
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It's Not Rocket Science [James x Reader] by Fandomz_Fanboy
It's Not Rocket Science [James x Remus Hisahoshi
James washes ashore just outside of Ambrette Town in Kalos after yet another blastoff, only this time he is alone. What will he do when you find him? How will he fare wi...
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Ash Ketchum: Path To A Mastermind by Rajatava77
Ash Ketchum: Path To A Mastermindby Rajatava77
Ash Ketchum is a loser in front of the eyes of the people in the Pokemon World. Maybe it is because he cares for his pokemons more than power... Maybe he should have car...
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James X Reader (Pokémon) by CrazyCat243
James X Reader (Pokémon)by MoonyLupin
COMPLETED! ✔️ Hey guys, just thought I'd try a X Reader for fun XXX You are 17 years old and are traveling the Alolan Region after moving there with your mum, sister Emi...
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Loyal to the Game [Pokemon Fanfic] by eri_quin
Loyal to the Game [Pokemon Fanfic]by Eri Quin
All Ash Ketchum has ever wanted was to be the best. Ash's dream was to be the unbeatable, greatest and grandest Pokémon Master there ever was. So now of legal age to get...
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Team Love (Lance X Reader Pokémon FanFiction) [ON HOLD] by ToonBoi17
Team Love (Lance X Reader Poké Weebachu Uchiha
He had one hand on my back, rubbing it with his thumb. His other wrapped around my waist. Arceus, why is he like this? So, perfect? What the hell did I do to meet such a...
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