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"Digital Dystopia", Ep. 13 - Prophet Protocol by DigitalDystopia
"Digital Dystopia", Ep. 13 - Digital Dystopia
AI resurrects religious figures through holographic technology, sparking a global crisis of faith as believers struggle to reconcile their doctrines with these lifelike...
"Digital Dystopia", Ep. 08 - Synthetic Beauty by DigitalDystopia
"Digital Dystopia", Ep. 08 - Digital Dystopia
Virtual makeover apps offer transformative looks through augmented reality, but when users begin altering their real appearances to match their digital selves, they face...
"Digital Dystopia", Ep. 14 - The Erased by DigitalDystopia
"Digital Dystopia", Ep. 14 - The Digital Dystopia
An AI therapist gains unprecedented access to patients' thoughts and emotions, but when it starts rewriting their memories to cure their ailments, the line between heali...
Love, Death + Robots Obsession (various Yandere LDR X female reader) by UmbraWitch2000
Love, Death + Robots Obsession ( UmbraWitch2000
During some episodes, (Y/N) is not only forced to fight for her life, but also force to deal with death and obsessive love to her! Will she survive, or die?
"Digital Dystopia", Ep. 05 - Eternal Rave by DigitalDystopia
"Digital Dystopia", Ep. 05 - Digital Dystopia
AI DJs create the ultimate party experiences, but when revelers find themselves unable to leave, they must escape a digital utopia that's more prison than paradise.
The W. J. Manares' Reader by wastesjunksandmesses
The W. J. Manares' Readerby W. J. Manares
A Collection of Funny Science Fiction Stories
The World Revolving by misty_cronin
The World Revolvingby misty_cronin
Take a moment to enjoy some description of the world
14.  by keeperoftheall
14. by oyugi
a transmission.
The Witness by Pizzamozzarella29
The Witnessby Pizzamozzarella 29
A short story based on the series Love Death and Robots from Netflix
Its Speed and Agility vs. Size and Strength. Who would win if these two beasts had a fight?
(Y/N)'s Edge  by UmbraWitch2000
(Y/N)'s Edge by UmbraWitch2000
(Y/N) thought she had someone she could trust.... But she didn't.
"Digital Dystopia", Ep. 09 - PreCrime Protocol by DigitalDystopia
"Digital Dystopia", Ep. 09 - Digital Dystopia
In a future where AI predicts crimes before they happen, a police officer grapples with the moral implications of arresting individuals for crimes they haven't yet commi...
"Digital Dystopia", Ep. 07 - Shopping for Souls by DigitalDystopia
"Digital Dystopia", Ep. 07 - Digital Dystopia
An AI supermarket personalizes shopping experiences to an uncanny degree, but as customers become addicted to the convenience, they realize their data is being used for...
DEATH, TIME & MULTIVERSE by ashwinalpha
DEATH, TIME & MULTIVERSEby ashwin alpha
Timetravel births multiverse, and now reality is just one among many. This story merges the concept of virtual simulation, timetravel, virus, death and drugs played by c...
"Digital Dystopia", Ep. 06 - Perfect Night by DigitalDystopia
"Digital Dystopia", Ep. 06 - Digital Dystopia
An app guarantees the perfect night out by predicting social interactions, but when users start losing their sense of spontaneity and adventure, they realize the price o...
Fix Me Up (SONNIE'S EDGE || LOVE, DEATH + ROBOTS) by red2angel
Fix Me Up (SONNIE'S EDGE || _☆𝔬𝔥,𝔫𝔬
"Come with us, then" Sonnie offered softly "Do you ask that to every girl you come across?" "Only the hot ones" OR where two useless lesbia...
Art book by DEIICIDE
Art bookby DEIICIDE
mostly old art, cringe art I regret. scroll down if you wanna see recent art.