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The Nights We Lived [A Wattpad Featured Story] by buttercup-skies
The Nights We Lived [A Wattpad t e g a n - l e a
A WATTPAD FEATURED STORY NOW PUBLISHED ON AMAZON KINDLE STORE "Do you ever think about the stars?" he asked, and I nodded gently because of course I did; I had...
  • anorexia
  • depression
  • abuse
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Night Life {Watty Awards Finalist 2012} by youXfoundXme
Night Life {Watty Awards youXfoundXme
She could be considered a certified insomniac. He hasn't slept the whole night through because of circumstance. She's reserved and quiet at school. He's the silent bad-b...
  • darkness
  • adventure
  • alone
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From The Front Porch | Book One (Joshler) by Abby-Kate
From The Front Porch | Book One ( Abby-Kate
"Where'd you get the bruises, Josh?" "I never wanted to get you involved in this." "Why not?" "Despite everything, I don't hurt the on...
  • foster
  • wattys2018
  • mature
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The Idiots Guide To Insomnia  by MaeWeather
The Idiots Guide To Insomnia by m a e
One girl. One boy. Two insomniacs. ( rose awards short story winner ) ****DISCLAIMER THIS BOOK IS VERY CLICHE AND IT WAS WRITTEN ENTIRELY ON MY IPHONE 7 SO DON'T COME F...
  • the2017awards
  • theheavenlyawards2017
  • teen
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The Cuddle Pact  by papersplanes
The Cuddle Pact by - ̗̀ jamilah ̖́-
〚ex-featured.〛 ❝I have all the money in the world, and all you want from me is a cuddle?❞ ❝Well, I need you to cuddle me to sleep. Sleep to me is worth more than any cas...
  • billionaire
  • humor
  • relationship
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Insomnia [Shota Aizawa X Reader] by Pixelpad
Insomnia [Shota Aizawa X Reader]by Pixelpad
(Completed) [Y/N] hardly sleeps, has a special, unique quirk, and is a villain. How does she compare to Shota Aizawa, who seems to love sleep, has a quirk-erasing quirk...
  • sleep
  • insomnia
  • shotaaizawa
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Affliction by girlmoon21
Afflictionby girlmoon21
{highest #4 in Poetry #1 in Poem 18/07/2019} A collection of poetry drabbles by a crazy mind trying to find its way in this crazy, broken world *images used are not mi...
  • affliction
  • teenage
  • sliceoflife
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Why Won't You Sleep Like It's Going Out of Style (Hamilton) by Midnight_Portals
Why Won't You Sleep Like It's Melting Snowflakes
Just go to sleep Alexander." He pleaded, wrapping his arms around his partner. Alex leaned back into the touch. "And, what happens if I don't sleep?" Hami...
  • sleep
  • alexanderwontsleep
  • fluffandsmut
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Fucking Perfect (Jeff the killer x Reader) by Luna_Starlight666
Fucking Perfect (Jeff the killer
(Y/n) is often bullied at school and abused by her parents when she comes home. Sadly it has happened so many times that she has gotten used to it and no longer resists...
  • sallywilliams
  • hurt-comfort
  • slenderman
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Echoing Breaths |✔️ (Unspoken words: 2)  by Bookwriter2121
Echoing Breaths |✔️ (Unspoken Auri
Book 2 of the "Unspoken Words" series. A completely unexpected, but tragic event three months prior has left the town of EverGreen in horrifying shock. As May...
  • anxiety
  • highschool
  • panicattacks
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Moonlight ✓ by softaura
Moonlight ✓by a.
"The night's not for sleeping anyway." College AU [DISCONTINUED] © 2018 softaura ✓
  • kpopfanfic
  • kth
  • featured
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The Demons by Ba1100nP0P2507
The Demonsby Ba1100nP0P2507
He was afraid, so afraid.
  • bts
  • insomnia
  • jungkook
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4 a.m. // Jeggy by determinelydepressed
4 a.m. // Jeggyby m :)
Peggy Schuyler: she's always been the forgotten Schuyler. "And Peggy" was practically her catchphrase as this point. The yellow loving, happy-go-lucky insomnia...
  • angelica
  • jeggy
  • peggyschuyler
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Insomniac | ✓ by ceraunophic
Insomniac | ✓by ℓєιℓαиι
In which two insomniacs find connection through their unslept nights. All rights reserved © 2016 LeiLani Lopez [Cover by @lets-defeat-the-huns ] {Highest ranking: #18...
  • romance
  • shortstory
  • drama
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insomnia  by Newt_and_Tommy
insomnia by flower 💓
(newt x thomas, newtmas) Protective!Newt Insomnia!Thomas This book is old, cheesy and cringy, read at your own risk :) COPYRIGHT © Newt_and_Tommy 2016/17
  • nightmares
  • protectivenewt
  • sad
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Text Me| SasuNaru by sxlxntx
Text Me| SasuNaruby sxlent
Do you want to let n.uzu send you messages from now on? They'll only know you've seen their request if chose Allow. Decline | Al...
  • text-messages
  • narusasu
  • sasuke
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Voices //  Namjoon x BTS by moonchild_shines
Voices // Namjoon x BTSby Map_to_seoul
In which members are oblivious to the fact that Namjoon is dying inside a little more each day. Started: 19/12/18 Ended: ? Trigger warning: self-harm self-hate mentions...
  • kimnamjoon
  • hoseok
  • angst
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Golden Rose (Bill Cipher x Reader) by ElongatedStingy
Golden Rose (Bill Cipher x Reader)by ThE eLoNgAteD STiNgy
♡ Completed ♡ You never thought you were normal. Everybody else did. They didn't see him inside your dreams. You were going insane. And yet, the only place you found co...
  • mabel
  • demon
  • billxreader
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2:13 A.M insomnia - Markhyuck - COMPLETED by anda1277
2:13 A.M insomnia - Markhyuck - Wanda
Mark's doorbell suddenly rung, he groaned looking up at his electrical clock looking at the time 2:13 am. Who the hell would ring a doorbell at this time? He rolled his...
  • completed
  • random
  • kpop
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After the Mask Falls by 1ToasterKitty
After the Mask Fallsby Reese
One sentence causes Naruto's mask to crack. After his mask cracks, many people start to notice that Naruto has changed. Will Naruto be able to survive without his mask t...
  • depressed
  • naruto
  • sasuke
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