Heirloom Stories

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Million Dollar Wife by maishaaa_
Million Dollar Wifeby Maisha
"Some promises are hard to break, Some feelings are hard to deny, Some people are hard to forget, Some relations are hard to accept" Ashton David Cross w...
The Family Heirloom. by SngJiaHao
The Family Heirloom.by Lolden
After losing not only family, but home as well. Sped through education in the City. Dedicated to unravel the mystery behind the family. Invited to a Game that can fulfil...
Family Heirlooms (Alastor x Reader) by 01SpiderQueen10
Family Heirlooms (Alastor x Reader)by Angel Cake
I originally never planned to have the heirloom oneshot get so much love so here is my story about it.
Poems of Frederic A. Fritz by Henvincible
Poems of Frederic A. Fritzby Rose Esor
My family owns several volumes of poems written by my mother's grandfather. They have only ever been read by the family, and I consider that a shame - so I asked permiss...
Just Jack by ShaunAllan
Just Jackby Shaun Allan
Hidden away in a dusty old attic is a box. And a legacy. Searching for something, he slipped and fell. His accident uncovered a box hidden away for decades - and revea...
teddy  .°•  subway surfers by jellotokyo
teddy .°• subway surfersby bloodsport
"i love you bunny" teddy n bunny sitting in the tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g. the story of two lonely souls finding the love they deserve.
Her Salvation | Tom Riddle by AmaniLovesMusic
Her Salvation | Tom Riddleby Amani
Born to both light and darkness, her fate was never set. She was a mystery to both worlds, unable to decide which side she was on. She was a powerful being with a heart...
Inanimate by Alyssa_stone
Inanimateby alyssastone311
Mark and Alyssa are twins. When their Grandma dies under mysterious circumstances, she leaves Alyssa a necklace that she soon finds gives her the ability to go back in t...
Labyrinth of Stories by KimmyNurry
Labyrinth of Storiesby Kimmy ♥
[Quotes] "If I don't write to empty my mind, I go mad!" - Lord Byron "A professional writer is an amateur who didn't quit" - Richard Bach "Writi...
ALL OF YOU by cohfee
ALL OF YOUby claudia ;
Growing up to be the future heiress of her mother's business, Ophelia Caligaris has lived in her sister's shadow, afraid of her own skin. But when Athena Caligaris spont...
Moonstones {Legolas x OC} by loteriel_greenleaf
Moonstones {Legolas x OC}by ~ Toujours Pur ~
Nénariel is the last child of lord Elrond. Or so it would seem. When she is victim to recurring visions from her concealed path, everything she knows about herself and h...
Libellula by aviddreamerr
Libellulaby taylor
Instead of looking pissed off, like I thought he would, there's a small smirk hinted on his lips, "Ragazzaccia." He grabs my arms and places them above my head...
The HE Sherlock  by EunKyung107
The HE Sherlock by Eun Kyung
A story about a private investigater trying to locate and return the most valuable thing to the Willis Family, Its heirloom. Their are few suspects and the robbery is sc...
The Black Drape by j_josho
The Black Drapeby Josho
This is a story inspired from my own experience. The saree I wrote about here is all real. The coming-of-age story is about Mini who was once obsessed with her mother's...
The Fallen Angels of Emeralds and Silence By Hallie Shappell by JOYVanskike6619
The Fallen Angels of Emeralds and...by HallieShappell
Within time of the monotone an Emerald heirloom awaits. time that fly's is what a sparkling Emerald is until Angel {a fallen angel with powers, who can also fly with her...
Soliloquies of a Future Bride by TheAuthorYouHate
Soliloquies of a Future Brideby TheAuthorYouHate
Amelia was a happy woman, with a stable job and a stable life with her boyfriend. But what happened to her before she marries the one she loves? How did she get stuck o...
Forelsket by kimberly_taylor
Forelsketby disenthrall.me
Insecurity is something we all suffer from, either in small or large amounts. The case is no different with Skylar Sinclair. She is very insecure about her looks and bei...
Silver Spoon by Chimpukampu
Silver Spoonby Chimpukampu
"He was sitting in the dark, and the moonlight that shone from the windows was enough to illuminate his solemn figure. With his fragile hands on his face, he shudde...
When the time comes by QueenieRepublic
When the time comesby Q U I N
"I'll protect you at all cost, Isla. I'll kill anyone who hurts you" he said... But he left and didn't came back... Isla Ruby Anne Ivanov Stavros
The Flower Pot by clicketyclackity
The Flower Potby Alli🌹
The Flower Pot is always on it's spot, right on top of the fire place. It's Jael's beloved family heirloom. One day it falls, and it shatters. Jael knows what happened...