Newspecies Stories

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Pet by AnAliensPet
Petby We<3Cece
Alex is young human boy who gets abducted by aliens to be turned into a pet. Zanzlo is a male Tanool who recently moved away from his home planet. What happens when Zan...
Cat Eyes: Acrux [Book 2] by MhavelN
Cat Eyes: Acrux [Book 2]by Mhavel N.
They used him as a weapon. She will show him there's more than pain and hate. Rosy is dealing not only with her life but also with the dangerous evolved humans. However...
Jericho ((New Species Fanfiction)) by AlysiaOlivas
Jericho ((New Species Fanfiction))by Alysia Olivas
《Warning Sexual Content, Swearing and Mild Violence if you don't like it don't read this book》 Jericho never believed he would ever meet someone who could get past his r...
Through A Dragon's Eye (Completed) (Toothlessxreader) by RubyKat44
Through A Dragon's Eye (Completed) Eener
OLD STORY - NOT GREAT Ever wondered what it would be like if you were the last of your species? Read how (Y/n), a beautiful (f/c) DiamondWing, faces extinction, hunters...
Zombies 6 by officiallypoppyyy
Zombies 6by 💗Poppy💗
Addison is having stomach issues, and soon learns something that will change everyone's lives forever. But, when a new species threatens everything they hold dear, will...
Fandom one-shots, imagines, preferences And What If's / head-cannons  by demiMarie16
Fandom one-shots, imagines, demi
All the photos I find on google or from Instagram I'll write oc x character, character x reader, Character x character Male x girl Male x male Girl x girl Smut Girl...
Tiny《A New Species FanFiction》 by AlysiaOlivas
Tiny《A New Species FanFiction》by Alysia Olivas
Tiny was tired of people thinking she was weak and small. She may be short but deep inside her she felt tall. She may be seen as weak but Tiny knew that if pushed she co...
Elemental Beings by abssolutely
Elemental Beingsby A. Allen
For thousands of years, there was another human-like species living on Earth. People noticed them but they thought they were normal humans. They thought the symbol of on...
The Lionman by Maryam_Hashim
The Lionmanby Maryam & Hashim
There was once a man whose body was of a lion. Or rather there was once a lion with the mind of a man. Anyway, this story is about the creature described above, it...
Pure by Waters_Edge
Pureby Moon
Hello I'm Amulet. I'm a werewolf..yes a werewolf..livening among vampires..or that's what they call themselves. Ah maybe I should back up a bit. Once there was a werewol...
The Rages of a Thousand Firery Tornados (Book One) by Kwl_Kat
The Rages of a Thousand Firery KwlKatastrophé
On a planet where peace and interdependence exists, there lives a person who wants all the power which will in turn shatter the peace. As the time to elect a new leader...
The Secret by VivicaSavage
The Secretby Vivica Savage
Paranormal Romance: When Anaelle Laveaux lost her young heart to the mysterious, half-tamed boy from the other side of the East Texas woods, she never imagined that the...
The Heart Is Red by Black_JawBreaker
The Heart Is Redby Rhashaun
"Nothing is made without a reason, question, answer and a solution, I'm still searching for mine" Lyrica is the first and last of her kind, at least she hopes...
Blizzard  by Meghanfloof
"Please! We'll do anything! Get us out!" The lead wolf begged, trying to jump out but utterly failing. Grey rolled his eyes like they were insane and walked o...
The Mysterious Animal by Dancerpjdub
The Mysterious Animalby Magic Dancer🥇
Two kids are walking home as they see a strange winged little raccoon thing that comes leaping out of a rose bush. The thing is an animal that has many weapons, what, w...
Does it Exist? by RozeSky
Does it Exist?by Roze Plastow
Cen Fron lives a life of poverty and thievery, after encountering a fellow friend, she got offered a job - worth a lifetime of fortune. Unfortunately Cen got caught, exi...
World of RIN {Book 1}  by RandomWriter_pspsp
World of RIN {Book 1} by RandomWriter_pspsp
Riley, a young kalii, has no problems in life. Only a dream to move to the country Mythica. But when a magical secret is discovered, the entire world is pushed into an o...
Falling Embers by Firefly5141
Falling Embersby Astarael
Ember was young when she was cast out of her tribe, only five years old. Now, a century later she has returned, prepared for revenge. Filled with a need to kill her form...
the journal of onstellers by SoxOwO
the journal of onstellersby UwU shoot me please
in a roleplay I'm doing of Eddsworld we created a monster species this journal is made by ancient onstellers to tell the world of their forgotten species