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Godly ➸ Dio Brando by shookiebrando
Godly ➸ Dio Brandoby hailey
When you met your new professor, you didn't expect to fall in love with him. You didn't know what it was about him, but he was different, celestial, and almost even... g...
  • diobrando
  • kakyoin
  • alternateuniverse
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Willfully, Captively Yours (Dio X Reader) by lightingandfire
Willfully, Captively Yours (Dio X...by Anna Menares
Although you had chosen to spend the night with Dio it turned into more of a commitment you could ever imagine. The real issue at hand however was whether or not you cou...
  • jjba
  • stardustcrusaders
  • dio
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JJBA Preferences by AngelicWarriorofHope
JJBA Preferencesby Songs in the Dark
Preferences for Jonathan, Dio (part 1), Joseph, Caesar, Jotaro, Kakyoin, Josuke, Okuyasu, Yoshikage Kira, Giorno, Buccellati, Doppio, Jolyne, Ermes, Johnny, Gyro, and Jo...
  • giornogiovanna
  • jjba
  • noriakikakyoin
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Dio Brando: Foolish Child by JessieJoestar
Dio Brando: Foolish Childby Witchy
Walking home alone one night, you notice a strange presence, the feeling of being watched. It could be nothing... but the title does suggest another possibility.
  • diobrando
  • dio
  • jojosbizarreadventure
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The Man Who Ruled [THE WORLD]  (Male Dio Brando Reader x RWBY) by ytrkhgfd
The Man Who Ruled [THE WORLD] (Ma...by Ytrkhgfd
What would happen if a thousand year-old vampire was unleashed upon Remnant? Let us see... Note: I've only watched/read parts 1-4 of JoJo and I forgot a lot of stuff abo...
  • dio
  • malereader
  • jojosbizarreadventure
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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure x Reader One Shots! by DigitalJolt
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure x Reader...by DigitalJolt
Some of your favorite hunky Jojo bois want you. I don't own the damn characters obviously.
  • jojo
  • koichi
  • jotarokujo
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Jojo's bizarre​ adventures X Reader  by Diancie_Sei
Jojo's bizarre​ adventures X Reade...by Diancie_Sei
Request Open! Choose anybody all the way to 1-8 anybody or when i feel like it and just enjoy this plz ;-; first time doing a jojo bizzare adventues one shots
  • jolynekujo
  • giorno
  • caesar
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Velvet | Dio Brando x Reader by dioslut
Velvet | Dio Brando x Readerby yeet
A Dio x Reader fan fiction. You were homeless, helpless on the streets. No one spared one glance at you nor felt any sympathy for you. They knew who you were, but no on...
  • jjba
  • diobrandoxreader
  • dio
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A Midnight's Innocence: Dio Brando x Reader (ON HIATUS) by MoonshineDarkness
A Midnight's Innocence: Dio Brando...by Trash Sensei
Your family is a close friend of the Joestar's and one day hear about the newest addition to the Joestar's family, so your father decides that you should go and meet the...
  • jjba
  • dio
  • jojosbizarreadventure
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The Past Always Comes Back to Haunt You by AngelicWarriorofHope
The Past Always Comes Back to Haun...by Songs in the Dark
Eleanor Griffin stupidly became the guardian on Jonathan Joestar and Dio Brando at a young age after becoming obsessed with protecting Jonathan before Dio even came. Dio...
  • partthree
  • partone
  • stand
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jjba burn book by pollynini
jjba burn bookby that croptop = my death
Rank #133 in JJBA (5.12.18) the title says it all! Images are not mine. ((Unless stated))
  • jjba
  • tomokohigashikata
  • diobrando
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A Bizarre Heart's Tale (JonathanxBold!ReaderxDio) by Mutants_in_Manhattan
A Bizarre Heart's Tale (JonathanxB...by Mutants_in_Manhattan
You're set up by your father and George Joestar for you to marry either Jonathan or Dio. Even though at first it all seemed like ludicris as time goes on you find yourse...
  • jjba
  • victorianera
  • diobrando
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Dio Brando x Reader (One-shots book!) by DanyielUiza
Dio Brando x Reader (One-shots boo...by Danyiel Uiza
This is a book entirely about oneshots with Dio Brando! You will not be disappointed, as every one shot has a story behind it that will immerse you into the world of Dio...
  • jojosbizarreadventure
  • diobrando
  • animexreader
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The Stardust Hunter(Jotaro male reader x blake) by AzuretheWriter
The Stardust Hunter(Jotaro male re...by Xavier DeLano
I ran out of ideas. so how about this? I don't own JoJo's bizarre adventures or Rwby or the art I use
  • jjba
  • reader
  • fanfic
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Amaranthine by Xercere
Amaranthineby ⋙A̶k̶i̶r̶a̶→
Your immortality was always something you thought of as a curse. That was, until you met someone with a similar curse. A love spanning over the decades unfolds . . . Dio...
  • dioxoc
  • jjba
  • dio
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Recuerdos de un mentiroso (Dio x Jonathan) by sandy12xXX
Recuerdos de un mentiroso (Dio x J...by 桑dela
Derrocar a la familia Joestar y heredar toda su fortuna, ese era el objetivo principal de Dio Brando, para lograrlo tendría que desligar a su hermano adoptivo Jonathan J...
  • yaoifanfic
  • diobrando
  • jojosbizarreadventure
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Forgive me (Dio Brando x reader) by GalaxyOrchid1
Forgive me (Dio Brando x reader)by ₲₳Ⱡ₳ӾɎ ØⱤ₵ⱧłĐ
After DIO died by the hands of Jotoro Joestar one god was not happy about that and decided to punish DIO for his mistake, what happens when his punishment is to become y...
  • jojo
  • dio
  • dioxreader
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"Sei la mia Stella" [Giorno Giovanna x Reader One Shots] by Kakyoin_Kokeshi
"Sei la mia Stella" [Giorno Giovan...by Kokeshi
Just a bunch of fanfics about my baby Italian boy Giorno!
  • jojosbizarreadventure
  • giornogiovannaxreader
  • jojobizarreadventure
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MaMaMe El ZaWaRuDo ✨ by -prettydio
MaMaMe El ZaWaRuDo ✨by D I O
Lo del título bb 🌚
  • zawarudo
  • uuuuaaaa
  • diobrando
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