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♡ Falling For An Asshole ♡ (Dio Brando x reader) {HIATUS} by ieatmyveggies
♡ Falling For An Asshole ♡ (Dio Br...by 💚my eyes are green💚
Y/n is a young girl who dreams of moving out of her stinky home and travelling to the City of Dreams, London, but that seems quite unreachable. As she withers away in th...
Dio Brando: Foolish Child by JessieJoestar
Dio Brando: Foolish Childby Witchy
Walking home alone one night, you notice a strange presence, the feeling of being watched. It could be nothing... but the title does suggest another possibility.
Another world ||Jjba|| by Kakyoin_da_cherry
Another world ||Jjba||by Kakyoin_da_cherry
What seemed to be a normal day soon changed when you found 7 men of your favourite series in your living room. See what happens and how the most famous Jojo villains rea...
S͓̽t͓̽a͓̽r͓̽ ͓̽b͓̽o͓̽u͓̽n͓̽d͓̽ - dio brando x reader {Complete} by XmarksLashingX
S͓̽t͓̽a͓̽r͓̽ ͓̽b͓̽o͓̽u͓̽n͓̽d͓̽ - d...by ψBeauψ
um... the anime/manga isnt mine we pray to our god, araki ~ enjoy ^^
JJBA X READER - oneshots by mai-hwa
JJBA X READER - oneshotsby mai-hwa
"Be mine y/n, or else you won't like what I'll do next.." i'm going to be making a lot so stay tuned, i'll take requests in the comment section too. (there's a...
Try Me! by ChocolateCaptain
Try Me!by ChocolateCaptain
[Phantom Blood Reader Insert] People challenge others to do things an individual would be too intimated to do, and maybe there are others that charge into the challenge...
How to Steal Diego Brando's Heart [Diego Brando x Reader] by Sleepymima
How to Steal Diego Brando's Heart...by Sleepymima
[Diego Brando x Reader] After everything he's been through, Diego believed that no one would be able to tear down the barriers he put up. That no one would be able to tu...
Two Men & One Girl by bliztbika
Two Men & One Girlby Bika
Dio Brando and Giorno Giovanna are in your apartment. Their appearance surprised you. What will you do? Also, shenanigans will happen in this book.
The Past Always Comes Back to Haunt You by FaithStarwalker
The Past Always Comes Back to Haun...by Queen of the Galaxy
Eleanor Griffin stupidly became the guardian on Jonathan Joestar and Dio Brando at a young age after becoming obsessed with protecting Jonathan before Dio even came. Dio...
Trailing by Stardust: Jjba x reader by Astrashep
Trailing by Stardust: Jjba x readerby AstraShep
Insert exciting hook here. ------------- You have been alone, lacking purpose, for as long as you care to remember. Each day passes by like the last, a blur. Devoid of...
JJBA One-shots bc why not by Jotaros_phatt_ass
JJBA One-shots bc why notby #1 Simp
lmao made this for no reason. But I am actually IN LOVE with all of the jjba characters, so I'll be writing about them bc I think they're hot. haha ok enjoy.
JOVATAR:The Legend of Korra by Etyion37
JOVATAR:The Legend of Korraby The Alpha and Omega
Basically Legend of Korra,but with Jotaro on it. (Disclaimer:I don't own JJBA or Legend of Korra.)
What's An Adventure Without Pain? - Stardust Crusaders by bowtiesarelit
What's An Adventure Without Pain...by Jay and A
Y/N was a delinquent who was always by herself. She never needed anyone, and nobody ever needed her. Until now.. She didn't know it then, but meeting Jotaro was going to...
ⒿⒿⒷⒶ ⓄⓃⒺⓈⒽⓄⓉⓈby revolution/bandaid
jjba oneshots, what more can i say? cover edited by; me! requests: mostly closed schedule; who's that? notes; i'll likely never post again, while i still love jjba i'm...
Lustful Blood [Yandere!Dio x Reader] !Complete! by L0wSnake
Lustful Blood [Yandere!Dio x Reade...by Micki
Heyyy My character Snake is gonna be in here. ty~ aheemmm~~~ *sorry* Y/N L/N, a very lonely yet brave girl, not so much of the lover type but she could probably get thro...
nepenthe || jojo's bizzare adventure (HIATUS / DISCONTINUED) by -TheValkyrie-
nepenthe || jojo's bizzare adventu...by Mercy
E x c e r p t: Just as he was about to use his other arm to rip her hand off, she quickly kicked out his legs. Slowly, Jotaro fell downwards as his blue eyes met her ow...
Jojo fans need to stop. by speedofweeds
Jojo fans need to stop.by cioccoconnie
Yall and your cringe tactics r probably gonna be mad at me for this but it's time you know the truth.
The Cat's meow by Gabepai
The Cat's meowby A vampire fanatic
Jonathan finds a stray cat, who knows, he might have found the perfect pet~ Modern!Au
The Last Pillar.  by KrystalEndermalie
The Last Pillar. by Fox mama
A noble family in the Victorian Era finds a strange and beautiful statue of a little girl. Only this statue is not what it seems. A Jojo's Bizarre adventure Fanfic.
A whole new world (kny reader x jjba) by BasicCup
A whole new world (kny reader x jj...by Atlas
Y/N Kamado lived a pretty normal life. She lived in the mountain with siblings and mother, but little did she know that happiness was soon going to be destroyed. Our dea...