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A Leap Through Time || JJBA || JOLYNE || JOTARO || Stardust Crusaders  by AndroNebu
A Leap Through Time || JJBA || Andro Nebu
This is a story where Jolyne time travels to the past when Stardust crusaders was taking place. She meets a rather young version of her father and is on a quest to e...
༒JJBA ONE SHOTS༒ | [Character x reader] by Valkyrixa
༒JJBA ONE SHOTS༒ | [Character x Valkyrixa
This book consists of one shots with characters from the anime/manga called JoJo's Bizzare Adventure. ༒ These both consist of Fluffs, Limes and Lemons! I've labelled the...
Jojo's Bizzare Adventures " Wind Of Freedom" by flores222
Jojo's Bizzare Adventures " Wind Alice f.
What would happend if Father Enrico Pucci was dead before resetting the universe?? Well... the life of Jotaro, Jolyne and Josuke would have continued happily. Esoecially...
⭐Itadori Catches The Attention in JJBA⭐ by Todos_Besto_Friendo
⭐Itadori Catches The Attention •°×Suku-chan×°•
⭐STORYLINE⭐ Itadori was a fan of JJBA. He liked the designs of the characters, the random color swaps the series has. And there are also times where he wish his favorite...
The Ludicrous Escapade Pt.3 by YandereObsessor
The Ludicrous Escapade Pt.3by YandereObsessor
Traveling to 21st century Florida, where will (Y/N) (L/N)'s Ludicrous Escapade taker her? Part three of The Ludicrous Escapade Based off the Manga, events may differ sli...
Jojo daughter scenarios by PirateQueen14
Jojo daughter scenariosby PirateQueen14
In this book your the daughter of a Jojo or Dio. This book includes. Jonathan Joseph Jotaro Josuke Jolyne Giorno Dio (I don't own the picture used for the cover and I d...
☆ I Want To Break Free ☆ Stone Ocean by _heavensdo0r
☆ I Want To Break Free ☆ Stone simp
Female Insert ____ "...I guess I'll help. But only because I see this as a get out of jail for free pass." ...little did you know, those words were about to se...
JJBA X READER - oneshots by mai-hwa
JJBA X READER - oneshotsby mai-hwa
"Be mine y/n, or else you won't like what I'll do next.." i'm going to be making a lot so stay tuned, i'll take requests in the comment section too. (there's a...
JJBA x Reader (mostly smuts) + headcanons by Gyro_the_SLUT
JJBA x Reader (mostly smuts) + Gwenpool
basically, headcanons and x readers that I made. Some were inspired by my friends. Also, I do not own JJBA!
Dammit I'm immortal now what? // Jojo x oc (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure) by PirateQueen14
Dammit I'm immortal now what? // PirateQueen14
I'm immortal because of my stupid brother. I'm not a vampire I'm still human I just can't age. The only way I will be able to age again is if my soulmate kisses me and t...
Candy Land (Stardust Crusaders x reader) by AkiyoHokoshima2112
Candy Land (Stardust Crusaders x aki <3
(Y/N) was underestimated quite often, which angered her, and also landed her in a shitload of fights. For some odd reason she didn't really mind it until one day she mee...
Ethereal Connection (Jotaro Kujo X ChubbyReader) by RuinTheProtecter
Ethereal Connection (Jotaro Kujo RuinTheProtecter
This story takes place in the time after part 4, I will avoid spoilers! I will not venture into part 5 storyline just to keep things clean~ This story is also a little b...
Yandere Stone Ocean x Reader DISCONNECTED by JolyneKujoxnothing
Yandere Stone Ocean x Reader 😩Sanzu😫
Disconneted for a little while anasui used to love jolyne but when you arrived in the prison he only had eyes for you You have a fake father and a real father FOUND O...
JJBA x Reader Mini Stories by ItsJust_Anxiety
JJBA x Reader Mini Storiesby TinyLittle_SushiRoll
JoJo's Bizarre Adventures Mini story/ one shot/ Picture book! 🥳I AM CURRENTLY REVISING SOME STORIES🥳 ⚠️BEFORE YOU READ⚠️ ~None of the artwork in this book is mine (I g...
jjba headcanons lol by yoshiiiikaage
jjba headcanons lolby Kakyoin kinnie 🤣🤣
just some headcanons I made up from 1-6(with a bit of Steel Ball Run) random stuff can be posted as well. I can make incorrect quotes and other stuff. still ongoing ⚠️(...
JoJo Memes by GokuBlackThatIsBlack
JoJo Memesby BlackGoku
Why not?
A Deadly hero by Beaner10
A Deadly heroby Beaner10
a kid wants to be a hero but his villainous quirk makes it impossible to be one
Gold And Sapphires  (JJBA) by Yuki1014o
Gold And Sapphires (JJBA)by Shounen Trash
Age 16, Giorno gets invited to his first ever family reunion. It's chaos. OR: Giorno meets the rest of the Joestars Consisting of seven moderately to extremely long cha...
JJBA ONESHOTS by Yuki1014o
JJBA ONESHOTSby Shounen Trash
A whole bunch of JJBA oneshots that I decided to compile in a book. From drabbles to more! [CROSS-POSTED ON AO3]
Bizzare High   •|JJBA highschool au|• by naramranchia
Bizzare High •|JJBA highschool chia
This is my highschool au for the anime/manga JoJo's bizarre adventure. I am including characters from part 1 to 7 because I am reading part 7 now and I don't know about...