Little Sensei: A Naruto Fanfiction by jarodlikestowrite
Little Sensei: A Naruto Fanfictionby Spawn of Satan
There have been prodigies from the Hidden Leaf before, Itachi Uchiha, Minato Namikaze, and Orochimaru being one of the few, but none of them were bigger prodigies than N...
  • wave
  • jonin
  • doubt
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A Hero's Fate | Naruto FanFiction by Gold_Roses_of_Winter
A Hero's Fate | Naruto FanFictionby Emeralds&Rubies
Naruto Namikaze. A name either feared, hated, scorned, or simply loathed. A boy who had a fate which he had no say in, a burden placed on him without thinking about the...
  • suiton
  • juubi
  • katon
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Naruto: The Heart Of Flames by TheGreatPornstar123
Naruto: The Heart Of Flamesby TheGreatPornstar123
Porn. It's porn.
  • anko
  • tsunade
  • uzumaki
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Defying Gravity by strawhat_pirate
Defying Gravityby Straw
I knew that day felt different than the others, but by then it was already happening. I was defying gravity. (A Naruto fan-fic)
  • ebisu
  • kakashi
  • thirdhokage
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Konoha's Neglected Prodigy by JeanYeeOngXD
Konoha's Neglected Prodigyby 私は何者だ
Uzumaki Namikaze Naruto, a boy who is neglected for his sister by his parents. He gets totured or bad-mouthed by the villages. he was trained by the three sannin,and may...
  • tobirama
  • strong
  • naruto
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Starting over by Gleam-eyes
Starting overby Gleam Eyes
Updates every Saturday! Accompany Naruto as he travels back in time. Watch him as he finds new friends and enemies, discovers love and hatred, gets betrayed and saved. S...
  • anko
  • narutoxtemari
  • wattys2018
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Watch Me: A Naruto Fanfiction  by jarodlikestowrite
Watch Me: A Naruto Fanfiction by Spawn of Satan
What if Naruto left the village when he was 6 years old after unlocking a powerful Doujutsu from a near death experience and joined the Akatsuki, and becoming their lead...
  • chunin
  • team7
  • goodakatsuki
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Rewind: Book 1 by strawhat_pirate
Rewind: Book 1by Straw
Kakashi Hatake has watched the world burn. Obito Uchiha and Madara have done a real number on their world. With Konoha gone, along with almost everyone in it, he finds t...
  • gái
  • travel
  • kurenai
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Kiko Maris Hatake by Sun-Shine-Black
Kiko Maris Hatakeby Sun-Shine-Black
Sequel to Kiko Maris or whatever..... Read to find out what it's about. I don't own Naruto or any pictures unless stated otherwise. See ya in the comments! :)
  • kikomaris
  • naruto
  • anko
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Bring Peace to the Past (SLOW UPDATES) by Frosch_Uzumaki
Bring Peace to the Past (SLOW Fro-chan
Blood. Everywhere. Now, I'm covered in this red substance. It's not mine, It's the one I thought as a brother. The one who knows what it's like to be alone. My rival (Fe...
  • timetravel
  • kakashi
  • femnaruto
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Naruto: The Uchiha Prodigy by RED_ALPHA718
Naruto: The Uchiha Prodigyby RED_ALPHA718
What if Uchiha Izuna was revealed to be Naruto's ancestor. How would Naruto deal with the secrets of his world as he struggles with his life as a Root Anbu captain. Mang...
  • angst
  • hate
  • narutoxkuriena
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Sasuka, I Love You... (Fem!SasuxNaru) Slight AU by KazutoAmaterasu
Sasuka, I Love You... (Fem! Kazuto Amaterasu
Sasuka and Naruto decide to cement their new relationship with a game to show off sexual prowess, with the winner gaining full bedroom bragging rights. Now, what happens...
  • romance
  • narutoshippuden
  • fantasies
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Summoner Nin by 1awesomestar
Summoner Ninby Iread2WRITE
Her mother gave her a scroll to sign in blood. A scroll she kept hidden. Years flew by and she found herself signing more and more scrolls in blood. She soon became some...
  • anko
  • kurenai
  • jiraiya
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Sakura Hatake  by bluepinkcherryblosso
Sakura Hatake by bluepinkcherryblosso
She was known as Haruno by her classmates,but most older ninja know the truth. They used Haruno because her father heard someone was after him. But why not use her mothe...
  • rin
  • wattys2018
  • naruto
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Sakura's Twin Sister by redda21
Sakura's Twin Sisterby Redda21
Kelala wished she was in naruto so she got her wish but she got reborn as Sakura's Twin Sister who she hates but is nice to her. Sakura hates Ren (you/oc) so makes Ren d...
  • hokage
  • ugly
  • tsunade
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Bewitching -Little witch academia (AkkoxAndrew) by Evo_is_Birdy
Bewitching -Little witch Evo_is_Birdy
So i was looking for a funny, Akko x Andrew fanfic and i couldnt find one that met my needs... (there wasn't enough) so im all like lets quickly type up something funny...
  • akko
  • littlewitch
  • lwa
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Sasuke's brother by xXMadaraXFuXx
Sasuke's brotherby xXMadaraXFuXx
He's known by many names,including:The Ghost of The Uchiha,The Second Madara.But not a lot of people know the real story behind Sasuke's adopted brother,Madara Uchiha.Th...
  • sharingan
  • uchiha
  • akatsuki
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Spider-Man: Maelstrom by DarkShadowGames451
Spider-Man: Maelstromby Mwenye Usiku
Ever since my sixth birthday, I've been the black sheep of my village. My parents stopped caring about me, the villagers harrassed me, and I couldn't make any friends as...
  • narutoau
  • sasusaku
  • romance
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Flustered Doofuses {Andrew x Akko||AU} by Dim_Nym
Flustered Doofuses {Andrew x Akko| Nÿm
The boys of Appleton Academy come to the Luna Nova High to help bond the witches and knights! The knights are to choose a witch to room with as a guide. TBC .. [UPDATES...
  • ankko
  • fanfic
  • suzy
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Phoenix Sage-Naruto Neglect by getwow21
Phoenix Sage-Naruto Neglectby getwow21
Naruto Namikaze is a apart of triplets that were born on the day of the nine-tail attack. His father Minato Namikaze sealed the Ying and Yang halves into two of his chil...
  • naruto
  • shisui
  • kakairu
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