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Give it a Week (Slenderman X Reader) by brokensamurai
Give it a Week (Slenderman X brokensamurai
Slenderman X Reader. Y/N is a girl who is living on her own but hides that fact from everyone. She works as a teacher in an elementary building, loves the creepypastas...
Creepypasta x Reader Lemons by AnYoNe_WaNt_A_dRiNk
Creepypasta x Reader Lemonsby Writer: Subject 3002
So, me being a freaky weirdo(as usual), I was reading Creepypasta lemons and not a lot of them were that great so I decided to try to write some myself, if you guys have...
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Slender Brothers Oneshots  by brokensamurai
Slender Brothers Oneshots by brokensamurai
Oneshots with everyone's favorite Slender brothers!
Trapped (A Ticci Toby Story) by Geofox
Trapped (A Ticci Toby Story)by Geofox
***This story is told completely through Toby's POV*** My life has stopped... I was supposed to keep training. I was supposed to keep developing the skills that it took...
Give It Your All by brokensamurai
Give It Your Allby brokensamurai
The sequel to Give it a Week Y/N's life as a creepypasta is moving forward! Her family is growing and Slender Mansion is the best home she could have ever asked for but...
creepypasta x reader neko by sosodavis7
creepypasta x reader nekoby Dead Account
all your life people made fun of you abused you but now that's all about to change warning: abuse,bullying, signs of rape... don't judge me
Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios by ArsonistAngel
Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenariosby Magical Nightmare
Slenderman, Jeff The Killer,Ben Drowned,Eyeless Jack, Laughing Jack and Ticci Toby. I will take suggestions. I have a ton of fun writing these, it helps me to escape fro...
You Can't Escape...(Jeff the Killer x Reader) by The_Wishes_of_You
You Can't Escape...(Jeff the Natsu Kirai
(Y/N) is a little girl who loves to make everyone smile. She doesn't have a mother or father but, has a wonderful grandmother who watched after her for years. (y/N) was...
TicciToby x Reader by TheDarknessOffDubai
TicciToby x Readerby TheDarknessOffDubai
This book is completed. Im staring a new book named TicciToby x Reader 2. It its the "sequel" of the first book. HOLY FUCK 29.5K I LOVEYOU GUYS
Female Creepypasta X Male Reader by SumXweird
Female Creepypasta X Male Readerby Prince Of Darkness save
Hey it's Weird here. I hope you enjoy this book just as much as I enjoy making them for you. I love your comments and feedback on my creations it helps me be a better wr...
The Half Breed (Slenderman x Reader Fanfiction) by RatedKrazy
The Half Breed (Slenderman x Rated Krazy
I seemed to have made this a "Story Based" read, then of a "Lemon" read. But dont worry, I'll eventually get to the lemon every loves. BTW: I use lot...
Creepypasta Zodiacs Pl by KarolinaSuperson
Creepypasta Zodiacs Plby Hitomi
Tak, wiem... Jest tego pełno na Wattpadzie, ale co mi tam ^^ #711 miejsce w LOSOWO (2.03.2017r) #309 w LOSOWO (6.04.17r) #286 w LOSOWO (8.04.17r) #276 w LOSOWO (26.0...
Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios Discontinued by Savvys_Jams
Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios Savvy!
A couple of scenarios for when you the reader, fall in love with a creepypasta! Check it out and see if your favorite creepypasta is in it! Updates not very frequent, bu...
Instead of Slenderman (Larry Stylinson) (Boyxboy) by theunknownknight
Instead of Slenderman (Larry theunknownknight
[Larry Stylinson AU] Cover By: delerioustyles Louis Tomlinson is fearless, or at least he says he is. His best friend Niall tested his bravery with the ultimate dare. &q...
Frustratingly Hot (Ticci Toby x Reader) by HewwoHuwan
Frustratingly Hot (Ticci Toby x tinymyffins
You lived an unnoticed, simple life as some may call it. Until a man broke into your home almost bleeding to death. You decided to help him back to health. Your father w...
Wanna Play? (Creepypasta x Powerful Female Reader)  by Lollynnn
Wanna Play? (Creepypasta x Manny.
#1 - Trendy 11/10/18 #1 - Splendy 04/22/19 #1 - Offendy 06/14/19 This is a new story about creepypastas, if you like this story please like and follow. I follow back to...
I Was Scared When You Saw Me (Slenderman X Reader) by Amaryllisean
I Was Scared When You Saw Me ( 『E』『m』『i』『l』『y』
So yeah, I had been looking for cute and silly Slendy stroies and sadly the only one I enjoyed also happened to be a one shot lemon on DeviantArt and the little backstor...
Creepypasta 20 minutes in hell by X-Doitsu-X
Creepypasta 20 minutes in hellby Teeaboo
Aye You get 20 minutes in Heaven (Hell rather because they're psychopathic killers :3) You can get 1 Of 11 Results!
Byron's Secret (Slenderman Romance) by GuardianDemon
Byron's Secret (Slenderman Romance)by RiKa
Joy Lucille Williams, a normal young woman, living a normal life-that is until she moved to a quaint little town. She was desperate for a job so once Joy received an off...
Ask the Creepypastas!!!!!!! by Guettopig
Ask the Creepypastas!!!!!!!by Guettopig, obviously ;D
Ask the creepypastas!!!!!!! Since slendy noticed the creepypastas kill too much he decided to put a limit to how many they kill based on how many questions they get. Ask...