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Fairy tail oneshots by AbiToto
Fairy tail oneshotsby Abi Toto
The title explains everything.
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Thunderous || Laxus Dreyar x Reader by FanfictionXR
Thunderous || Laxus Dreyar x Readerby Jeanne
You have a dark past, but so does your new friend, Laxus. Set after the seven year gap where Fairy Tail was trapped on Tenrou Island, an official independent wizard nam...
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Feared •Various! Fairytail x Reader• by iiCookie_Doge
Feared •Various! Fairytail x ❤️️Cookie-Sama🖤
(Fairytail Various! X Reader) []COMPLETE[] "You're a freak!" "She's a demon!" "She'll kill us all!" A small girl lay awake in her room, won...
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The Demon Ember {Laxus x OC} by deadpoolxxlux
The Demon Ember {Laxus x OC}by deadpoolxxlux
Jade Dragneel, the older sister of Natsu Dragneel has a very extraordinary life, filled with a lot of chaos. She's been pushed down so many times but always finds a way...
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Left Behind [Laxus Dreyar] by dafatpotato
Left Behind [Laxus Dreyar]by dafatpotato
Laxus x reader [Name] was abandoned by her unknown mother and father and had nowhere else to go but a nearby guild. Despite not being blood related to Makarov and the gu...
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Natsu's Sister (Laxus x Reader) by ILikeFood1313
Natsu's Sister (Laxus x Reader)by ILikeFood1313
What if Natsu had an older powerfuler sister?
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The Fairy and the Phoenix(A Laxus x Reader)  by Irondragon4
The Fairy and the Phoenix(A Starlight Redfox/Cheney
On hold (Y/n) Michizane is a member of the Black Phoenix guild which isn't a well known guild. She has been chosen to be part of the grand games team since the guild is...
My Luck Bites (Vampire!Laxus x Human!Reader) by gingerriverspirit
My Luck Bites (Vampire!Laxus x Malachi Mathis
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Forbidden love Fairy Tail story Sting x Reader x Laxus !ON HOLD! by Kyliecharm
Forbidden love Fairy Tail story Kyliecharm
Your one of Fary tail's strongest member you join Fairy tail guild when you were only six years old your powers were powerful so you were put in S-class right away. Mast...
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Savior Of My Heart  (Laxus X Reader) by LibbyMaeTimmons
Savior Of My Heart (Laxus X Liv Timmons
(Y/N) is a young mage from The guild Dragon's Heart. She loves her guild but when one horrible day turns wrong, she finds herself at the number one guild in Fiore. Confl...
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Fallen Angel (Laxus x OC) by DarkMisstress
Fallen Angel (Laxus x OC)by Emperor
After defeating Tartarus Mira Jane finds a girl in one of the pods in the Tarturos Lab who looks like a very familiar person in the guild
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Fairy Tail's Dragon Princess (Fairytailxreader) by Crystal05sky
Fairy Tail's Dragon Princess ( Crystal
When y/n l/n comes back to fairy tail from her century quest 7 years later, what will she find herself in? A disaster? A surprise? Well... boys, enemies, adventures... P...
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Heaven's Spark ↠ A Laxus x Reader Fanfic by kimmiecatt
Heaven's Spark ↠ A Laxus x ☯ ᴋ ɪ ᴍ ᴍ ɪ ᴇ ☯
❝He and I, we were black and white. So different, yet so similar. Where he was blunt, I was kind. Where I was obedient, he was a rebel. So, when he left me, it truly did...
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Storm Chasers (Laxus x Reader) by TheFutureMrsDragneel
Storm Chasers (Laxus x Reader)by Titania
{Complete} A Laxus x Reader Story... Storms of a malicious intent have been plaguing Fiore. When it strikes a town people can't leave their homes, forced in stay indoo...
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The Saint Maiden's Love (Fairy Tail Various x Reader/OC) Fairy Tail Fanfic by SnowRayz
The Saint Maiden's Love (Fairy YooKira💕
Y/N is the 1st Wizard Saint known as the 'Fairy Goddess' because she is very beautiful like a Fairy and very powerful like a Goddess. Her rank is even more powerful than...
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Fairy tail x reader(Under Construction/HIATUS) by gavinnie
Fairy tail x reader(Under youniverse🍂
Fairy Tail x Reader(HIATUS) "If a hug represented How much I love you, I will hold you in my arms forever" Highest Ranking- #69 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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FairyTail X Reader One shots by ToriElectra23
FairyTail X Reader One shotsby Victoria
Here are a series of oneshots between you and your FairyTail crush! I hope you enjoy and please vote and comment, thanks ^_^! Disclaimer: I do NOT own FairyTail♥
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Is This Reality? (Laxus x Reader) by _GracieWrites_
Is This Reality? (Laxus x Reader)by Gracie beagle~
This story is about a girl named (y/n), (y/n) Goes through many journeys, she looses friends, she gains some, but she also gains a butterfly feeling when she sees laxus...
Dragon Queen (Laxus x reader) by MultiFandomFanitic
Dragon Queen (Laxus x reader)by Burukku
You're a lighting dragonslayer.You also know other forms of dragonslayer magic due you growing up with multiple dragons. But you were orginally in Phantom Lord when you...
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