Storm Chasers (Laxus x Reader)

Storm Chasers (Laxus x Reader)

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Titania By TheFutureMrsDragneel Completed


A Laxus x Reader Story...
  Storms of a malicious intent have been plaguing Fiore. When it strikes a town people can't leave their homes, forced in stay indoors until it passes over. Of course, dark magic is behind it. The magical council hire the only two people that they know can deal with it; Laxus Dreyar, the infamous Lightning Dragon Slayer and you, (Y/N) (L/N), The mysterious Storm Mage. A magic as rare as the Dragon Slayers and God Slayers magic. 
  With nothing to do after being kicked out of the guild, Laxus quickly accepted. This was his chance to redeem himself. However, the Storm Mage he was unsure of. But one thing was for sure. He wouldn't let them stand in his way.
  Can the duo solve the mysteries surrounding the Storm Plague?

{Contains Mature Content}

{No Sequel}