The play (kickthestickz) by 5sos_thewanted_love
The play (kickthestickz)by Laura Irwin 💚
Pj had been getting bullied and abused since he came out. The school is holding a contest to see who could write the best play. Then they will put it on. Along with all...
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Correction Camp (phanfiction) by turnthefrogsgay
Correction Camp (phanfiction)by Mel
  • summercamp
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  • lgbtq
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Boys Your Age by imsh00k
Boys Your Ageby a communist tit
"What if I was gay?" "I'd fuck you." //Phan
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Human - phan by PartTimeStoryteller
Human - phanby There's no fun in happy endin...
Dan is a dancer, but it's his best kept secret. Moving to a new college results in new friends, new hobbies and a new outlook in life; but what does it really mean to be...
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butterflies & hurricanes // phan by myhowellslester
butterflies & hurricanes // phanby liz ☆.。.:*
the tale of the prettiest street pianist phil lester had ever laid his eyes on and how he madly fell in love with him.
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Dan's Obedience Trainer by noshamephan
Dan's Obedience Trainerby I have no shame.
#1 for #philtops Little! Dan has trouble taking care of himself and won't let caregivers do it for him. His friend Chris decides he needs a trainer to help him out, spec...
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Bruises. •Phan• by L17E02E
Bruises. •Phan•by 🍵😌
Trigger Warning: physical/mental abuse "You are the mistake that ruined my life"
  • kickthepj
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Interview || Phan AU (COMPLETED) by tinyplanetnerd
Interview || Phan AU (COMPLETED)by Abbie
The high school basketball was not my first choice. Trying out for the team wasn't something I wanted to do. Making the team wasn't what I thought would happen. Getting...
  • amazingphil
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Discovering Love // phan by pIisetsky
Discovering Love // phanby court knee
Dan is a firm believer that love doesn't exist. Not in adults, and definitely not in high school. He detests silly love stories and petty relationships, posing as 'love'...
  • boyxboy
  • phillester
  • kickthestickz
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A Dementor's Kiss - Phan by PartTimeStoryteller
A Dementor's Kiss - Phanby There's no fun in happy endin...
Phan, kickthestickz and multiple youtubers at hogwarts! Dan Howell, a shy third year slytherin, is befriended by fifth year hufflepuff Phil Lester. Dan is quiet and alon...
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I'm mated to a WHAT? (A Phan-fiction) by Phangirls2011
I'm mated to a WHAT? (A Phangirls2011
Dan is a werewolf... believe it or not. He turned 18 during the summer, reaching the age for his wolf to find their mate. When he meets his mate on the first day of scho...
  • finn
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Steam - Phan AU by MonaTheFreak
Steam - Phan AUby Moan-a
Dan and Phil live in a world where being normal is weird. Everyone has one element that they can control, either earth, air, or water. Most people got their element when...
  • elements
  • fire
  • danisnotonfire
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Camp // phan by pIisetsky
Camp // phanby court knee
Camp Overfell is a two month long escape from the troubling teenage life. At least, that's what the website says. For Dan Howell, it's nothing but an excuse for his par...
  • summer
  • fluff
  • gay
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Oh, Phil by Lizzzx
Oh, Philby phan.isokay
Dan and Phil reveal their true feelings for each other but will their romance last? Follow Dan and Phil in this story full of unfortunate events and find out if they get...
  • pjandchris
  • dan
  • phanisreal
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One Way || Phan by PhanGirlsCraft
One Way || Phanby PhanGirlsCraft
One Way; a phanfiction about the consequences of love. TW: abuse, minor mention of depressive thoughts. I don't recommend reading if you're easily triggered by things li...
  • amazingphil
  • danhowell
  • phần
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@AmazingPhil Do I Know You? by mollchester
@AmazingPhil Do I Know You?by Dottymathers
{COMPLETED} Phil Lester is famous. Though not famous as you might think... Phil is famous in the internet; for being a fan account. Phil is famous almost everywh...
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  • phillester
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Friends - fantastic foursome x reader by nocturnaljoon
Friends - fantastic foursome x Nocturnal Namjoon
This is your own story In this story you are the main character and can choose how the story goes! What will you decide? Do you fall in love? Are you rich? How does it e...
  • reader
  • phillester
  • interactive
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Just Friends? (Phan Smut) by Joel_TheCat
Just Friends? (Phan Smut)by Harold
Smutty smut smut ;))))
  • kickthestickz
  • fanfiction
  • danandphil
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The Book of Lies || Phan  [[COMPLETED]] by DansPlacenta
The Book of Lies || Phan [[ TRASH
After Dan Howell dies at the tragically young age of 26, he is greeted by death with a book. A book of every lie that anyone had ever told him. This seems like harml...
  • angst
  • phillester
  • phandom
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brand new | kickthepj by peachycheeks
brand new | kickthepjby a.
adventure is out there. you just have to find the right person & the right place. ©peachycheeks - 2017
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