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From Something To Everything (Bounprem) by Mystical_twilight
From Something To Everything ( Scarlett Jewel
Some times things that are meant to be ours calls out to us, attracts us towards it till we end up owning it one day. Boun and Prem were attracted to each other from th...
Accidentally Married by Mystical_twilight
Accidentally Marriedby Scarlett Jewel
Nai, the wedding planner of the Boonruang family, had to step in to be the groom when the bride who was set to get married ran away on the weddings day.
Whispers of the Heart: A BounPrem English Fan-Fic by golden_fujoshi
Whispers of the Heart: A golden_fujoshi
Everyone knew that Boun has a thing towards Prem. Everyone knew that Boun cares for Prem. Everyone knew that Boun's happy pill is Prem. Everyone saw the happiness in Bo...
vampires (JoongDunk PondPhuwin BounPrem GeminiFourth OffGun) by aydinatachai
vampires (JoongDunk PondPhuwin aydinatachai
Vampires live in tribes that generally don't disturb each other, but what happens when one of the tribe is killed, who will the tribe blame? How do you find out if some...
Fated Victims by sueshee321
Fated Victimsby Josephine
better read to find out 😉 March 26 2021 to May 26 2021
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I fell for a wine merchant by Ted_loves_Mo
I fell for a wine merchantby TedMo
Prem, a teacher is being loved by a small kid, Leon..... who is the son of a renowned wine merchant,Boun..... will BounPrem end up together because of the child..... le...
His Rules [BounPrem/PremBoun] by ryuzhs
His Rules [BounPrem/PremBoun]by zen
Where the newcomer in the school, Prem, becomes the pet of the school's most notorious student, Boun.
Business Deal | KaoEarth  by XoyaDas
Business Deal | KaoEarth by Xoya
Kao and Earth are to marry each other for the sake of the business deal that was made between their father and uncle. What drama awaits their lives? Will they find love...
Win My Heart [BounPrem] by Bluehearte
Win My Heart [BounPrem]by Heart
Win rescues a boy from drowning. Now he can't stop thinking about him. A Teamwin fan fiction I do not own the characters. Credits to the original writer.
MY CRUEL MAFIA| Boyslove | Zeenew by sweet_unholy
MY CRUEL MAFIA| Boyslove | Zeenewby Champa Dey
These story is about a boy name new.He was sold to a heartless and cruel mafia. Author POV Zee is the most dangerous mafia in the underworld..only his name is enough to...
My Cheating Husband (KaoEarth) by ZeeNunewPanich
My Cheating Husband (KaoEarth)by ZonZonParadise
Earth Katsamonnat-Noppakao- The timid,naive and kind wife of Kao Noppakao has always been very fateful to his husband. He has work as Photographer But What If His Husban...
Heartstrings by sueshee321
Heartstringsby Josephine
WinTeam ( main focus) KornIn DeamPharm
starting again through fantalk (bounprem) by hamstersclover
starting again through fantalk ( eri
boun is doing a hashtag askguntachai fantalk with his fans and got an unexpected question from his non celebrity ex-lover that no one knew except for his close friends
Keep Your Love  by binitheshipper
Keep Your Love by whizbee
What if Team hates Win since his childhood because Win was always a burden to him ... What if these intense hate of Team results in Win's hatred towards Team ..... wil...
Fixing Us [[Win×Team]] by Brocoli_bl
Fixing Us [[Win×Team]]by Just another BL fan
Win accidently hurt Team. Now he has to make up for his mistake and fix the problems between them. ʕ - ᴥ - ʔ
BounPrem/WinTeam Fanfic Shorts by PrettyLotus
BounPrem/WinTeam Fanfic Shortsby PrettyLotus
Just putting here all fanfics of #BounPrem that I've been thinking... Excuse my grammar or how I write as I'm a newbie writer. Thank you
𝑯𝒂𝒓𝒅 𝑩𝒐𝒚♡︎ (𝑩𝒐𝒖𝒏𝒑𝒓𝒆𝒎) by stxph109
𝑯𝒂𝒓𝒅 𝑩𝒐𝒚♡︎ (𝑩𝒐𝒖𝒏𝒑𝒓𝒆� jaxiyllove
A relationship between two boys, a lovely couples who world revolved around them. The boys that given a name, Boun and Prem. Falling in love each other in mid-autumn. A...
YOU  ARE ALL I NEED🖤🤍 by __ayeshaaaxoxo
YOU ARE ALL I NEED🖤🤍by 🌪ayesha🌦
" Oh phi what happened.. are you alright... should I call phi Dean.... wait just let me get my pho..." " Don't...please don't leave me...I love you so muc...
Untold thoughts - Between us (WinTeam) by Myaahero
Untold thoughts - Between us ( Mya
Win wanted to go home, the seniors told everyone that swim practise was canceled. So why? Why was the light on at the pool? No one was supposed to be in there. He though...
Bounprem: Secret Love by Lara34552
Bounprem: Secret Loveby Lara34552
Hi👋 My name is Lara and this is my first story I ever write so please don't hate it so much and my english is not that good because english is not my first language😂😅...