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Monster Girl Harem x Male Reader by MadMadCat
Monster Girl Harem x Male Readerby Mad Cat
Righty ho! This was coming one way or another, so why not now, eh? Anyway, this is going to be in the Monster Girl Encyclopedia world/universe... basically a fantasy wor...
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Waifu Encyclopedia? (Harem x Male Reader) by RyuuReigns2620
Waifu Encyclopedia? (Harem x Male...by Jacob Mitchell
(Y/N) was checking out books in the school library on the special day to let students buy books and some are free. As he was checking out, he finds an unusual book that...
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(Various) Monster Girl Encyclopedia x Reader by SnowwyG
(Various) Monster Girl Encyclopedi...by Snowwy, The Remaining One
Hey this is a story where you can request certain monster girls and (With a little bit o' research) I will write the story that is requested! So i hope you guys enjoy th...
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Another Rider Encyclopedia  by zombienitro02
Another Rider Encyclopedia by Abraxas
NOTE: Kamen Riders belongs to TOEI, all images in this book are belong to their owners, all informations in this book are belong to FANDOM Wikipedia.
Fantasy Terminology 101 by Auroha
Fantasy Terminology 101by Auroha
A handy encyclopedia of terms often used in fantasy literature and what they actually mean.
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Book Wyrms :  An Encyclopedia of Dragons by LoneStarDragon
Book Wyrms : An Encyclopedia of D...by LoneStarDragon
This is an introduction, and an encyclopedia of sorts, to the various dragons mentioned in books or films. From the famous, like Temeraire, Saphira, and Smaug, to the f...
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Sexuality and Genders by AaronasinAaron
Sexuality and Gendersby AaronasinAaron
This is like an encyclopedia for genders and sexuality. Have fun learning about yourself, or just this kind of stuff in general. The flags that represent the gender or...
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Encyclopedia of The Walking Dead characters, funfacts, pictures and more...
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The Archives Of The Vast by TheCrimsonKing00
The Archives Of The Vastby Isaiah Colesanti
Dear Reader, you are about to read a book that contains knowledge and lore of a universe set in a Space Opera Series coming soon. Here you will learn about on a strange...
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Xeno-Human Catalog  by Justin1019
Xeno-Human Catalog by Justin Glass
A catalog for the newly discovered Xeno-Human Species.
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The Encyclopedia of Names: Korean by teokbokky
The Encyclopedia of Names: Koreanby elena
A list of Korean given and family names for all your story needs.
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Warriors Encyclopedia by Leopardclaw
Warriors Encyclopediaby Leopardclaw
This book contains herbs, tail signals, fighting techniques, ceremony words, the warrior code, and more! Made by Leopardclaw.
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The Mermaid Encyclopedia  by de_la_mer
The Mermaid Encyclopedia by ‘Sun Wing’
People love to twist the stories behind mermaids, believing they are simply mythical. If you're willing to open your eyes, I will introduce you to the true reality. This...
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Book about Aquarius person. Contains a fact and many interesting you should know about Aquarius sign.
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The Fandom Joke Encyclopedia (2nd Fandom Joke Book) by sirius77
The Fandom Joke Encyclopedia (2nd...by Emotional tRaInWrEcK
Sequel to 'the big book of fandom jokes' This is a large collection of jokes and pictures from Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Once Upon A Time, Hamilton, Titanic, Wings Of...
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The Encyclopedia of Names: Japanese by teokbokky
The Encyclopedia of Names: Japaneseby elena
A list of Japanese given and family names for all your story needs.
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Encyclopedia of Monster girls  by BobXMotor
Encyclopedia of Monster girls by BobXMotor
Just monster girls are fan made/ideas from my head and some other things
All about Matrixians by humatrix-X-24
All about Matrixiansby humatrix-X-24
As the title says, learn about my race and why it's a bad idea to invade our habitats.
DC Comics Encyclopedia All-New Edition [PDF] by Matthew K  Manning by myzopedy53202
DC Comics Encyclopedia All-New Edi...by myzopedy53202
Read DC Comics Encyclopedia All-New Edition PDF ebook Listen to DC Comics Encyclopedia All-New Edition Matthew K Manning audiobook Read Online DC Comics Encyclopedia Al...
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The Encyclopedia of Pokemon by ProPokeProf
The Encyclopedia of Pokemonby ProPokeProf
A complete Encyclopedia of all Pokemon! Contains detailed information on History, Behavior etc. Currently a work in-progress. Feedback is greatly appreciated. Currently...
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