beta error | jjp by stxrrydays
beta error | jjpby pepijy
"...you aren't a beta, are you?" omegaverse includes smut
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JJP Memes by AussiePikachuFelix
JJP Memesby I❤️ my Aussie Felix
They r all about how JJP is real ok i ship jjp no one can destroy it (markson will probably show up when im short on jjp memes) Rankings #1 in jark #2 in Bnior #4 in J...
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The Wolf and The Bunny by jjpforever
The Wolf and The Bunnyby JxJParadise
⚠ mature content 18+ ⚠ Wolf: Jaebum/ wolfie Bad Boy Rude Popular Always fight Arrogant Sexy Bunny: Jinyoung/ Bunbun Cute Normal guy Polite Done with wolfie Doesn't like...
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Blind || JJ Project by snowyseok
Park Jinyoung has a hard life because of one little, tiny problem he has: he's missing 50% of his eyesight. He has struggled not being able to see, being bullied, and ha...
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Notice Me Senpai by bambamismyaesthetic
Notice Me Senpaiby 𝓫𝓫𝓲 𝓫𝓫𝓲
doublebillion: how do you make a boy look at you in a "weo weo" way and not in an "aww" way yeetcucumbers: whats that even supposed to mean? snaccj...
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Only You by Crazykittieslady
Only Youby Crazykittieslady
A jjp story biased in Troye Sivan's song called Strawberries and cigarettes. This is my first fic ever so I hope the writing could transmit the feelings of the song. Kee...
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Dating|Project.  by JangJang-KookieEra
Dating|Project. by Chu.chu.Chooo
"Losing love is a faith worst then death" Or is it... #72 in JJproject 170512 #149 in yugabm 170827 #91 in JJp 180513 Manged to stay ranked #70 in Koreanfanfic...
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What are we??? by jjpholic
What are we???by JJPholic_Got7
I would like to call the person,with whom I have this "What are we???" kinda relationship, upon the stage. A story about two people with 9 years of age differe...
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Step-Brother💔[complete] by Ahgase_Aeri_98
Step-Brother💔[complete]by Wai Wai Htun
sweet ❤️ Bnyoung ❤️ Bnior
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Take Me Home | jjproject by vintagetillie
Take Me Home | jjprojectby 𝘛𝘪𝘭𝘭𝘪𝘦
❝How did all my dreams turn to nightmares?❞ Jaebum's fiancé was an organ donor and Jinyoung has his heart.
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Opposite poles by jjpholic
Opposite polesby JJPholic_Got7
I fell in love with someone. It's a sin.
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I can't stand you by wannabe224
I can't stand youby Momo
Jinyoung runs a roadside lemonade stand and once Jaebum sees him he can't get enough of him. "If life gave you lemons would you go on a date with me?" "No...
  • cheesy
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My Pink Secret by Vkook_Taedaddy
My Pink Secretby Kinky_lil angel
Mark has a secret. He is too shy to tell. Jackson is determined to find out. But why does mark have pink high heels? How will things turn out? {Slow updates ?} ©️please...
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Got7 texting!  by got7_for7
Got7 texting! by Nicole 💚
A Got7 chat room....crack story! Learn the relationship between 7 online friends who have more to them then what they seem to be like online... Contains: -BoyxBoy cont...
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My Bunny,Mark Tuan ♡[Markson] by marksonfic
My Bunny,Mark Tuan ♡[Markson]by Anime Confessions
Bunny hybrid Mark and Jackson who takes care of him.As well as the rest of GOT7.
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Second Presentation (Omega Jinyoung) by gwennyGaiL
Second Presentation (Omega Jinyoun...by gwennyGaiL
**READ AT YOUR OWN RISK, TOO MUCH SMUT IN HERE YA'LL** Jinyoung hasn't seen this coming..After all the pain he felt when Jaebum left him due to his beta status, after th...
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ICARUS → JJP {i.jb & p.jy} by golden-hyung
ICARUS → JJP {i.jb & p.jy}by hash slinging slasher
Jaebum has worked hard to be where he is, even if that is in his second year of college, working two jobs, and drowning the debt of student loans. He is determined to ha...
  • college
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The Disaster At The Im's Household by IGOT_Awkwardness
The Disaster At The Im's Householdby IGOT_Awkwardness
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Why get cable to watch drama when you can go to your newly wedded friends's humble home. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ × jjp ff × will have gra...
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perfect // yugbam by broke_you
perfect // yugbamby bb girl
it took yugyeom approximately three seconds to fall in love with his new neighbor
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Coming Home.[JJP ffic] by aJ_fl4wless
Coming Home.[JJP ffic]by Yonggukie❤
JB: "Will you be going home for Chuseok? Mum wanted me to come over...well, I already told her~" 'Home?...where?' JB: "Jinyoung-ah, you spaced out again...
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