Heir|| JJP✔️ by jjpforever
Heir|| JJP✔️by JxJParadise
" I want a baby" " I need a baby " Park jinyoung, need a baby and he is the prince of Korea, has a huge family business but does not want to be it'...
  • love
  • jjproject
  • jinyoung
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Abusive ; Markson by yoongifted
Abusive ; Marksonby ˢᵗʳᵃʸᶜʰᵉᵉˢᵉ
"The prettiest smiles hide the deepest secrets." #2 in jjp 8/11/18 Warning: abuse, mentions suicide, self harm Side ships -Yugbam -jjp
  • jjproject
  • kpop
  • soft
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Changed//JJP by PeachyBummie
Changed//JJPby MochiPeachesAndLays
Jinyoung leaves his bestfriend heartbroken, coming back years later and completely ignoring his existence didn't make it any better.
  • choiyoungjae
  • marktuan
  • boyxboy
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Achrophilia by BelWatson
Achrophiliaby Bel Watson
acrophilia. noun. (uncountable) a love of heights. "For your information, some people actually enjoy heights and are not suicidal. I was just appreciating the view...
  • soulmates
  • got7
  • angst
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homiesexuals by jaebeomsvape
homiesexualsby baby you’re mine
yugbam creating a vine account w some troubles
  • marktuan
  • gay
  • markson
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beta error | jjp by stxrrydays
beta error | jjpby pepijy
"...you aren't a beta, are you?" omegaverse includes smut
  • drama
  • action
  • yugyeom
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The Weird Kid [JJP] by criesinyehet
The Weird Kid [JJP]by JB, RM, Kyungsoo
"he's so weird, though." "not to me." where jinyoung is the new kid and learns about jaebum, the kid who receives constant bullying.
  • got7
  • enjoy
  • jjproject
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Lycan || JJP ✔️  by jjpforever
Lycan || JJP ✔️ by JxJParadise
Omegaverse Jaebum is one and only alpha lycan in his college and suddenly a new boy enters, who think he is a beta but maybe not?
  • baby
  • jackson
  • mark
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The Day | GOT7 AU (JJP) by dabdabdoubleb
The Day | GOT7 AU (JJP)by dabdabdoubleb
{ONGOING} GOT7 TRILOGY: BOOK I (used to be 'The JJ Project') The day childhood friends meet again is the day where this all starts. A project, a reconciled love, and a l...
  • love
  • romance
  • bambam
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Fated!  by jjpholic
Fated! by JJPholic_Got7
A big shot and Industrialist who is unhappy with his marriage life meets his love of life.. BoysxBoys Mpreg Mature content Illegal Affair Cheating Story cover edited by...
  • youngjae
  • jackgyeom
  • bnior
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Got7 texting!  by got7_for7
Got7 texting! by got7_for7
A Got7 chat room....crack story! Learn the relationship between 7 online friends who have more to them then what they seem to be like online... Contains: -BoyxBoy cont...
  • mark
  • parkjinyoung
  • marktuan
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Under The Tree  by -strawberrykihyun
Under The Tree by sunny ♡
The story of how Jinyoung slowly, but surely, falls for his best friend Jaebum. __________ Started: 01/29/18 Ended:
  • got7
  • highschool
  • wattys2018
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Notice Me Senpai by bambamismyaesthetic
Notice Me Senpaiby yeet monster
doublebillion: how do you make a boy look at you in a "weo weo" way and not in an "aww" way yeetcucumbers: whats that even supposed to mean? snaccj...
  • jinyoung
  • badpuns
  • youngjae
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Oh,Brawling Love! Oh,Loving hate! (CKFICSAWARD 2018) by jjpholic
Oh,Brawling Love! Oh,Loving hate...by JJPholic_Got7
What happens when the members (JB and JY) of two different rival gangs in a college are forced in to marriage life! JJP (Main) Markson Yugbam Youngjae Mpreg Boy x Boy RU...
  • ckficsawards2018
  • jjp
  • yugbam
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I am NOT your FAN // BNIOR {COMPLETE} by -Kpop_lover-116
I am NOT your FAN // BNIOR {COMPLE...by shipsforlife
What happens when the big IM Jaebum aka Defsoul meets Park Jinyoung? "How could you not like me?" "Don't you get it? I am NOT your FAN"
  • jinyoung
  • jjp
  • got7
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Pregnant?! //JJP AU by musiclife1a
Pregnant?! //JJP AUby 아가새🐣💚
Park Jinyoung was a college student. He had everything he could wish for; his dream college, friends, good grades, good people around him, and his boyfriend Im Jaebum. S...
  • jackson
  • bnyoung
  • kimyugyeom
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Occursus | JJP ✔ by holyforehead
Occursus | JJP ✔by - 로스 -
Occursus (n) : meeting, falling He met him at his worst condition, at his most vulnerable... But that was the time faith brought them together ----------- 18+ ...
  • recommended
  • jaebum
  • boyxboy
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GOT7 -TEXT 2 by yuongjae
GOT7 -TEXT 2by nene
-" got7 text " -الكتاب الثاني - *بعض المحادثات تحمل محتوى 18+ و BXB* ± اذا اخذتي أي محادثه من الكتاب لُطفاً اذكري المصدر ♡.
  • markson
  • 2young
  • fanfiction
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Forbidden|| JJP  by jjpforever
Forbidden|| JJP by JxJParadise
" oh my god! who left this kid??" the woman gasped as she picked up a three year old playing outside her door. What happens when a certain werewolf woman keeps...
  • got7
  • love
  • angst
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You are destined to be mine! by jjpholic
You are destined to be mine!by JJPholic_Got7
A short story about two lovers who meet after some years again..
  • jinbum
  • mark
  • markthea
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